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Nice and polished game! Good job!

Thanks! It does speed up as you collect point, but I agree that it could be faster :)

There also seem to be a bug where the player will connect with the previous anchor in some cases. I guess that's what you experienced :(

Thanks for playing! The player will actually swing faster and jump further for each point collected, but I agree that I could've added more in terms of progress :)

Also, sorry for that sound effect :/ I didn't notice it until I had published it :D Will fix it soon!

Great art and atmosphere! It's a bit short though. I want more :)

Fun and unique mechanics! The camera controls are a bit "floaty" for my taste though :)

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, the music is buggy in the web-build. Seem to work fine in the downloadable versions though (at least on windows)

I'm actually thinking of making this into a slightly larger game, and giving it some gameboy COLOR vibes :)

Thanks for playing! :)

There isn't actually any real path-finding involved :D The little friends just try their best to move towards the player, and then the collision system takes care of the rest!

Wow! I really like this one :)
I love the cyberpunk feel and the color palette!

I also like how easy it is to play. Great job!

Great and creepy atmosphere :) I love it!

Strange... I would really appreciate the error logs!

Sorry to hear that. I have experienced similar issues on Chrome on Ubuntu. Maybe you could try it in another browser? I think Chrome should be the best supported, but i don't really know...
 I will see if I can provide a downloadable mac build!

Thanks for playing! The levelselection and credits are both available from the main menu. You can access it anytime by pressning Escape key (you might have to exit fullscreen first if you're playing in browser) 

Really cool game! Nice touch with the leaderboard as well! I really makes you retry over and over again :)

Well, your sprites might technically be on a 84x48 grid, scaled by 10. But they move and rotate freely between the "pixels", which is what I was refering to.

Nice zelda-esque graphics. But I wasn't able to find any keys...

I walked around in circles until I finally had to give up. It looks like you had some dungeons and stuff, but unfortunately I couldn't find them :(

Nice game, and good art!

Nice game! But damn, those enemies were tough!

I gave it a solid 5 minutes, but I was never able to get past the second platform...

I would always bounce/slide of it even without input :(

Nice game. Very authentic sound :) But it doesn't fit the resolution (84x48).

This is a really good game! The best one I played so far :) Great art and gameplay.

This kind of endless gameplay would fit perfectly on a 3310!

You should really think about scaling it up :) I had to go in and edit the html to scale it up to 840x480 to be able to play it!

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Fun concept and nice art! 

But there are two things:

- First there is no way you'll be able to read the help text before you die by the boulders, you will basically have to sacrifice yourself the first time only to be able to read what you should do. This might be intentional, but it feels like the player failed without a proper chance.

- Second, you might want to change the controls. if you accidentally press CTRL + W at the same time you will close the window, while CTRL + D will add a bookmark in Chrome :)

Thanks! Yeah, it's not innovative at all, I know :) I was planning to  add my own spin to the lights out formula. But as with all game jams I ran out of time :D

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Thanks! Regarding the theme implementation, I would argue that the death of weeds is good :)

Great concept! I really liked it :)

Nice little game. I really liked the character art!

Cool game with good art and nice use of the limitation!

Thanks! Yes! That was my inspiration :)

From the rules:

You may only make your game within the time frame, we do check. However, updates are allowed after the game has been submitted

So, If i want to fix a bug or make a small change (like tweaking the speed of something) can I just upload a new version of the game?

And if I do, must I keep the initial version available?

Looks great! Too bad you didn't have time to add more gameplay.

Looks great! Too bad you didn't have time to add more gameplay.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, I never really got the movement right :/

I'm not sure what you mean by more than 5 colors... To my knowledge the game is using exactly 5 colors :)

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Nice platformer :) The platforming controls were really good and tight, but I felt that the chromatic aberration effect was a bit hard on my eyes. 

Also, I think your submission would benefit from having a cover image ;)

Interesting concept. Some more explanation would be nice. I had no Idea what the symbols really meant :)

Fun little game! Good job.

Nice little game! It seems like the enemies can spawn right on you though, killing you almost immediately :(

Nice! Looks like I was far from the only one to this interpretation of the theme ;)

It was a bit hard to kill the flames, and I think it would have been easier if it was possible to move horizontally as well :)

Nice game! The collision detection was a bit unforgiving, but it was fun!

It's actually quite addictive :) Good job!

Spaceship! The gameplay is a bit lacking, but cool spaceship!