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That's a surprisingly high amount of not bad writing in a jam game, I'm impressed.

I'm not sure if there was a specific correct choice, but I think I made a choice I can live with.

Very cool. Feels like a well polished game.
I appreciate the in-game tutorial.

It felt very hectic at first, even after slowing down time to a 6s tic (so many interactions and flashing icons). Not sure if that was the intended experience, but a pause button would be most welcome.

And the sound design is very good!

Thanks for playing! And as the person responsible for implementing item interactions I am sorry for the confusion.

I'm glad you liked it! I'll be sure to pass on your praise to our lovely artist!

Thanks for playing, and sorry for the lack of introduction - I agree that in-game tutorials are far superior to info dumps in the description section.

Simple but well executed.

It feels like it's missing some background ambience, like the whistling of wind or rustling of dry leaves.

My high score was 36.

Quick and fun! Feels like a complete experience.

The boss battle was a nice finishing touch.

Nice music and SFX. Throwing pumpkins at crows was quite amusing.
I felt a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of stuff to click in the beginning, but got to level 5 once I figured everything out.

Controls feel nice, though it took me a couple of seconds to realize I'm suppose to pick up and place the pumpkins somewhere else.
I get why there is no sound, but I bet some SFX or VFX for digging/planting would make this game feel a lot more fun.

The amount of white blobs I had to kill was a bit much, but the game looks very cool and the song is great!

A fun and complete experience. The mini-games felt engaging and not too hard. I enjoyed the sticker book aesthetic. The ambience and sound effects worked wonders to set the mood.

I'm personally grateful that you made this game! I wanted to make a game about crating jewellery with mini-games for a while now, but I wasn't quite sure how to make it work. And now that I've seen first hand how fun crafting things with mini-games can be I'll definitely give it a shot!

A great game, very well put together. With so many towers the replay value is off the charts! The graphic style and music work together well too.

The scrap collecting mechanic was a cool idea. I also liked the repair mechanic at first... but after wave 15 the game started to feel like a constant fight against entropy. Maybe that was the point? If so - congrats on making a deep existential game!

Surprisingly it took me less than 5 seconds to understand how to play it. It has the vibe of putting together a jigsaw puzzle, which was nice.

Bit low on the challenge side of things though. I would love o see something that would force me to make a choice, like some-kind of static element on the board that interacts with the pipes, or maybe having a little bit more pipes than I can use so that a bit of trial and error is necessary.

What a fun puzzle game! Building and platforming combined in such an original way!

The audio and visual parts work great together. And there was never a moment where I didn't know what to do next.

Took me a while to get the controls, but once I did... I over spent my rating time quite a bit...

Frantically strapping scavenged parts while dodging incoming bullets is so much fun! Definitely coming back to this one after the voting period to see how far I can get (level 14 is my record so far).

Great game! Pixel graphics and classical music were an unexpected pairing, but everything works together extremely well. Starting with a cut-scene as a way to set the stage is something I never considered before, but I definitely want to try it out in my next Jam game after seeing how well it worked in your game.
The cables also deserve a mention - the way they move feels amazing.

The polish! The UI! The art!

And above else - the original Pokemon vibes!

Amazing submission!

The player controller feels very nice. Especially after you unlock double jump - just getting around is very enjoyable!

Far more fun than my first attempt at GWJ back in 2019. Throwing computer parts on the floor is actually quite hilarious :D
Thanks for making a submission to the jam! The bugs were not that bad!

Great design and composition. The music works great with the circus vibes.
Leaving the debug UI on isn't that big of a deal - but not getting the improved movement  into your submission on time (which I guess happened from reading other comments) is a real shame, since movement feels like the most important part of the game.

Amazing art and mini-games! The range of emotions expressed by the main character depending on what's currently happening adds so much character!

I like the strong flash game vibes.  The dialog was surprisingly well written, and the quick time events were cool.

I didn't understand the intricacy of the train assembly part of the game, but that didn't prevent me from enjoying the game. Death to the snow flakes!

An amazing experience filed with humor and personality. I loved the sound and graphic design. The only thing I didn't enjoy was the font selection, as I found it hard to read at times.

Thanks for playing our game! And congratulation on beating the game in a self-imposed hard mode :D
But we should have done a better job communicating what the player can do in-game. Sorry about that.

As I grabbed the paper on the very end to the right, I got a notification that I can hide. I thought that I can use it against the flowers, so I purposely died to the flower while using the ability (thinking I would be immune). Once I re-spawned, I could still use the ability, but I could not pass the beetle. I grabbed the paper again, and tried to leave the room with the flowers, but each time I left the room I re-spawned as if I died. That's the best recollection of the glitch from what I recall. Hopefully this helps.

I'm glad I came back after the voting period to finish this game - the victory tune is a real banger!

This is an underappreciated master piece as far as I know. Great job!

Very cool mechanic. The artwork works unexpectedly well - it's simple, but I like it.

And the music is amazing! Where can I get the track that plays when the turtle dreams?

Amazing. Great story telling - the bed flying away was an amazing bit :D. And the boss's graphical design was breath taking. The gamepad support was a nice touch too!

The only major issue for me is the doorways between levels - definitely needs a bug fix.

A fine chill game. And the map is huge. Almost got the last gear box, but I managed to fall down a crater :S

The only thing that I didn't like was the constant sound crackle... though no one else mentioned it so it might just be my sound card being silly :/

You mad lads! You actually did it! You made an RTS for a game jam!

Got to the end, bit glitchy now and there, but has a lot of charm!

The art is raw, but it works. Sound effects got a bit repetitive after some time. Maybe consider pitch shifting on hit/attack sounds?

This feels like a open ended puzzle game, and I usually love those, but I've been min-maxing my gold gain route for 15 minutes now, and there is still more games to rate :S

Love the chiptunes. Game play feel cool and the sound effects fit perfectly to the aesthetic. Will probably come back after the jam voting to finish it.

By the way, what's a wup, sdown, dok and aback? :D

Got a glitch on the first try that prevented me from passing the insect on the left :/

A nice short game with sweet art. O, and my word was Cave.

Thanks for playing our game! I agree that jumping is far from perfect. A variable jump height based on press time sounds like a great idea. Incentive wise - we hoped to tackle this by adding more content (like adding special platforms that create health pickups over time) and spreading that over the level. In the end we chose to add other content over it due to time constraints.

Blown away by quality. I'm pretty much speechless. Keep up the great work!

Love the style. The graphics, music and controls work great together.

I appreciate the drifts and the game pad support.

I only wish there was more of it...

(1 edit)

Got the same issue on Linux. Will try out the game on my Windows system later to see if I crash there too.

Edit: seems to be a Linux specific problem. Game ran fine on Windows.

Sooo... It took me a couple of minutes until I grasped the controls via trial and error.

Mechanic wise - it's amazing. The controls are great once you know what does what.

The graphics used have a "flash era" vibe which I enjoy quite a bit

There seems to be only one thing that prevents me from enjoying this game: my own incompetence. I just can't for the life of me keep a turret in orbit.

Overall - great game, 9/10, would crash in to the moon again if given the opportunity.

Thanks for sharing this amazing pixel art! I understand there isn't much game here, but I found driving through this alien scenery quite enjoyable!

What a fun chill game! The music is very fitting. Adding the notebook was a very good idea, since it allows me to check up on things I might have missed.

I wish there were more sound effects, the only one I noticed was the hum when you move around.

I was kinda confused by the little rocks that block the way. I would expect the might Bob to ignore such insignificant obstacles! :D

Thanks for playing our game!

The jump arc definitely needs some tweaking.

We considered giving enemies a stagger early one, but didn't for reasons I can't recall right now... But I agree that it would greatly improve the overall feel of the game!