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hi Gameoy

What style you looking for, put the reference up or something simular to what you need.

What size? 16x16 32x32 ect...

Tip of the hat....

Happy to help



No worries, good luck to you both.

Hi Rick

Give the job to Sky God, he was here first, give me a shout if it doesn't work out.


hello, I can help too, Godot programmer, also in the UK, hey sky god

really nice, thanks

Loved this, tough like it should be, great work

down key to change between rocket and drill

Jam wars

thanks mate

Thanks for the feedback

cheers bud, I'm really proud of the overworld map, drew it myself and spent time on getting it right, it's the main reason I didn't add a splash screen.


Character art and code by me, tiles and music


fun game, my best was 20, nice clean graphics, would be a good mobile game

Great game, tough but fair. 2 buttons, well done bud.

music was not to my liking, 

i agree awesome game, love those arrow keys :)

i gonna map WASD and arrows on all my games, there seams to be to camps and i'd like to appeal to both.

sorry drifted off there for a second, loved the grapple mail thing and the smooth movement. the art, audio and dialog is great a real treat, well done.

oh the z and x keys slightly too close for my stubby fingers

this is great, love the bobbing for walking. looks 

like my house, i've got the same dead body in my front room.

Great work bud, good job i have the slowmo sperms or i would have been toast.

great graphics by the way, cut scene also amazing.

good work, steep learning curve. great animation on the splash screen, how'd u get it to animate on itch?

i just noticed that all the games with the most ratings are playable in browser, not a coincidence... 

great work, loving the windows forms, the little platforms are too smalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

that was me falling, good stuff.

ah arrow keys, well done sir, i tip my hat to you.

a tough but good game.

thought it was great, the swinging is tricky, collision on the floors keeps stopping me swing, great work though.

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this is great, really fun. the controls are a bit odd, not sure if you needed four keys. the same movement could have been achieved with 1 button for forward and the mouse pos controls the direction or 2 buttons (forward and backward) 

i retract the above, having the 4 directions allows full movement and mouse to aim. it was the WASD keys i'm not used to.

but i loved the game and the zoom camera pan when you kill robots it's great. how did you do it?

good work.

very good game, you got a lot done, well done.

really liked the grapple and the enemy thought bubbles.

very good game, you got a lot done, well done.

really liked the grapple and the enemy thought bubbles.

Thanks efigi

I personally hate WASD controls... but I totally get your point that you an others do like them and after all we are making games for others to play. You opened my eyes a bit on that one mate, thanks.

thanks Obsidian, the direction thing is a failing, I couldn't get it to work, I need to work on that part, glad you liked though.

cheers bud, thanks for your feedback.

Agree with all you said, got some real wins on this jam, learning all the time, and frankly very happy that it all works and that I managed to implement all that I set out to do.

good work, thanks

Is the fishing animation 4 direction's?

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The d pad is 4 buttons, even Godot treats it as so.

Great work

weird stuff dude, I like

Just trying to help, you won't get experienced without showing a least one track so people can see what you do.

Have a day

No worries , but you may find it hard to get anywhere without something to show.

Would you eat somewhere where the chef working there hadn't cooked food before?

Just some advice

please could you add some samples, it's hard for me and others to hear your work without any here.

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you will have ask the judges on this but a button is something you push and is on or off.

An analog is not a button (unless your pushing em in for the toggle). The  D pads are buttons, and if you use the arrow keys they are buttons. So you are quite limited I.e. only up and down or only left and right ect.

Tough, I'm not aiming for this, i need control and fire.

yup, I have same issues 😫