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Great work!

Movement feels amazing! I spent the first 5 minutes admiring the walking animation!

Definitively first place material!

Really solid entry! I especially like the core mechanic of inverting the room along the center X axis.

The sound track is nice - but I'd suggest not resetting the music on death, since most of the time I only hear the first 5 seconds which gets old really fast.

How on earth did you manage to squeeze in a level editor?! I'm really impressed!

The whole game is well put together. Great work.

The only thing I didn't like was how the mini-map diverts attention - as IndecisionEngine already pointed out.

I like the minimalist vibe. It's simple but it works. Could use a bit of a whoosh in the background that picks up when the flowers start moving.

Got to 5/20. The main mechanic of the game slowing down when the player moves is interesting, But I'm not a big fan of the way levels are generated. Some levels are unbeatable while others feel absolutely trivial.

Got 51:777 as my best time :D
Feels very nice. The music selection is very fitting.


I've updated the game description with credits to show where I got the assets if you would like to use them in a future project.

The parallax background is very nice and it was the first thing I added to the project.

The monster spikes are the only thing I didn't find an assets for online, and it does show.

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Amazing graphics and design! I'd suggest maybe adding some sort of notification which doors the player opens (maybe some sort of arrow?)

Also - great use of RichText effects in the intro.

Hi! Fellow Godot user, considering collaboration for the jam. Feel free to message me - u/ktosox on reddit or ktosox#3708 on Discord.

Hi! Fellow Godot beginner here! If you would like to chat about a potential collaboration then feel free to message me - u/ktosox on reddit or ktosox#3708 on Discord.

I'm terribly sorry for not dealing with this earlier and extremely grateful that you took the time to notify me of this issue. There is no terminal nor fatal crash in the latest version.

I like the chill music and the overall level design - both of which I always mess up in my games, so I appreciate it when someone does it right.

Game play wise -  either I missed it or there is no jumping? This game feels like it could use some jumping :v

Yeah, the camera is a lot better now! :D

OMG! I love the intermission scene! Both the idea and the tune! Overall great execution.

Feels very complete!

I like most of it! The camera feels like the weakest link - I can either walk super slow or stand on the edge of the screen :S

Other than the camera the game feels solid.

I like how the terrain looks, is it pre-made or generated during play?

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And the movement is a bit shit - turns out gravity works differently on the web export which i noticed minutes before going to sleep :S
I managed to fix it just now - turns out I did the one thing the the API explicitly warns against as it brakes in game physics >.<

  1. Are SpriteSheets allowed?
  2. Can I scale/rotate the sprites?
  3. Can I stitch multiple sprites together in engine?

Tool tips with descriptions were planned, but never implemented due to lack of time. The core aspect is limiting player input - the only way you can influence the game is by giving gems to slimes.

The core game mechanic is very well executed. It looks and feels very complete. Though a bit punishing without the checkpoints working.  Still, a very solid submission!

I took me far too long to realize I'm supposed to be GIVING bread to birds, not sniping them >.<

Fun game overall!

Great game! Looks well polished and complete! Five stars!

Looks and feels like a classic flash game!

I enjoyed it far more than I expected! Five stars!

It's a really fun game! Though it took me a minute to figure out whats going on.
I really like the art style!

The walking animation is amazing :D Would play more but I ran out of plates :S

I managed to flip my truck in the first 5s :V

Feels like a genuine Trucking Tuesday game :D

Amazing! Got to room 44! Five stars!

The art is amazing - especially the houses, great job!

No idea what you mean by "Jam Prototype", this a well executed game!

Were the graphics for the game made by you or did you get them from somewhere?

Best intro to a Jam Game I have ever seen!

Best of luck to everyone!

Once your game is ready you will have to upload it to itchio. Next - add your friend to the project. Then go to the Jam page and submit it.

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As there probably won't be much time for testing in the 48 hour jam window, could you please tell what is the official policy on post deadline updates?

If there was, for example a game breaking bug, would it be acceptable to upload a fixed version, while possibly leaving the original game upload up for comparison?

I would also like say thanks for the opportunity to take part in this massive community event (over 1300 people registered so far!).

Best regards!

Once the 48h submission window is open, you will be able to submit a game that you uploaded to Uploading the exact same project by each team member is a bad idea, as it would most probably be deemed as spam.

I'd recommend that your entire team register for the jam just in case of technical difficulties. And once your game is ready, one of you can upload and submit it.

A very legit game. Great Job!

I usually avoid jumping puzzles, but I liked this one! Well done!

The character movement seems a bit "fuzzy"? Like he is constantly shaking whenever he moves.

Overall all I like the mechanics, some sort of indicator which way the enemies are looking would be nice though.

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It was a nice experience, I liked it. The skeletons were bloody terrifying. The minion seemed a bit underwhelming.

A dash skill that lets you move faster for a short period of time would go a long way, as it would invoke the feeling of running away from danger.

I am so sorry, the game over menu that pops up on defeat wasn't labelled clearly. 1st Button resets the level, 2nd resets the game. I renamed them accordingly to avoid confusion.

And thanks for the feedback!