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Submitted by Vasilis Chonianakis, Opossum In A Jar — 5 hours, 6 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of Theme#1071.5451.545
Adherence to Restrictions#1252.5452.545

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Lack of pixel snapping and rotations were the worst things wrong with the adherence to restrictions.

After I broke some stuff, I sort of got lost, and had to find more things, wasn't very fun. Maybe some sort of direction indicator (at the edge of the screen) of where things are?


Nice game. Very authentic sound :) But it doesn't fit the resolution (84x48).

Developer (1 edit)

First of all thanks for playing and rating our game.
The game native resolution is 84x48 as per the requirements.
Just as most jam entries (yours included ;-) ) the window is just scaled by 10 to allow the player to play more comfortably the game.


Well, your sprites might technically be on a 84x48 grid, scaled by 10. But they move and rotate freely between the "pixels", which is what I was refering to.


I'm not sure if Godot allows you to add extra code for your game, but you can definitely add some CSS to the html file to fix this issue. If you're interested in fixing this I would love to explain how I did it in my game. Although I didn't use Godot the principal stays the same. 


Of course @Kamil!


You will first have to build your project without scaling at 84x48 pixels.
Then you will need to open the index.html. Inside you should see a <style> tag somewhere. Inside that tag there should be a line that says: #canvas {

Add the following code inside the canvas.

transform: scale(10, 10);
transform-origin: top left;
image-rendering: pixelated;

And that should do the trick. If there it doesn't work then send me a screenshot and I will check it out.


Thanks! I will try this on a test build. I don't think changes on the game files are allowed during the voting period.




Thanks for playing and rating our game!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

neat idea and the graphics are very clear, rated

check out my game aswell if you like:


Thanks for playing and rating our game!
I will try your game as soon as the missing pck is available.
We need more Godot games!!!


should be working now, organizer was nice enough to let me submit the missing files and a html version, although the web version has some sound issues for some reason