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Outstanding and so damn heartwarming. Loved it.

I got the product just yesterday when I thought of making a story driven game for a lady I enjoy being with. Got it up and running and writing the dialogue in no time. 

Only took me an hour to fully implement a system in Godot that with with the exported json, overall experience? 10/10

Would I recommend this to other? Absolutely. It's fun and functional, oh let's not forget it looks great.

Thanks for this fantastic tool that makes sense nad helps in narrative game-dev.

A lovely, lovely game indeed.

looking forward

I'm impressed, this is something I've yearned for for quite a while.

Wow. Just wow.

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This add-on is quickly growing to be irreplaceable. With all the new features for 2.0 I am baffled by it's usefulness and feature set.

Having played a somewhat simialr game I knew what to do right away and needless to say the game had me immersed from the get go, I second the previously mentioned opinion, this was awesome.

What... I was not expecting such atmosphere from a jam game! Super cool. Played it over and over just for the shivers. 

Loved the mechanic, seriously that was awesome and this world needs more of it. Hated the controls. Found the way RMB and LMB worked frustrating, perhaps not having to activate it at all and LMB would automatically start charging the shot? Having the crosshair around all the time with lower opacity wouldnt break immersion. Good stuff yo.

I was like:"damn, these guys are good, the main menu is super challenging already!"

I liked that without any tutorial whatsoever I was still able to figure out the conrols, though it was the details that let this one down I think, when getting your weapon/attack a clearer communication of the fact one was suposed to keep pressing the button would have gone a long way. The combat ssystem also felt somewhat stiff/unfair (even though I kept attacking they kept killing me faster. Sure I could have backed off and played more tactically but I really wanted to bash their faces in, didn't work well. Overall it's a solid foundation with potential I enjoyed playing also supreme amount of story right there! Big fan of manga and this was right up my alley.

This game has one massive design missed opportunity which is doing something to the people. The moment I sneaked up behind a person the one thing I wanted to do was neŭtralize them in a vampire way. Had fun playing through though.

I've been using your builds for a while now and just wanted to drop a thank you line. This constantly up to date, bleeding edge version of Godot has allowed me to stay with the latest Godot features at all times. All thanks to you buddy!

I bought it, love it and use it.

Having pressed S more then three times I felt overpowered, godlike and omnipotent, it's not often that I get such pure joy out of holdng the left button.

Billiard, it's got what, 6 black holes? That's six times the theme!

Hey Spartano46, good to have you here! I second what Bakenshake has said 101% plus would like to add that you don't forget to have fun ;)

Much obliged! Thanks!

I know what you mean, it becomes easier knowing where they're coming from with a bigger planet, at the same time helping new players... oh I know! 

You start on a bigger planet and after every wave the planet shrinks.

Yeah the max value was much better the second time round, I'd even times it by one a half tbh.

Awesome! Thanks for playing the game.

I took notes of your ideas and issues you mentioned, should there be an update I'll incorporate them.

I especially liked the idea of shoes higher up in the air that would essentialy give jumping a reason. Kinda obvious now that I think about it, though it hadn't occured to me at all beforehand.

Thanks again, enjoyed watching the stream!

Mate, you fixed it indeed! I would say the top sensitivity could be even faster, my gaming mouse at the max sensitivity was just right.

A fun game by all means, well done! I would have liked a planet with more visibility, perhaps higher FOV or a bigger planet would do the trick there.

Happy to hear you loved the graphics! Looked well shit at first.

  1. Now thats an interesting remark! Waiting a bit before sending the items away sounds good. I'll try it out!
  2. Yes. Sadly the ui curve messed with the input location, working on a fix. Name can be changed, but a fair amount of trial and error with a pinch or pure luck is required. I understand this is undesirable, but I was a big fan of the Curve so I decided to leave it in.
  3. mhm! I hear you there. Do you think a different colour and a cheerful sound effect, underlining that it's an achievement would help?
  4. Yup.

Thanks for the feedback! Appreciate your input very much as always.

Yeah the UI curve moved the pixels but not the input map, Im working out a solution. There have been some superb ideas on this message board alone!

I fully agree on the speed, I've also thought about adding a new kind of pickup tht would make you pick up speed faster.

Ouch, sorry to hear the transitions didn't line up with physics! I'll be looking into that.

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate that you took your time to leave your thoughts here for me, very valuable.

Celantro is a made up name I came up with, it has no links to the vegetable either haha. 

The idea of starting with either a higher speed of the speed up being faster sounds very good! Thanks for the tip!The shake you mentioned, should only occur for 2 seconds, was that so?

I agree with that, further polish to what is already there before moving onto new features would be my next step as well. Thanks!

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No worries a fix like this is fine.

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Gravity that's not just down but centered to a small planet? Well done! Sadly unplayable even with the mouse sensitivity slider - version as the highest setting was still too slow and had to do too much mouse handling to look anywhere :(

Enjoyed the overall feel, graphics and weapon RMB also music gave emotionn which was fantastic.

What a pleasant surprise. I found your use of the theme to be absolutely spot on! You've used it in an original way that incorporates a fun mechanic which is easy to understand and fun to play.

I must add, at the beginning you see nothing but a level, not knowing what the mechanic, and controls are you are forced to figure it out yourself, also you only get to see the intro AFTER you've succceeded at that, I loved it! Very cool.

Not bad! That soluion would work indeed!

Stoked you enjoyed the character concept! It had actually been a drawing I had done a long time ago and been meaning to implement it ever since! Yes, extra modes, colours, new tracks. So much potential right?

Much obliged for your feedback! I would like to ask, what would be the first you'd change/implement(apart fomr the mouse, that's a must)?

Aw man! I was really going for an experience, super glad it paid off to a degree. With extra particle effects in front of the camera and constant (slight) camera shake the full speed will become even more satisfying.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, and I gotta say that I think you hit the nail on the head here. I agree with everything you said.

New kinds of maps and modes have been thought of indeed, I also want to implement multiple rings at different height that you can jump between. Have considered a straight way approach but it being the most common approach decided no to pursue the idea for the jam though I might implement it at a later date too. The minimalistic graphical approach would give nicely into it as well.

Mouse sensitivity accompanied with a Camera Smooth* slider are on my to do list, where the camera smooth slider would influence the speed of interpolation. These are also options I will expose in the pause menu as well.

Apart from mouse not reappearing wehn hitting Q I fond the game fun for the little beginning it was. A prequel and tbh I was excited for episode 2 by the time I got to the end!

Use of fancy 3D materials was awesome, character possession felt good and I also thought the length was just right.

The thoroughly enjoyed smiting my enemies. Though a big bad dragon I felt just and powerful!

Picking up coins was fun though I felt the aiming mechanic could have been more... satisfying. It was rather stiff.

I will second what the others have said in regards to the experience. Although the game is simple, it felt good. Character movement and the camera one too both played very nicely and had a relatively polished feel, graphics wise the style was simple yet sufficient and easy on the eyes.

Yeah, I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out how to apply the same shader I was using to curve the ui, to mouse input, sadly I couldn't find a way yet though I'm still looking. Glad you liked it and thanks for the feedback!

glad you enjoyed playing it! The shader that curves the screen doesn't apply the same curve to mouse input and because of that all mouse button input events are moved off slightly. I put in a setting to turn off the curve in case people wanted to a more linear experience. Thanks for the feedback!

Really? What parts of the game did you enjoy most?

Hey Yusdacra! Thanks for reaching out, I was learning how to use butler at that point and all the builds are up to date although the versions don't line up reason being I pushed the windows build three times whilst learning and then knowing what I was doing I pushed the others only once..

Have you tried running it? Looking forward to any of the bugs you may have found! Be sure to let me know so that I can get to fixin' em for the next update, which I'm very excited about as atm it looks like the base of ZeroNet functionality will be in by then! Woot.