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A topic by iwilliams created Aug 27, 2022 Views: 901 Replies: 15
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This topic is for posting your videos of and about the Demo Disc!
There is also dedicated topics for Comments and Issues so any issues or comments posted in this topic will likely be deleted. If you want to have a longer form discussion about the disc we suggest starting your own topic.

We highly encourage you to make videos and love to see what people think of our work so hopefully we can see this topic full of lovely people playing our lovely scary games!

Feverdream johnny is epic

The hub world is spooky and epic too, keep up the great work guys.

First demo, future reality ->

Wierd second game and then exploring the spectral hall more ->

Third game :0 ->

Hey everyone! I played through the whole demo disc and whipped up a big compilation video on every game. Timestamped each one if you feel like skipping around. Huge props to the devs, and everyone who helped put this together!

dead letters game ->

perlin festival game ->

I had an absolute blast exploring the mall itself!! And,,, uhm,,, I really like the monster too >->” - BUT THAT ASIDE I GOT SPOOPED SO MANY TIMES. I genuinely loaded the Mall with ZERO expectations and got a fun adventure out of it and had a blast! Thank you for wrapping up all these demos in a really wonderfully presented way. c:

Game six is Northstar Courier and its wierd, very wierd ->

House of Necrosis, plus really sick arcade area in Spectral Hall ->

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Absolutely loved the environment you lovely folks have developed to showcase these games. Truly my favorite was the collapsed wing! I will be posting a game playthrough of each of the demos on the disc over the course of October. But I had to start off by exploring this great spooky place. If interested, this video will lead down a playlist of demo playthroughs coming throughout the month. Thanks for such an amazing demo disc!

The Full Playlist is Here:

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Day 3 is Mortal Meal! 

Day 4 was Mothered

Day 5 Brings us