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Nah, the demo was  few months ago. We're hard at work on the full game now.

There's always next time! We'll be working on the game for a while more, but there may be another demo in the future.

Don't use discord much myself, I appreciate the offer though. I'm sure both of our productions will only get better with time!

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Thanks for making a video on it! I enjoyed the production value with your intro and background, very unique. Finding a way in to the bathroom/workshop would've put you on the path to the next objectives from where you ended up.

As for the flashlight, there are a handful of upgrades that make it much more reliable. It'll be worked in to the mechanics a little more later in the story as well. Right now one of the benefits of turning on the power means you don't have to rely on the flashlight as much. I'll keep tweaking it over time though. Definitely room for improvement.

Thanks again for checking it out!

Might be a way as you progress through the story. The whole game won't be just about dealing with that monster in the demo. No spoilers though. ;)

So the camera sway gets progressively stronger as you lose Nerve. Makes it hard to aim guns with shaky hands. You can disable Camera Sway entirely in the Settings>Misc menu.

When you mention misclicks, are you talking about pressing F on objects, or clicking things in the menus? Do you mean the target was on something else, or you accidentally interacted twice? I haven't experienced it personally, but I'd definitely look in to it more if I know where to focus.

You can use a recipe to learn it permanently. You can transmute any recipes you've learned by just clicking them in that menu. Mouse-over the tabs at the top of the menu to change recipe categories. You need materials to make them, so you can drop items in the deconstruction table to break them down and get materials. I might make the tutorials a little more clear, and the UI could change over time too.

It's still an early Pre-Alpha though, so plenty of room for improvement over the next couple months!

Glad you enjoyed it! DreadXP? Yeah I've been watching the Collections for a bit, I dig the anthology format.

All of our releases have been $5-15, so somewhere in that range is probably expected. Undecided at the moment though, depends on how large the game turns out to be.

The demos (which just went live) are completely free. The final release will eventually be paid.

Yup! Demo builds just went live here. PC/Mac/Linux is the plan. The demos are completely free, if people want to support the game during development the Patreon is for that. Otherwise it'll have a price on release - still needs to be worked out - but I wouldn't expect it to be expensive or anything.

Great to hear. :)

Yup. PC/Mac/Linux.

Strange, I haven't seen that happen before. There are a couple side-stories that are dialogue-only, but they're in a different part of the menu.

It's my most recent release (for now) so it's definitely the most advanced of all my projects. Totally different genres between all of them, but I think they're getting a bit more refined over the years.

Thanks! Went through a lot of iterations before I landed on this final page design. Glad it you dig it!

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Took some time to check out every last trailer while making wild assumptions about each. I had only heard of a few of the games beforehand, so most of my guesses were hilariously wrong. But it was still a great time! Big props to everyone who put this together!

I actually didn't notice that this was a LD game until after playing it. It was actually pretty solid for the confines of a game jam! Loved the simple-yet-cool titular character as well as the bumpin' soundtrack. I either suck at platformers or this was surprisingly hard, but I eventually gave up after quite a number of deaths. I think my main point of frustration was just that the checkpoints were far apart. Having to repeat sections a lot wore on me, even though the levels were pretty short. Anyways, nice job for a short jam. Send my regards to the musician, that music really pulled it all together nicely!
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I actually didn't notice the mini-walkthrough on this page until after recording. I was able to check out most of the town, but didn't progress very far in the story. Just talked to a few people and looked at some things. I dig the setting, desertscapes are more rare and underappreciated in horror. Anyways, I still had some fun checking out all the oddities on display. Looking forward to more in the future!

Hi there! I took a look at this game in the final part of a short compilation. I just can't seem to stay away from weird Spongebob games. The static enemies were a little odd design-wise, but I think everything else made sense. Although, it was much easier to beat if you just opened all the doors before grabbing the chocolate. Anyways, if it's a goofy cartoon game I kind of have to check it out regardless. Good luck with your future projects!

Hi there! I took a look at this game in the second part of a short compilation. The aesthetic was pretty nice for a small jam game. I had some issues with the controls, but nothing major. I have to give props to the music, which was probably my favorite aspect of it all. Great tunes, keep it up!

Hi there! I took a look at this game in the first part of a short compilation. I liked that each level had some scale to it, but ran in to quite a few bugs or oddities along the way. Noticeably, it was very hard to shoot enemies even with the reticle directly on them. These could all be fixed up as development continues though. Good luck with it!

Thanks for checking it out!

Very pleasantly surprised by the graphical style here. There are tons and tons of games touting "ps1 graphics" lately and most of them just come off as weird pixelated low-poly messes. This one actually looks and feels like a ps1 title, so big props on that. I did manage to get stuck on a ledge trying to drop down at one point, so I had to play through again. I also got "out of bounds" and walked down that slope towards the second island, but there was a wall there anyways. I digress, but it was a nice little jam experience. I think you've got the style down, but I'd be interested in seeing where you can take the gameplay in your next title. Best of luck!

Nick Cage jokes aside, I actually did see some parallels with the Wicker Man - intentional or not. The "thing" at the end that wasn't fully shown was pretty neat. I'm kind of glad it wasn't fully revealed and that there's a bit more to think about. The wealth of  "Fathers" in this game was pretty confusing, but I guess it makes more sense as a theme than a single character. I did run in to a few issues like the sprint key freezing you while inside and also not being able to jump indoors (probably intentional). I understand the collectibles add a bit of gameplay but I feel like the search for them wasn't too interesting. Other than that it was a pretty nicely packed experience. Looking forward to more from you in the future!

No worries! I think you're on to some cool stuff with the set design, still looking forward to your future titles.

I think you achieved the visual aesthetic you were going for here, but the mechanics could use more polish. For a platformer it's very frustrating, and not in a fun way. It's difficult for mostly the wrong reasons. The controls feel quite rigid while the camera flies around at the slightest movement. The main issue, however, is the miniscule jump height and time. For a game that is centered around jumping between platforms, it needs to feel good. Barely crossing a 2 foot gap with your longest jump is incredibly limiting design-wise, and frustrates the player to no end. Maybe the issue is that the speed is tied to frame-rate? Didn't test on any other machines. Anyways, just wanted to say good job creating a neat little world to explore, just spend a little more time polishing the gameplay and you'll have something pretty cool with your next title.

Like most of colorfiction's games it's a real pleasure to experience. The audio and visuals melt together dreamily and you can often find yourself standing there just taking it all in. This one has the beginnings of a more defined story with some horror elements, although it's still very vague. Either way, it's very compelling to just hang out in this world for a while. Looking forward to what comes next!
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A very serene experience. The team has shown in the past that they excel in creating a very relaxing world; but in this game they've expanded on that greatly. It's a beauty to behold and has a very nice atmospheric soundtrack to match. Definitely worth keeping an eye out for more of their work in the future.
The Ward community · Created a new topic Unexpectedly Goofy

Wasn't really expecting comedy-horror at all going in to this, but it's a nice change of pace from the usual serious stuff around here. Full voice-acting was a great touch as well! Some of the stuff was a little difficult to interact with or hard to tell if you grabbed it right, but that was only a minor issue. It would be cool to have a little more backstory for each character, even if it's just some more props or stuff around their rooms. Anyways, looking forward to more wacky horror (or serious horror, or whatever) from you in the future! I included the rest of my thoughts in a short video below.

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I was actually quite surprised by this one. Expected another trope-y PS1-horror jam, but it actually had an interesting world. I drew a lot of parallels to Eraserhead, but that could just be coincidental. It's a cool horror setting regardless. Would love to see more exploratory works like this in the future!

Backrooms as a concept is pretty neat, so it's cool to see it get made in to a game. I feel like the monster and gameplay is pretty disconnected from the concept as a whole. Could definitely be taken in some interesting directions, given enough time. I included some outside material to show the external influences on this sub-genre. There's probably lots more for this in the future.

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Surprised at how smoothly the gameplay flowed for a small indie fps. Usually there's some noticeable hitches that slow things down or some control oddities, but I can tell you guys took some time to really polish the feel. The only thing I felt was missing was letting players use the number keys to swap weapons. The baby sounds were odd, but I'm sure there's some story reason behind them. Pretty solid for an alpha so far!

I made some very bad art. The dinosaur level was a favorite since it seemed to be mainly focused on just building a skeleton. The others being very open ended left me feeling more lost than creative. That's just me though, I'm sure other people enjoyed the more open-ended levels. Overall I had some fun making terrible art. Keep up the good work guys!

No problem, good luck with development!

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Surprisingly functional for a game jam (upgrades were a nice touch). Short, but in Alpha that's totally understandable.  I'm interested to see how you ramp up the difficulty and bring in other gameplay elements. Some more varied upgrades beyond just number tweaks would be cool to see. Maybe different shopper variations or some usable abilities. Anyways, I filmed a short video of my time with it. I'll link that below for anyone interested.

Thanks! Best of luck with it. I think you'll be able to make it great!

I can see you guys have some interesting ideas floating around but it still seems pretty early on. I know this is still a demo so I think there's some promise here, given enough time and polish. I included a short video below of my take on it, if you're interested.

I first found your work on Twitter, so I did a video on becalm. Loved the visuals but felt pretty limited exploration-wise. This was a nice change of pace. Being able to freely search around this world was really nice. Audio and visuals were great! Unfortunately I never found the sand worm, even after looking for a decent while. It would be neat if there were some secrets to find or more variation as you travel further from the center, also I accidentally left the game immediately by interacting with the ship, but those are my only complaints. Nice work with it. Looking forward to lots more from you in the future!