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This looks great, love your art style on this.

Love to help but I don't use unity anymore, I now use GODOT.

Good luck with your search.

hi doom

you need an illustrator to do this justice,

hi doom

i need to see the game, a screenshot or sprites you are using. you can PM me if you like.

itch doesn't have PM so you can PM me here

email sent

hi mate

need some samples to see if i can do the style, just put em up here and i'll advise you.

  can't see that you've made anything before, might help yourself by getting some content on your page.

but reply back with and image of yours or an example style and we'll talk.

Hi Jordi 

it would be great if you can do some music and sound effects for my next jam.

going to be doing this one Godot Wild Jam

my style is retro pixel style, cute quirky with some humour.

don't know what the theme is yet but i want to do something a bit cartoony with a darker side, so darker style slow tunes.

my page is here, looking to do a couple more jams and then a larger project, it would be great to get some help with that too.

just reply if interested, happy to do art for you in return for the music.

Desktop, Chrome

No, i can do most things in unity. I just hate the camera tear on sprites. I'm try GODOT lately and having more fun than i ever did with unity.

I think working with unity is a love hate thing, don't worry mate I'll continue with godot.

Great game, fun and nice controls. Showing the babies as a trail was a really good idea, it gets them in the game without effecting the action.

Well done

all sprites

Thanks, how did you get unity to behave on the moving of the sprites? it all looks tight, i seam to get a tear or blur when moving sprites.

Load fine for me on HTML5 on your page. 

Looks good. Game is cool, love the bubbles they look great, are they a shader or just a sprite

Love this, and the humans in the pen... lol

The sheep going up look off, it's tough to get that angle working.

(1 edit)

All yours if you want it mate, ping me a PM and I'll email the vector and the image to you(just noticed the HOLE text needs nudging to the right to line it up, slanted text threw me off)

I would ask Falyne to do a concept, might be better than mine. If you gonna have something you might as well see all the options.

Don't need help with code currently as i'm jammmmmming but if you ever want to do a jam and i do the art that would be cool.


Quick logo for you mate, use or not use up to you. I can do more if you like or not, no drama.

Hey Falyne, like you stuff.

Hi Steve

Happy to help, you can look at my page. I can draw an sprite.

Just message back

what do you have in mind? what screen size.

Trade art for some future help with Unity3d project.

Would be happy to team up on a jam too if up for it.


Thanks to everyone that voted. Not really sure why my game did so badly, i'm putting it down to ribbing the new guy. Looking forward to the next one.


Nice idea and big bright sprites, controls were a bit unresponsive.

Not sure what i was doing, having a bath with animals.

Love the changing to night time. 

Really liked, got mashed up by thieves. Can't lay towers after game over new game.

agree with comments below, daring for a jam and different. 

wonderfully weird

nice one, pesky rabbits...

Like the points adding too, pretty slick game.

HTML5 version here

Hi All

Finally managed to get the HTML export to work, if anyone wants to play without downloading

here's the link

Hi Indigo

Just uploaded a HTML5 version

Thanks both, working on uploading the HTML5 version. Wagshadow you can move diagonally and with the gamepad if you like.

Nice one Liam. For such a cute game this is tough...

Keep it up everyone.

Really having fun on this one, learning lots about Godot and hopefully should have something to build on after the close.

All the best


Some great work here, well done.

Hi Phoenix

I'm up for making something. I use Unity. something 3d, simple and finished would be sweet.

Maybe a simple dungeon crawler, these assets look pretty good and free. i can do the splash screen art and GUI. maybe use the Navmesh to make the AI easy and have a simple find the key kill baddies type level system.

just reply back if you want to put something together.


Thanks HAUO

Getting it even noticed and 1 review is amazing, it's the second game I have made and did the best with the time I had. But thank you so much for the positive comments and also the advice. I will take it into account on my next game.

Thanks again

Sparrow Hawk