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I did a stream of this tonight and managed a couple endings! Took me so long to even hit those two cuz reading out loud takes me so much longer to play VNs OOPS hahah. But I really enjoyed it I love Kuku so much 🥺 Desperate to see the other endings hahah,,,

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I finished streaming my playthrough just a bit ago~! I really enjoyed this it was SUCH a wild ride and lots of weird quirks and fun interactions! Thank you for this Demo I had a good time c:

Don't know if longplays are what people are looking for here but WOW is there a lot more than I expected! Enjoying it so far and excited to finish the ending next stream! Thanks Oates! c:

Just saw the trailer and I am VERY EXCITED this looks like a lotta goofy fun c:

Hell yeah! More creepy monsters is always good >:3 - best luck with Blender!!

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Had a fun time here! LOVE the camera angles although near the end I’ll admit I found the bodies more terrifying than the creatures but still, pretty solid work all around and interesting world building that made me curious about what else is going on in this apocalyptic hellhole. Nice work on animations as well!

Np! Hope you get more eyes and players for your game and thanks for making it~!

Kinda shocked I’m the first here but wanted to say hello! Had a good time with your game and was happy to see you had multiple elements and worked some foreshadowing in here with the uhhhh uhm,,, more erect enemies! Got a little frustrated trying to set up for the chase sequence and wound up spending almost 50 minutes total on this but otherwise worth a playthrough c:

Sorry been off for a while aaaaa didn’t see your comment until now but heheh yeah I thought I’d throw a lil spin on it c:

It took very long to render but I think it was worth it ;u; hahaha

Had a great time! Actually took me around 10 minutes hahah. I like to stop and observe and it's definitely not fear that keeps me from chasing things in the dark,,, thank you for the game! Very interesting camera presentation but I hope you don't mind that I worked it into my video a lil differently~!

That ending was RUDE hahahah. Nah but it definitely built suspense over time and I was very, VERY on edge. The ending absolutely got me. Thank you for the game!

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Had a great time with your game! Managed to run out of flares once and had to restart but otherwise, loved the world building you did here - reminded me a bit of both SCP and SOMA! c:

Also it would help to have an option to window the game for recording - I had to resort to modifying a Shortcut to the executable and I also noticed that if I waited too long in the menu it seemed to load into a dark game?

Odd issues and bit of annoyance at the flare resource mechanic aside, I had a lot of fun c:

Heyy there! Enjoyed your game. Had some solid spoopy moments. Was kinda curious about multiple endings but didn’t have enough time to seek them out! Thanks for the game!! Reminded me a bit of aa Maple County and another Examination game in a good way c:

Had a great time with your game! The lights blowing out were honestly the most panic inducing part and I also managed to softlock myself twice LOL oops!! Thanks for your game and hope to see more!!

I meant to reply back a lil earlier hah oops! Just wanted to say that your reply honestly made my night c: - cheers!!💜

Went ahead and played your submission! I think I called it “Site Kappa” in the vid aaa sorry but it’s correct in the Title. Regardless! Enjoyed the concept, and was SUPER happy when I finally won. Would be interesting to see it expanded on such as with audio design to create a sense of paranoia at the terminal or perhaps small things outside of said terminal to do or even defend against if y’all ever revisit it c:

Thanks again!

Had a great time with this one - even scared myself with [spoilers] a tree! Like another commenter said, larger subtitles size and/or slider would be solid. I also may have mistaken this for an updated demo in my video aaa but regardless, I hadn’t seen or played this before so it was all fresh. Thank you!

It’s kinda neat that you’ve forgotten what the code’s about. Maybe it mysteriously erased its own secret from your mind o:

But that kinda makes it all the more fun IMO! Thank you for watching btw! Super glad you liked it c:

I’m just popping in to say I was looking at your other games and seeing the Jerma Sus Face used as a game monster face let alone in this kind of horrifying detail is kind of amazing XD

After the billion jumpscares I’ve been through SOMEHOW YOUR SOUND GOT ME THE WORST IN A LONG TIME. Thank you! Also scored 550 - hope that’s good!? AM I DEFINITIVELY HECCIN’ SCREWED!? Also I noticed that hidden code but unsure what it do >-O

Heya~! Thank you so much for the game. I highly enjoyed it and after my video I plan on pursuing the other endings/routes on my own time because this was super interesting o:

Good to know and thank you for your reply!! I’m glad you enjoyed my video ^u^

Had a great time in this game I am also super curious if there are more than two endings! LOVE THE AESTHETIC BY THE WAY! Thank you for this creepy experience c:

Had a blast! I’m not sure why my recording framerate was a lil jank (the game itself ran really well!) but overall I enjoyed your take on P.T. c: was quite spoopy

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Had a lot of fun with baba even if I realized that I will have to soon file taxes yay ;u; - thank you for the free lil game! Psychological Horror is an apt tag

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For anyone who's curious, I took a crack at the game myself! Thanks again for a fun Combine Harvester combat experience, heheh
Well I'll add mine to the pile~! Loved the game, can't wait to see your future projects and peep all your previous ones!

Had a great time with your game! I played it on Steam and left a short review but wanted to drop by and say thank ya and I hope more people play this bizarre Meatventure!!

We literally had the same idea to come to another game page of the dev holy hells.

Well. Hopefully they see these comments and update! The images and description look interesting O:


I broke a LOT of things I feel like but it was super enjoyable! Thank you for the experience and I hope y’all enjoy my video >u<

This was SUPER well done and I enjoyed every moment! Thank you for making Lamu and I can’t wait to see if you continue making horror because the perspective switch was COOL

This had some terrifying moments I’ll say~! Also please forgive the thumbnail I had to lmfao

I had SUCH a good time with this game! I’d honestly love to see this turned into a longer game - if not this particular game then the concept itself because it’s super novel!

You’re welcome! I’m somehow great at finding ways to break things lol.

I-,,, I managed to get softlocked in the first 20 seconds of the game! XD

This is such a goofy concept and really well executed! I’ll be adding this to my list of little games with Multiplayer and here’s my LP! I BEAT NORMAL!!!

I meant to reply earlier aaa!! Thank you so much for watching my playthrough! And thank YOU for making this! I’ll be honest I am always a little anxious what a dev will think of me adding audio bits during my playthroughs so hearing it was fun makes me feel pretty good c:


Really enjoyed your game! I tried my best to figure out the radios but alas! The last ending I DID get was KINDA TERRIFYING THO