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sorry you had a bad time, i did have better indicators for damage but i couldnt figure out why they were making the player invisible in time, so i had to scrap them to meet the deadline. the points are scattered around the map behind challenges which require some evolutions to pass, so yeah you just didnt have any when you tried to spend them. thanks for playing

Thank you, it was indeed programmer art as i am a terrible artist, but glad you could enjoy the game hah

very great entry, loved the idea and the level design is great, gets very difficult towards the end

the design was that the character would evolve every time on death, and that the player would explore a new set of problems and pick the evolution to solve that problem to advance, unfortunately the execution kinda lacked since i ran out of time and overscoped a bit. when you evolved the legs you should have seen the evolution in the screen but the HTML version has a bunch of issues, such as the sound/music issue with the music sounding terrible and sounds on top of eachother, in the windows version the music and sfx do play only 1 sound at a time, and yeah the collision problem was something i could not figure out how to solve, it was caused by the "pixel snap" feature and my guess is that it just doesnt like a resolution this small. anyway thanks for playing and rating my game!

great story, the graphics are super nice and obviosly alot of effort went into this, great work

super simple design but the execution is nice, always good to have more godot being used

the design is great and i can just feel your frustration of having to cut features to make the deadline, i had to do the same on my game

it was a bit annoying to have to install love but still a neat game, if you are looking for lightweight engines to play with i suggest godot, its what i used to make my game

short and simple, cool. the game resolution didnt upscale from the 84x48 resolution so it was hard to see what was going on

did that happen in the HTML version? if so i recommend the download version, the html had to use gles2 rendering which might have broken some features like the sound

good idea and graphically pleasing, shame it was made outside the restrictions

should be working now, organizer was nice enough to let me submit the missing files and a html version, although the web version has some sound issues for some reason

allright everything should be fixed now, give it one more try 

ah, i know the problem, in my hurry to submit the game i forgot to include the pck file with the exe, will try to contact the organizer to hopefully be able to upload it

Hey, i was in a rush to meet the deadline, which i managed to do barely just in time (3 minutes to submission end), and i forgot to add the zip file instead of the .exe which would include the PCK file needed for the exe, is there any way i can modify or just upload the PCK file?

next level entry, dont think many others will reach the same quality, well done!

really liked this one, great job on the execution of the game, the cutscenes were a nice surprise aswell

looks very cool, but its a bit hard to win

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neat idea and the graphics are very clear, rated

check out my game aswell if you like:

its very hard to understand whats going on

the size of the level can be anything, you just have to have the display at nokia resolution

PMed on discord

very cool 

ah ok, thanks for the explanation mate and keep up the good work

how do i go about using this? does it have a GUI for making the sounds?

hey thats really awesome for a new dev like myself, learning lots of tricks just by looking at the project, however i dont see how you gave the fonts to the labels when the custom font and theme are empty for them, could you explain how you did it?

hahaha thats awesome, thanks for putting in the effort although you really shouldnt be showcasing garbage jam games like this lol, but cheers

Hey, actually this was something i tried to implement but we ran out of time, and yeah we did everything from scratch and this was the first 3D game all 3 of us ever had made

We ran out of time trying to implement things and then had some merge errors so alot of the variables dont make sense and things may or may not work properly, but thanks for playing and commenting

hey thank you mate, unfortunately i came back a bit too late so i cant rate your game anymore but i will check it out

Hey guys, i posted in a few threads about people rating games but i didnt seem to get any new ratings, I would really appreciate it if you could rate my game before the deadline, currently at only 11 ratings.

thanks a bunch in advance

hey, im at 11 ratings only, its for both web and windows

ill check out your game aswell, thanks a bunch in advance lol

hey, hoping you can rate my game too

only at 11 ratings, hoping to get a few more atleast

yeah this was my first game jam and basically the first game i ever made alone from scratch so i should have paid more attention to the user experience and added more tutorial/intstruction stuff, but yeah thanks for playing mate

this one was one of the best so far ive played, great job

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9 ratings atm, appreciate it if you guys will rate it

i like the idea, its a good concept but unfortunetly theres a few bugs and i kept getting a black screen and moving outside of the map boundary and not being able to get back, and also the doors would sometimes spin 4 times in different directions and still not let you through