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The 1st part of the puzzle is present in the menu. better find it out! :D

Yeah! No comment about that! We also have hard time controlling it.

Thank you for playing! :D

Hey Inglo Games! Your post is just fine. it is not harsh. We wanted to have this kind of feedback to really know more what to improve to the game.

Yeah you're right about having merge in the game is really just to fit to the theme. It's really hard for us to come up with merge as core gameplay. 

Maybe the distance is much more appropriate score rather than the bubble size/air. And yes, the smaller the better. Air is also an obstacle here if you manage to get more air, you have higher chance of not finishing it but if you can finish the game having big bubble, maybe you can brag about it. lol! 😂

For the movement/controls, yeah it is so hard, even I tried to tweak it to be smooth but still nah!

For the sounds, at first we just wanted this game to be relaxing/smooth flow or something that will not stress the player. You float, you dodge, and you complete the game. But not suited in the game? We'll try get it change sometime.

Thank you for your honest feedback! Appreciated! 😁

sometimes bubbles do get stuck somewhere. 😂 it's a feature not a bug. just kidding! we'll try to check it out! Thanks for playing! 😁

Thanks rocknightstudios! Looking forward to next jam! :D

Thank you! :D

It is the title of the game. O2Jam. It is a online rhythm game using keyboard few years ago. 

Thank you! :)

Nice game! :D I really liked it. It seems to have a bug tho. like here. I can still move the blue triangle in the upper part.

Nice game! Lovely! Better if it has sounds during the game?

Still nice design you have here! I liked pause with horror lighting in every move. Great!

Yeah! I can feel you! haha Even I cannot win in my own game! But I have updated it. added new skill wash. I hope it can help to finish the game lol! 

it seems to be an O2 Jam prototype! Good game!

I really liked the anchor. It seems to be a initial project in some ways. hope to find new versions for this! 

Thanks rocknightstudios! I have added a note if they want to play the previous version they can download it :)

Hi. So, I cannot beat my game (Before, I was). I dont know if there is someone already completed it but would you mind if I add new skill? It is called wash - to repel triangles in going close to you.

Even I cannot beat my own game. haha! I have already created I new skill (it is included in the document but not able to add it due to time constraint). Can I still add this?

  • charge
  • shuffle
  • combine
  • teleport
  • exit

Nice! I beat it! I could not even beat my own game. xD

Good job! 

I think it is still feasible (maybe I type it faster because I tested it a lot. xD). But here is my progress, here even you are in stage four. you have completed item  requirements for stage 5.

Thank you, Sarturo!

I'd love too! Let's try some other time! I'll create a pitch and DM you in discord once I have something! Or if you have, then let me know. :)

Wow! You totally played it up to last stage! Maybe you are not killing MAN EATAH that fast? Because MAN EATAH will spawn every 5 seconds (all the same with other monsters) and during that idle time you must enter a word to maintain your combo count (for damage output). And then when you retry (in case you lost), your harvests are still there. So it can help you to get to the required count for the next retry. 

I'll try to test it myself to see. haha I'll let you know! 

And for the longer words + the comment of urodela, maybe in the future we can have a story telling mode. Where you type what you want to be in the screen? DnD moderator? Something like....

"Goblins holding goblet"

"<any name> <action> <thing>"

Once have the same pattern, summon it! xD

Thank you for playing! I'm so happy!

Hey urodela! Yeah that will be great too but I'm having hard time to finish it until stage 5 if there are long words. Maybe I'll come out of something for the post game jam. Thanks for playing! :)

Nice game you have here! That hook is so smooth! Looking forward to have more upgrades to this.!

I just remembered Patapon in your game! Also the music is great! Really nice game! :D

Hey! thanks! I've already joined discord! I'll check your game now. :D

Wow! Thanks! if you need someone to test your game just DM in discord(Panch). I am in the GWJ discord also. Good luck to the team and to the game!

I am not an expert but I think you need to define your formula for the turret damage and enemy health..etc.. in order to maintain a challenging wave. maybe like the formula of experience needed to level up. 

For the design, given you have time, each upgrade make a noticeable part that shows the turret was upgrade. or just show a sprite blink.

And apply the shake when you need the shakte. maybe if the turret is at max upgrade thats the time the player will feel the shake..

Its only my point of view. But nonetheless, it is still a nice game!

Hey! I really like this kind of game. I was in 62nd wave when I think that there will be no end and I check the description..DANG!  IT'S ENDLESS!! LOL! 


Looking forward to see the updated version of the game. :)

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Wow! Amazing game! You really did a great job!

  • Very good art/designs
  • The animation and the concept are great!
  • The background music suits well.


  • Add increasing level of difficulty or stages
  • Add sound effects when:
    • The player is correct or not
    • Last life - End game

Thanks! I have now played your game! Cool concept! I really like your design and the selected music fits well to the game. :)

Thats sad. Maybe I can try it sometime if you have build for resolution 1366x768 but you did a great job! :)

Wew! This game gives me chill! Great game! "Papa is slain!!!"

Maybe you want to look at my game:

It is my second game using Godot. Hoping to have third or more in the next jams. Thank you for loving the ending and for the feedback.

Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciated! 

I would like to play your game but when I click on the cheese it does not add to the recipe. Am I doing it wrong? 

Very good art work and the bgm is so into the theme. :) 

Here: FatFat05#3505