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Did a full playthrough finally, love the game, keep up the great work! (also where is the final drac statue??)

played version 1 (of the final update) until i glitched through the floor. Love it. gonna finish it soon. Thanks for the updates!

alright, five months later, and my wrists have finally recovered from inserting so many quarters.

your mother enjoyed them, simple as.

No problem, partner. I really enjoyed the game, keep it up!

This was one of my favorite games from the Madvent, keep it up partner!

Alright well I done did everyday, and I reckon I had a great time. Thanks ya'll, really love these compilations. Keep it up partners.

Your pal,


Reckon I like me that there physics in the Box Game. Simple as. Also got dang ol trapped in the fridge.

lookin good partner

lmao i love me that there Swole. Game in a game, and lifting while doing drugs, yeeeehaaaw

Peace on earth was very charming yall, yeehawww

Dang ol love the movement in todays game, thanks partner!

Done like me that there spooky walkin. Simple as.

Short n Sweet, Simple as.

Day 10 has been my favorite so far, partners. Really great dream simulator that encapsulated the hectic nature of that situation, even the music flowed with the gameplay. Great job, your pal : Sneed

really loved this, and the ending was great.

your pal,


This happened to me as well, just walked out of a gate lol

I like me that there In the Drink.

Your pal, 


I got my first sword at age 8, it was a realistic recreation of Conan The Cimmerian's sword. anyways, heres day 6 :

Simple as.

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Howdy ya'll, done did me that there day 3 and 4 :

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Howdy Ya'll, Reckon I like me that there games compilation during December.

Day 2 :

Day 1 :

My dad watches a bunch of HGTV, ok thanks.

Well the joke is that the store was formerly owned by a man named chuck....I shan't expound further, partner. Cool game tho, love me them clickins, also I definitely did NOT do 'it'. 

Your pal,


Right spooky, partner. Keep it up!

Your pal,


Thank ya partner, and very nice art and music!

Hope to get me one of them analogue pockets soon, but hope you make some more!

Nice music partner, but I'm not much one for reading. Speedran it (finger mashing only)

Reminds me of the time I beat up Chuck for the first time. He's done me wrong partner, but yes, great game.

I reckon I like me that there bump combat, simple as. Great as always, thank ya kindly.

dang ol scary, partner.

Hey partners, great game

I did it yall! 100% B A B Y

Can anyone share some epic gamer strats for the 1CC? I'm having a ruff time, partners.

That last page tho.

Hey it's me, Sneed, just stopping by to say : "Howdy"

how dare you

$650...worth every penny

I love Bill Bull.

well shucks, i love me them deep sea games mr johny

1. open mspaint

2. draw figure

3. program your ai to finish it up

simple as, partner.