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Thank you!

IMO, 20-30 fps isn’t ideal. I’ll try to provide the user with graphics settings in future builds so that they can set the game up in a way that hits the 60fps bar.

regarding this other parts of your feedback, I’ll be compiling them down a longer note and address the main issues in a future stream :)


Thank you!

for the feedback! Fantastic amount of things, I’ve already copied it over to my personal folder and am forming a task list of things based on all the feedback I’ve been getting. Super glad you gave it a go even though its still such an early prototype :)

Yeah! This was one of the first pieces of feedback we got. In the new version you’ll be able to set the text size for the whole application. So far we’ve created three sizes: Small - the one the app is using now Medium - two points larger than small Large - four points larger than small


Thank you so much! Yeah we’ve put down reorganisation of items as a priority to do for improvement.

Top secret information here @Whitefame, we plan on open sourcing it soon to celebrate a thousand downloads. :) It should happen within the next of days/weeks

There are no online features built in at the moment, however such features are on the roadmap for future updates.

JualianSqrl, absolutely friend! Feel free to either send the feedback here or chat with me directly over at our discord at:

Looking forward.


Thanks! I’ve been working on an update that fixes bugs, implements better economy and an overall finer difficulty progression. I do plan on pursuing this at least a little further to see how it goes :)

Aha! Yes this is one thing I haven’t fixed yet! I’ve got a brand new update up and coming that will be live in a couple of days. I’ll be sure to implement the fix for this bug as well. Thanks!

In fact, we’ve internally decided to release it on her Thu once we finalize the next update. Which should be withing the next week or so.

Not open source, over at Mad Cookies, we’re still deciding whether to make it FOSS or not :) if we do the link will be made available over here on the itch page.

There’s an update i forgot to push which makes the message visible, forgot to upload.

How is this not the theme?! Incredibly polished and responsive. Theme for construct is fire!

I am not tech savvy enough

Indeed! We’re working on an update, and this specifically is a bug we closed a few days ago.

Thanks for the reply! I’ll do so for the next release, also informing the users of the caveat.

Sadly I don’t have access to a mac, nor have I ever exported to it. Is it a straight forward process, do you know?

Also, just exporting the current version to a mobile platform wouldn’t sadly work. the input fields and columns in “Notes” especially arent designer for mobile at all. The tabs on the side additionally waste valuable horizontal space that could otherwise be taken up by content. Although, thinking about it now, perhaps the concept could be reworked to resemble the original tab panel more closely. Food for thought!

Only one plugin was used, a calendar button! Apart from that it’s vanilla Godot. As for a mobile version, absolutely! I’ve already drafted a concept of something I imagine functional:

So it’s in the plans, as well as having a way of connecting your desktop and mobile client.

Had no idea there’s a demand for it! I’ll be sure to export the next version with 32 bit support then.

Skoda jen ze ti to nemuzu zahrat ale video vypada jako dobra pecka!

Ahojte! Jako tvurce teto hry by jsem tu nechal par zprav:

Disclaimer: jsem jeden z organizatoru jamu tak prosim tuto hru nehodnotit, chtel jsem si vyzkouset solo development roguelite-zanrove hry a vyuzil jsem mad jam prilezitost :)

Zname nedostatky hry:

  • character controller je zabavny, sikme plochy mu delaji problem a cim je dal od zacatku tim vic se diva do spatnych stran
  • coiny se neukladaji mezi hrami
  • hp hrace neni zvizualizovane. Takze realne nevite kdy umrete!
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This is one hell of a collection. QbieShay, you’re a life saver! The pack itself is incredibly inspiring for effects. Thank you!

Godot’s pretty awesome at it. Thanks!

Hey that’s a super interesting bug, I’m jotting it down right away, thanks!

Procrastinating ofc! 😃 Love the coincidence btw, feels like we’ve tailer made an app for you now.

Hey! Thanks I’m really glad you like it! It was designed with simplicity and straight-forwardness in mind, it’s lovely to hear it’s come appreciated.

I loved the game! Points for the unique atmosphere and fun puzzles, I noticed that what clicked with me, was the fun I had whilst imagining my path before taking it, the further I could imagine the gameplaying out the better I felt. Great colours and movement, thanks for not allowing the player to instantly jump off but making sure they confirm their forfeit.

Loved it! It entertained me, a person who doesn’t usually like these sorts of games till level 21. That said, I dare say you nailed it!

Hey sorry about replying so late! Short answer: absolutely. Long answer: i made this game three years ago for a jam and I have loved it ever since. The character is adorable, his time bending abilities are whacky and the environment calming. And that's something I want to make more of.

I can't promise when, but it will happen :)

Outstanding and so damn heartwarming. Loved it.

I got the product just yesterday when I thought of making a story driven game for a lady I enjoy being with. Got it up and running and writing the dialogue in no time. 

Only took me an hour to fully implement a system in Godot that with with the exported json, overall experience? 10/10

Would I recommend this to other? Absolutely. It's fun and functional, oh let's not forget it looks great.

Thanks for this fantastic tool that makes sense nad helps in narrative game-dev.

A lovely, lovely game indeed.

looking forward

I'm impressed, this is something I've yearned for for quite a while.

Wow. Just wow.

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This add-on is quickly growing to be irreplaceable. With all the new features for 2.0 I am baffled by it's usefulness and feature set.

Having played a somewhat simialr game I knew what to do right away and needless to say the game had me immersed from the get go, I second the previously mentioned opinion, this was awesome.