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I originally posted this review (and goofy video) on Steam, but I figured I'd share it here for anyone else interested.

Lost in Vivo is yet another 90s retro horror game in the current wave of similar titles - but I wouldn't group it in with all the rest. It doesn't have excessive VHS or noise filters just to obscure some poor low-poly graphics. Things actually look decent for the self-imposed graphical limitations. It's a strange mix of low-poly and some pixel art textures along with a few modern effects like Bloom.

The game plays much like the old Silent Hill/Resident Evil titles where you have linear sections, semi-open puzzle sections, and plenty of weird cutscenes and creepy stuff happening in-between. This game also adds quite a bit of fourth-wall breaking and "alternative" gameplay styles at certain points. Not to spoil anything: some of these work well and add a unique touch, while others are predictable, having been done many times before.

The bulk of the game you'll be walking down slightly-too-long corridor sections, exploring some minor branching paths, fighting numerous creepy enemies, and generally just experiencing some spooky ambiance. The music and sounds work quite well, setting a foreboding tone. There could definitely be more sound effects to add more life to the world, but for what it is, the current audio does the job well.
The combat, like many other reviewers stated, somewhat devolves in to an action experience after a while. Although I don't think it ruins the gameplay like some might suggest. The enemy AI is a little boring in general, mainly just walking directly in to you and clipping your body, but the weapons all feel nice to use. Acquiring different tools and collecting ammo was a nice addition. However, since there are no healing items, you either need to die or stand around (possibly for minutes at a time) to regain health. I always opted for a quick death in those situations, which does detract from the horror.

All that aside, the game is quite buggy. Just off the top of my head: pressing the attack button while running does nothing but stop you from running, switching weapons with the number keys doesn't work about 50% of the time, reloads glitch out with the other animations giving you instant or non-reloads occasionally, almost every enemy clips in to your body, you can get stuck in the geometry (thankfully I was always able to get out), and enemies can also get stuck in the geometry. Worst of all: there are major sequence/save breaks that I see a few others have experienced. Thankfully I never ran in to those, as I wouldn't have the heart to start the entire ~3-4 hour game from scratch.

Overall it's definitely a weird and creepy experience, which is why I'm recommending it. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at least once or twice with some novel sections. That and the monster/audio design is actually very unique. It's a game to play once and be happy you experienced it.

Pretty solid for a short game jam. I dig that you livestream all the development too. I felt like it was a little padded out at times with the distance between objectives (mainly because you couldn't run). The spooky hints leading up to the finale were well done. My favorite thing (which wasn't even related to the story) was the physics while holding objects. Being able to fling things around or spin them was just very entertaining and rarely seen in indie games. I filmed a bit of my time with it and put it together if anyone is interested in hearing more. Best of luck with your future projects!

Spooky fat guy in an alcove was my favorite part. Jokes aside, I think this one had an interesting premise but was a little half-baked. Ran in to a couple major bugs (enemies not killing me, enemies getting stuck, finishing the fuse box immediately after dying). The level seemed to be setup but not filled with much stuff. I see you're focusing on a "5 minutes of horror" series, and I don't know if there's certain deadlines you set with each entry. I feel like this could be much better if it had a little more development time. Regardless, it was an interesting idea and I'm sure you guys will only improve from here. I'll keep an eye out for your future titles. Good luck!

Hey, it happens. I'd definitely recommend checking out a walkthrough on youtube if you get stuck at some parts. Tons of videos of people showing off puzzle solutions on there!

Hey, thanks for checking it out! Late reply, but I hope it all started coming together for you eventually. :)

Haha, yep a couple people have replayed levels unknowingly - which is what prompted the new check/question marks on photos. I dug your inclusion of a live-action intro with the video. Adds a lot of character. Thanks for sharing!

Hey! I saw you already found my video, was planning to post it up here when I had some time. I was super surprised at how large and fleshed out everything was. There was a ton of content here compared to most alphas I've played. I was pretty interested in finding out more about the story and why everything was turning all plastic-y. Some of the level transitions and trippy effects (like the hallway with glitchy tiles) were awesome!

I noticed a few bugs, but I did play this a few weeks ago so they might already be fixed. I noticed that the monster could kill me through the wall/door when I was close. I also found out that crouching lets you walk/clip in to desks (at least in the underground area).

In the end I got stuck on the underground maze area. I thought I had searched everywhere but there were no definite landmarks to really give me a sense of where I was going. Maybe I just missed something obvious. I tried following the ceiling lights one time but that didn't seem to work. Some sort of trailmarkers like lights that you could turn on would make it much much easier to navigate the maze after dying. Or just some recognizable features. Other than that I really would've liked to see more. I think this has some great potential for an alpha, keep up the good work!

And for anyone who wants to see my video with some takes on it, here's a link.

Thanks for the tips! It definitely feels like more of a fast-paced horror due to the AI. Never was able to find the keycard after scouring the place, but I must've missed something obvious. Anyways, I think it's a solid start. Looking forward to your next project!

Hey everyone! Played through the game for a while and figured I'd drop by to share some opinions. Everything seemed really scattered and aimless at the start. I eventually figured it out and didn't mind exploring a little, but it seemed like things were just randomly far away from each other. Not a big deal since it didn't actually take me that long to figure things out, but I'm sure others could get lost. Once I got to the monster section I quickly learned that this game favors speed over everything else. Hiding/sneaking from the monster didn't seem like an ideal strategy most of the time, and he usually found me pretty quickly no matter what. Running around at top speed to lose him seemed like the only real way to beat it. I don't know if this was intentional and it was more of an action-horror experience, but it is what it is. I searched for ages and even though I could find the fuse and bolt cutters about 50% of the time (are they randomly placed?) I could never find the keycard. I suppose I didn't get too far since this is the first real encounter, but maybe I missed something obvious pointing to the keycard. Oh well, it's a promising start. I included a little bit of my time spent with it in video format. looking forward to more from the team in the future!

I know I'm late to the party with this, but I enjoyed my time with it. It definitely feels like a part of a larger experience, quite similarly to how I felt about the RE7 guest house intro. My main "complaint" would be that nothing was really interactable. Even if it had no effect on the story at all, it would have been nice to fiddle with things to fill up time instead of waiting around. Anyways, I'd love to see more of your work in the future, keep it up!

P.S. Is it just a coincidence that this is set right after The Blair Witch?  I don't think the stories are linked or anything, but the date is so close it seems intentional.

Thank you! We always try to develop our new titles with PC/Mac/Linux in mind.

Wanted to hold off on posting this until October. 💀 I thought the atmosphere was pretty well done. Turned out to just be a lot of audio scares, but it kept the tension up. I was really surprised this game was made in the duke nukem engine. Super weird to see in 2018, but you made it work. Thanks a lot for translating it to English! Always interested to see new foreign indie games that I can actually play. I gave it a shot and recorded my experience below.

Quite slick and very polished for a jam game. Not exactly my forté (I failed a lot), but the game design was solid. Including the different abilities to make a custom pastry lineup was a neat feature. I saw that you filmed the whole process as well which is cool. I edited together a quick video of my time with it for any of those who are interested.

Ah, gotcha. Who knows if I'll have the patience to hop back in anytime soon, but I'll be looking forward to your future projects. Good luck with everything and keep up the great work!

This was honestly one of the best game jam games I've played in a while (and I play a lot of game jam games). I made it about 7 days or so and explored three islands. I definitely would have played it all the way to completion if not for the permadeath. I respect the choice to design the game that way, but I was really starting to get in to things when I unfortunately died. 

My only issue was the lack of water early on. Given the slow-ish movement speed and very small energy bar, it was a big hassle having to first build a bridge (when you're still learning what to do) and then truck water for minutes at a time to bring it home. Is there any penalty for not having enough resources when you go to sleep? There were a few times when I was missing one resource or the other and aside from a comment it seemed to be mostly forgiven.

Anyways, I thought this one was great! I enjoyed my time with it so I put together this short video. I'll keep an eye out for more cool stuff from you in the future!

Very high-quality art for such a small project. You guys did a great job of capturing that sort of INSIDE/Little Nightmares vibe even with this short experience. The puzzles weren't too complex, I did especially like using the "echo" to solve them. I felt like that part could have been taken even further. While the story is open to interpretation, I definitely felt like I had a good idea of what you guys were going for (mainly based on the river/ambulance scene). All in all, I thought it was a great little experience so I put together this video of it. I'd love to see more projects by your team in the future!

I couldn't get over how wacky the cat model and animations were. All of the art was quite well done. I felt like I've played a "cat knocking things over" game once or twice before, but not in third-person. It was cute and pretty funny too, so I made a short video of it. I'll look forward to any more games from you guys in the future!

I was pretty pleasantly surprised by this one! For the limitations of the lowrezjam, it all works quite well. My eyes did burn a bit at first, but I quickly got the hang of it. My only minor grievance is that the enemies felt like small annoyances. They didn't provide any rewards and could mostly just be walked around. Other than that I had fun with the short playthrough. I'd be happy to see more of your stuff in the future. Thanks for putting it up here!

He will be remembered. 💀⚰️

I had a good time making this video. The world was interesting and I was eager to see more, but I couldn't get past the platforming section. If the platforms were slightly larger or there were some checkpoints I'd probably have no issue with it. It just felt very imprecise and slightly frustrating. Other than that I think things were off to a good start. I'd love to see the mystery unraveled, just couldn't make it quite far enough.

No problem. Good luck with the development!

Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. Best of luck with the rest of development!

Seems to be coming along well! I think you've done a good job getting the atmosphere and ambiance that you were going for. That said, there's quite a lot of noticeable assets throughout. That's not really bad in itself, it just starts to stick out when they don't mesh very well. I guess, in short, it's still rough around the edges. I still think there's a long way to go with polishing most aspects of this project, but it's a promising start. I recorded my experience with the game if you'd like to take a look. Good luck with the rest of development!

Where were the bear kids? Was this just some random drunk dad off the street? Why did nobody stop him? Who got furry-KISS to play the party? So many questions. It was pretty wacky. I really wished there was a jump button though. It felt odd being constrained to the ground in a goofy physics game like this. Other than that nice job! I played through it and left the rest of my impressions in video format below.

Already posted this video on twitter (which is where I originally found the game), but figured I'd share it here as well. The game was super chill! The music worked really well to set the mood while the goofy mandrakes and snappy animations topped it off nicely. I wanted to take more time to explore the world, but the time was pretty constrained. I'd love to see more of a exploration-focused title in this style. Keep on makin' cool stuff dudes!

The visuals and wacky animations instantly drew me in to this one. I assume they're physics animations? Regardless, all the character stuff was super goofy and awesome. As for the gameplay, I found it to get too challenging too quickly. It ramps up to avoiding large, moving pillows with only tiny gaps to move in a limited amount of time. The sluggish, imprecise movement (intentional, obviously) made me not want to replay a level too many times. The movement looks great and it's quite funny too, it just doesn't feel great. Anyways, I think this project has a lot of promise as you tune up the gameplay. I made a goofy little video of my time spent with it. Best of luck with development!

As a fellow game dev, I was definitely able to relate quite a bit with the main character. That aspect aside, I think most people will see some similarities with growing up and figuring things out. It's got a pretty solid message. Combat reminded me of MMBN with a little twist. The two phases thing was interesting in how it played out. There were some similarities with the recent "Knuckle Sandwich", but I find this kind of humor a lot more palatable. It was funny, but didn't try too hard and come off as overly cheesy. Anyways, I made a pretty lighthearted video of it - if you guys are interested in more of my opinions. Looking forward to seeing more of this game in the future!

As a big fan of Twin Peaks myself, I had to give this one a look. It's pretty solid for a game jam! The environments were cool and aside from one or two camera angles obscuring a bit, it looked great. I had fun with it so I decided to throw together a quick video. Looking forward to whatever crazy stuff you guys come up with next!

Well, you certainly got me with the title. I... am not sure what else to say about it. Here's a video anyways.

I went in to this thinking it'd be just a cheap goat simulator knock off, but was pleasantly surprised. For an unfinished free title, there's a surprisingly large world with lots to see and do. It's too bad that you guys had to stop development, but I understand how these things can go. A little video was the least I could do in support. Thanks for leaving it up for free!

This was an excellent short experience! The dynamic destruction was used very effectively. Not only was it pretty satisfying to chop away at things, but it meshed with the world and puzzles quite well. It wasn't hard, but it was still cool to see the results of some sneaky cuts solving each scenario.

I have to say though, this Paper Guy seems like a real menace to society. Going around chopping up people's homes and ruining half the island. It seems like the town's whole plan was to get him on that boat so he stopped destroying everything.

Anyways, I really enjoyed this one so I made a video of my time with it. Great work guys, good luck on your future projects!

Ah, makes sense. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!

Saw this was on SGDQ last week and had to take a look. I think we can all relate to finding some good pups at parties - although the game also advocates cat pictures (blasphemy!) The procedural generation was neat; I liked the labyrinthine setup of the house. Does it keep generating as you go, or is it limited in size?

Anyways, I had fun with this one so I condensed my time with it in to a short video. Thanks for putting it out there!


A nice addition to the wacky physics genre. It was pretty tough though! Lots to do in a short amount of time. Switching between different items to save myself was especially difficult. Seems to be coming along well for an early demo. I recorded some of my time with it below. Good luck with the project!

Looking quite nice so far. The gameplay felt smooth and the visuals were well-executed. Right as I felt I was getting in to it, the game abruptly ended. Pretty odd choice for a spot to end the demo on. Other than that, it's looking great so far. Made a short video of my time spent on it. Interested to see how it turns out on release!

If nothing else, this got me to look up Sonic Boom clips to include. Surprisingly not that bad for a Sonic TV show. Not that I've ever seen a full episode, but youtube had some decent clips. Oh yeah, I was supposed to talk about the game here. Whoops.

Neat little experience. I like that you were able to add new elements in each level instead of padding them out over a longer game. It felt like just enough content by the time I was done. The music audio sources were a little weird. I think they must've been set as 3D audio sources which led to the strange effect. I was also curious as to the monsters/things out to get you. Even a little snippet of text at the start would help set the stage pretty well. I recorded my short time with it if you're interested to see. Nice work and keep it up!

Ahh, gotcha. Thought I had missed a whole area or something. Thanks again for sharing it on itch!

:) Keep making awesome stuff!