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Just tuning it (keep the mouse held down) will open your eyes again over time. This is probably most apparent on night 1, where you honestly don't need to do much to pass.

Tuning the radio wakes you up.

The theme from the jam was no text. That's why I couldn't explain anything. I agree with you though, a little bit of a hint would go a long way.

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You are being pulled out of the car to your left.

I noticed on slower PC's like my laptop, it happens WAY too fast and you can't tell what's happening.

If you look to your left, and lock the door, this will stop it from happening. But I don't think it likes that.

Yup, it's 3d! I really love the effect too. It's 3d voxel art with a low-res shader on top.

It's all open source:

In summary, I made a new canvas layer with a large white colored rect, and attached a shader (Pixelize.shader under the Effects folder) to sample the texture underneath at a lower resolution.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Alright. I still want part of the game to be a mystery, and about not knowing what to do, and figuring it out... But I want it to be figure-out-able. That's why I tactically used the color red, to draw your attention.

I noticed my coworker had difficulty noticing the lock, and being pulled out the car window was much too fast.

Is that also your experience? Maybe just that one part needs to be honed.... At first at least.

The jam restriction was "no text", but I still could have communicated things despite.

We're you able to get past the first night? How far did you get?

Thanks! I'm not sure why things would render upside down... That sounds like a bug in Godot, maybe... What graphics card do you have, and which version did you play (Web, Linux, Windows, or Mac)?

I forgot to mention, my friend Jared Fry helped out a little with the music.

Special thanks to Dylan Southern, Alex Okon, and Ryan Hammer for brainstorming some great ideas.

I'm interpreting it as a no.  I feel like the point is to find an alternative way to communicate with the player, and using speech instead is just like turning off subtitles.

That's a good idea. I considered doing 2 players, but I wasn't sure how much demand there would be. I'll consider adding it.

I was thinking that too...

You're right, focus on biggest impact... 

That's why I'm doing all this! To learn! I really appreciate the feedback.

Ohh yes, I agree. The problem is, we thought the deadline was Sunday night, not Saturday night, and only learned that like 3 hours before it was due! We spent the next two hours scrambling, making a game of the engine and content we'd created. We definitely suffered from scope creep, pretty hard.

But I agree, we had like an hour to spare, and I totally could have added sound for the main menu at least.

Thanks for calling me out, if nothing else, I'd do that one minor detail differently.

I'm using Godot 3.1 beta 10. You?

I'm using Godot 3.1 beta 10. You?

Thanks for the feedback, I'll address those items today:

1) Yeah, i haven't gotten to that yet. I'll work on that today. I just added the zombies taking damage yesterday.

2) I kinda wanted it that way. I wanted jumping to feel like a Tactical Decision, like in old Castlevania games. But... it's clear that isn't very popular. I'll tweak the numbers to instead make it more responsive, and less delayed.

2.5) As for the full-height jump, again, pulled from Castlevania, but also Mario. Maybe I need to go back and study those games more. Previously, in my other game MiniMon, I attemped this mechanic, but it wasn't quite right, and I ended up scrapping it. I think I need to create some more enemies/obstacles before I can scrap this one. I'll definitely study how games like Megaman and Metroid etc deal with it, but... If I have to scrap it for this game... maybe I'll get it right some day with another game?

3) AGAIN, like Castlevania. lol. However, even in Castlevania, the Knife is a quick weapon. I'll speed it up.

4) Yup, I am looking through software now to replace the chiptunes I usually use. The game will have sound before the Jam completes.

Once again, thank you very much for taking the time to write up all that feedback! It's very easy to get stuck into a mindset of what's fun for me, and not necessarily what's fun for others.

what platform?

Thanks! That's the exact experience I was going for.

Thanks! I've worked hard on the art, so that makes me feel good.

I haven't done a lot of music before, and was afraid to really try... And I think that shows. It's way too minimal, and even annoying for some. Next time, I'll put in some real, honest effort in the music! :)

I knew that! That was on purpose. I thought the stool was a nice little distraction, but I didn't want to make the jump impossible for those so inclined to try. It's just something random I noticed, left in, and designed around. 

There is a lot of good feedback in that video!

  • I'll be adding fullscreens support to my next game.
  • A LOT of people thought space should be jump, you are not the minority. I've already taken that into consideration for my game Love is Blind, and my current game Zombies Ate My Teacher.
  • Everyone thought Burnizard should be able to fly... So I've been considering adding that.
  • Obviously, the game is very short. My current project, Zombies Are My Teacher, I've picked a 3 week jam, so I have more time to develop more content.
  • If I do add another level to this game, then I'll likely also add flying for Burnizard.
  • I knew I should have let you select your minimon with the keyboard... I'll have to do that next time
  • The game actually supports gamepads! It's untested though... I'll make sure to make that more clear (as well as test it) in my next game.

Thank you so much for your candid feedback, it really helps!

sadly, no

Let me know if you experience any bugs. I'm using the Godot 3.1 beta 4, and beta 6 just came out, so I could give updating the engine a try.

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it, it really helps.

I wanted to do a few things differently with this one, cutting those things in favor of more content, as you predicted... I think I made the right choice, but it definitely could be better with those small upgrades.

I'm doing a longer jam currently, so hopefully I don't have to make those sacrifices.

Thanks! I'll give you a hint: you can make the jump in the begining of cave, it's easiest as plantasaur, because of the shape of his hitbox.

Actually, it should work with a controller! I just have not been able to test it because I don't have one on my laptop.


I've heard that from others too, spacebar to jump.

Personally, I don't think it makes sense for a number of reasons... But I'll definitely give it a try for my next few games! Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks. I thought the 3 character gimmick would be easy and add a lot... I was wrong about both of those. If I could do it again, I'd focus on one Pokemon, in exchange for maybe one more level.

Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought it would be like this!

I made the game primarily for another jam, but discovered this jam was partly through after like the first day.

I thought it was really funny to put a literal "Out of place cactus" in the middle of level one, but in retrospect, I think it might have been TOO subtle.

There is an out of place cactus on the first level, below the Parkbat... Is it too subtle?


Thanks! I've been trying to limit my color pallet, and I think I did a good job too :D

Yup. That's a known bug. It'll be fixed with the next release. We're operating on the honor system until then ;)


Very hard! I think it could be improved with some sound.

(1 edit)

I liked the idea of the rope mechanics, but it seemed very glitch and buggy. It wasn't hard to understand, but it felt very off and hard to predict. I think if that one mechanic was worked on a bit, the game would be a lot better.

Edit: To be more specific, sometimes I attach to nothing, but sometimes I attach to the rail. It's hard to tell which one I will do. I'm never really sure where my "Anchor point" will be.

Very difficult. Also very well polished, I especially liked the smoke trails.

Fun. I wish you had more lives, or maybe didn't have to start all the way over from the beginning of the game.

The music was nice.

Thanks! I was afraid I made the game too difficult.

Thank you! I had three of my friends play it, and they all agree that levels 7 and 10 were the most difficult.

All of my other games were silent, and this was my first foray into sound. I'm glad you noticed the sound in a positive light :)