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As for cameras, they said they would allow it, but they don't like it.

On discord it was clarified that you can have transitions, as long as it's in the same room.

Specifically, someone asked if they could have point and click adventure, where you click on something to inspect it, and the game transitions to a closer view of the object where you can interact with it. They said this Wass acceptable, as long as it takes place in the same room

Additionally, they also said battle mode transitions (like Pokemon) are acceptable, as long as the fight also takes place in the same room.

No word yet on cockpits counting as a room, cameras on a computer being acceptable, or menus being acceptable.

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Yeah, I'm confused about the transition thing. Can I make a visual novel that takes place in one room? I'd think not because of the transition thing. 

Edit: If I can get some confirmation that something like "Five Nights At Freddy's" counts as 'One Room' then I would feel a LOT better about this... 🤞

Thanks! I appreciate that. I am disappointed that scoring was closed to the public. I feel like our games got significantly less exposure because of that, and I don't think that vote manipulation is a problem I've ever had... But then again, I've never worried about winning, I just wanted to make fun games for lots of people to enjoy. Anyways....

Everything (source code, sprites, sound, "story", etc) is Public Domain CC0, no credit required. Have fun!

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Thanks for responding. I think you have a cool idea, and I was excited to start playing it, but I think it's the sum of those small confusions that resulted in a bad time. Next time, I'd focus on player feedback, and I think that would greatly improve the experience. It doesn't need to be a wall of text for a tutorial, and can be as simple as a thing as a little tune when you get an upgrade or a sound when you take damage. I think if I had that, I would have been able to make heads from tails a lot more.

Edit: And, if it were me (and, this is totally just how I would do it, there are pluses and minuses), I would have started the player off with a very easy "give me" upgrade they couldn't possibly miss, just so they know what it looks like, and they can learn the upgrade mechanic, separate from the rest of the game.

Wow, that really made a huge difference! I went back and played through the whole thing again. It was much less frustrating, and I got through the whole game, and came out very pleased!

You should be proud, you did great!

Wow, very good. The concept was great, and very enjoyable! I think the platforming could be improved (platforming in tight spaces was hard, little forgiveness. And sometimes, you'd hold up to jump, but then jump again when you landed, which was annoying, because I'd jump into a spike and die)

Overall though, great game!


1) I think this is spiritual successor to my Nokia 3310 Sokoban game from last year. (We both came up with the same exact character design). Which isn't too surprising, there's only so many permutations of a 5x5 block of pixels.

2) Wow, very good. Amazing game. Graphics, sound, feel. I just kept having to run. I felt rushed, even though I wasn't, but it felt good, like I kept having to go. Very good, I enjoyed this a lot!

Very great concept! The camera was definitely a problem, but the animation was awesome, and the idea and implementation was spot on.

Wow. Very good. Graphics, sound, design. It all comes together very well!

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Way too small to play in browser window. The instructions say 4 and 7 to move. Took me a while to figure out you meant 4 and 6.

No score. Why not just allow any key on the title? Also, after I figured out you were going for a sort of numpad approach (which is why you used 4, 5, and 6), I switched to the numpad.... and it didn't work. Why??

I feel like not a lot of effort was put into this.

Edit: Which is fine. You don't have to quit your day job, and work on this 24/7, just to make games for fun. I think just getting the description correct with your controls would be a major improvement.

WOW. The shader for the pixel persistence and pixel separation is awesome. I considered doing that too, but didn't think it would be THIS GOOD. Incredible!

FYI, if you look through the jam comments, someone points out that the Nokia 3310 doesn't actually have square pixels, something to keep in mind for the future.

Sorry, unplayable in the web version. You've got to blow up the size. I also think it was down-scaled than 48x84, because I had a lot of flickering issues too.

Ohh wow. Took me a second to get my head around things. Same sort of a feeling portal gives you.

Do you mean the dithering when transition between the cave/tower and the overworld? Man, that took an hour or two. I created a custom shader. I can go into the details of how it works if you like, and the whole game is open source, so you're welcome to poke around too.

Good to hear! Honestly, it's one of the best I've seen so far.

1) Graphics were INCREDIBLE.

2) I had no idea what I was doing. I kinda figured it out, but I think the rotation controls were reversed (especially with how you drive a car), so I kept crashing into the moon on accident, constantly.

I didn't get very far, because I kept dying.

I think the biggest problem is the lack of pixels aligning.

The game play was okay. Someone did something similar, but with boats, and while I gave him a lot of criticisms, I think you both were on to a great idea.

Wow. Lots of fun. I spent a lot more time playing this than I thought.

I think everything was done well, the sound, the graphics, pixel snapping, physics feels nice....

I think my biggest frustration was that my aim was reset each time, and there was no indication of how much power I did last time.

Yeah, I think that makes the game harder, but I just kept counting the number of times I hit up, and the number of power ticks that passed. I would have been a lot less frustrating not having to count 14 ups while fine tuning between 5 and 8 power ticks.

Other than that, it was great, and I didn't want to stop!

Very good! Love the music, and the dancer... 10/10, got me all hyped up!

Lack of pixel snapping and rotations were the worst things wrong with the adherence to restrictions.

After I broke some stuff, I sort of got lost, and had to find more things, wasn't very fun. Maybe some sort of direction indicator (at the edge of the screen) of where things are?

Web version was unplayable. Spacebar kept scrolling the display, and I couldn't find an alternative.

Also, it was super blurry, like you forgot to turn on linear filtering.

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I could not get past the title screen on the web version.

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Biggest issue is the lack of pixel snapping.

I wandered around for a bit too long before I realized that E started working (I mashed it when I first started, but it did nothing). So, then I had to backtrack a LONG way to go to where the arrow pointed.

Once I got there... I had no idea what to do. I tried a bunch of stuff before giving up.

I feel like you were trying to lead into something, and be mysterious, but honestly the player needs some more direction, and some more information. I couldn't figure out when I could go into the nether, and how I could get into it (jumping?), it was too short. But even then, I still didn't know what I was supposed to do...

The animations were high quality, but lacked some polish (the player jumped off a few pixels before starting the animation, which was jarring).

Very confusing. I couldn't figure out how to spend my points (maybe I never got any?).

I think I had health, but I couldn't tell what hurt me and what didn't. Also, I stuck to things sometimes? Or was I climbing things? I couldn't tell what was a bug, what was intended, or why things were happening. Falling to an infinite abyss only to die wasn't very great either. 

The music was very catchy though.

Interesting concept. I like it. The art was lacking, and sound would have made it better. You didn't get your first upgrade until wave 11, but then, at wave 20ish, you got 2 new upgrades... it felt like too little, then too much. I think spacing them out would be better.

Also, the bugs were very annoying. I think that's the biggest issue. Waves not going out when you clearly have none on screen, enemy bullets going through your waves, just to name the biggest two. Also, the fact that your bullets also hit your own waves was more annoying than a bug... but maybe it was a bug.

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I liked the idea, but it was very slow. I got through 4 or 5 nights before giving up. It was just so painful moving so slowly.

Edit: Ohh, and the art was fantastic!

I think the biggest issue was the lack of pixel snapping. Good concept though.

Very good. I was suprised I played it to the end. I think the character designs were great. I think a little bit of sound would have gone a long way.

Yeah, the story involved the theme, but I ended up cutting out the story due to time constraints (four days just FLEW by).

Not really. The original plan was to have the story advance every time you die (which would be separate from gameplay), but the story ended up getting cut entirely due to time restrictions.

Very nice! I can FEEL the momentum!

And staying on-grid and keeping the sprites aligned is done very well, a lot of people messed that up.

Good job!

I wasn't sure what I was supposed to hit. I thought it was either an E or maybe an 8? Took me forever to realize it was a B.

Nice. I love the cut-scenes. It was very short, but I was satisfied with how difficult the last level was.

Alright. I'm done! This is my final submission. Please let me know if you have any issues playing the game, or if you find any bugs.

The game is open source as well, so please, fell free to dig in and see how I did things.

Thanks. I just released Version 2, which has a second puzzle-based dungeon, along with a lot of improvements, like better AI and more sound.

If you liked it before, I'm sure you'll like the additional content since yesterday! :)

Ha, awesome. I'll be making another Nokia 3310 game this weekend. Hope you give it a try!

Just tuning it (keep the mouse held down) will open your eyes again over time. This is probably most apparent on night 1, where you honestly don't need to do much to pass.

Tuning the radio wakes you up.

The theme from the jam was no text. That's why I couldn't explain anything. I agree with you though, a little bit of a hint would go a long way.

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You are being pulled out of the car to your left.

I noticed on slower PC's like my laptop, it happens WAY too fast and you can't tell what's happening.

If you look to your left, and lock the door, this will stop it from happening. But I don't think it likes that.