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Hello MagixRage! I'm Krystof one of the organisers of the Godot Wild Jam! Congrats on tieing for the first place. As a matter of fact you get to receive a Godot Wild T-shirt as a prize! Is there a place I can contact you for details?

Let me know thanks!

I really did! I hope my email about game jams in Slovakia finds you :) Would love to join the next one.

Reading the PDF with more information on the game's background was not only a mesmerising experience but also an intriguing look into the mind of the creator and how you've linked the unique 1950's aesthetic. The game needless to say, was fun and fresh. I hope to see more gems like this from you!

I am so glad you've decided to do this, will be watching!

Allowed either way.

How's it looking?

How are you liking the beta so far? Encountered any nasty bugs?

The game's looking fine so far. Is it just me or do the missiles come out of the thrusters? Haven't seen that very often, unique.

Yeah is pretty good at adjusting the timezone to the user. Should be yours unless you're under a proxy connecting through a different timezone than is yours.

I can't imagine a better version being used for the jam.

This time round we've got quite the number of topics here, good to see!

Godjamming to all of ya'!

Looking forward to what you come up with buddy!

Haha, thanks for the heads up, sipping a coffee as I'm writing this myself.

So long as there is some link to the idea of "natural disaster" you're good.

Aweosme, sent you a PM on discord.

I am sorry to hear! I can only hope that it will work on some devices as it works fine on mine. I will see if I can re-export with different flags.

Hello Homa Games.

Awesome that you reached out and we just exported it successfully. Here's a link:

Let me know if there's anything else.

First off, WHEW! The first android game we've ever tried our hands on! The entire process felt like black magic at first and later we realized it was exactly that, unpredictable mechanism that exports in wicked ways. Having said that, this jam has allowed us to really explore the platforms and the way our Engine of choice works with it.

As stated on the game's page, the game actually has great music and sound effects(by Irmoz), which have been exporting just fine Same goes for the android builds we've been testing the past week.

If possible and allowed we will push a version with music, sound effects and an android build ASAP!

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you.

I'm on board with what everyone here is saying. I loved it. The levels, upgrading. My first thought was WOAH! Really? This in a week? Good stuff bro!

Additinally to what Meditator said I would like to add that all of the projects I migrated over to 3.1 to 3.0 needed only tiny tweaks. Hence chances are it's almost the same thing. With as mentioned before the addition of new features, editor UI oh and have I mentioned Visual Shader Edita? So good to have it back.

That's alright of course. Kenny's assets for example right? Go for it man.

Just make sure you have the right to be using them.

Any chance of a mac build? Would love to play.

Thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The game does an amazing job at keeping me curious as to what's next. And each area has a unique twist, not to hard not too easy, just right. I really appreciated the length of the game too as it showcased the ideas and mechanics of the potential game but didn't drag on, beyond its vision.

Wow. First time I was lost, took a day's break only to come back to the game and really appreciate it. Once I got the hang of it, it was really fun! Granted I only got through to the second level, I can imagine there is even more to the game than I found out about. Well done thinking this up man!

Noice! Time to give it a go.

Ohhhh dayum!

I just checked out what TIC-80 was and boy is that a brilliant idea. Looks like this did help you indeed as I feel too many people doing jams pay too little attention to polish, losing sight of what's important when the time is up.

Whatever it is you're doing, it's working. Oh and forgot to mention how much I enjoyed your art as well.

Dont forget linux and mac builds, looking forward to trying it out.

Taking turns and forever going smaller? Getting deeper and deeper hidden within. Man it first I thought this was going to be a boring spaceship shooter but that moment the screen rotated I knew this was something I liked.

Duuuude. This was a game I thoroughly enjoyed! It felt very polished, almost a complete product! It also linked well with the theme, oh and sound design was spot on too.

I really enjoyed the level progression here. Achieving the end of a level gave me a feeling of achievement and tactics were necessary. Didn't get to the end, as I ran out of patience in the fourth level, but that be on my to-do list now!

Paint me curious. I liked the mechanic and the overall idea. Felt like a multiplayer death match though I was missing some visual clues such as line of sight and a line that would show the trajectory of the perhaps shot bullet for more precise shooting.

You're the man!

Thanks for getting in touch with me. You can now find la_ombrulo's game at:

Hey Itchid, sorry about the late reply and thank you for asking! We've discussed this with the team and I also agree with the above quoted rule of Ludum Dare.

You're right that using Godot is bang on for the jam. We won't disallow you from posting your game here, we prefer a game that was made for the theme and for the jam as that is its main purpose, at the same time we want to keep it friendly and mellow a jam where people are encouraged to create, discuss, go wild and feel good.

Bottom line, there's still a lot of time left, if you're up to the challenge why not make a new game for the jam? ;)

aaa gotcha! Yeah it can be a pain to follow the export process on with every update, know a thing or two about that myself. Thanks for the info :)

Super useful, thanks for putting it together and sharing! Pretty certain this will help many.

Some must bear the weight.


Fantastic, looking forward.