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Entropy Phi

A member registered Nov 05, 2014 · View creator page →


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Awesome dude! Good luck with it!

A unique idea executed pretty well! Perfect example of what can be accomplished in a game jam. I feel like the early part of the game is the most crucial time, and if you don't make enough progress it quickly stacks up against you. Interesting difficulty curve, but it made sense. I was also quite surprised upon looking up the rest of the jam entries, haha. You definitely win for most subtle!

I misread this as you went to bed four times after playing. Truly frightening.

Awesome! Well, whatever you work on next, good luck with it!

I actually quite enjoyed getting a chance to explore Rock Bottom a bit more. I'd love to see your take on some other Spongebob areas, even without the gameplay. I think the enemy bugged out at some point and stopped chasing me, but other than that it was a nice little experience. Definitely worth the few minutes it takes to play!

Had a lot of fun trying out the demo! Found a couple bugs like invincibility and some stuck points, but it was all enjoyable nonetheless. Never could find that last gem though! Compiled a bit of my time playing it here: