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Playing current version on both itch and steam and starting a new game gives me a red screen or zoomed in text that can't be closed.

Used to play zombtron 2 time machine on miniclip when I was a wee lad back in the day so its cool to see yet another new version of this game. ->

Excellent platformer very cool. ->

Excellent game, reminded me of Lethal Company but underwater ->

Scary game ->

Solid short game ->

Eek3 2022 Demo ->

Full run (I think), cool demo gave me undertale vibes. -> 

Part 3 ->

Part 2 ->

This is so dope, huge thanks to dev and hps1 people for making another banger! ->

Very realistic and scary ->

I love dr. coomer, thank you developer for make this dr. coomer ->

Short but nice demo ->

Scary but cool game ->


A day in the life.. ->

Excellent rpgmaker game ->

(NextFest 2023 Demo) Complete Run ->

Full new version run ->


Cat eat shroom ->

Very creepy, cool game ->

Sad but real game, I feel this on a personal level ->

Got some rick and morty vibes with this one ->

This game made my eyes hurt, but I still like it ->

The more you play it the more fun it becomes ->

Always a great day when there is a news of a new analgesic game being made 👍.

Day#22/23, super dope mall game followed by nightmare fuel ->


Day#21, getting swole with steroids ->

Day#13, Moya Horror short game ->

Bruh ->

Cool spooky game, very nice 3d art ->

Madvent run of this game, very atmospheric and dope ->

Day#10, Boulder Baby ->

Day#7+8, Very dope underwater exploration game and deer killin ->


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Day#6, Find your lost dog? ->