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Really cool game with awesome-looking planets :) It's a challenge getting it to feel like you are in this huge space while working at such a low resolution, but I think you pulled it off. Great job!

I really like the style! The controls felt a bit "slippery" to me, but great job doing this in just 3 days!  

Nice game! Good sfx and your bloodsplatter effect looks better than mine :D

Wow! the gamplay is super fun! Awesome job!

Awesome art that manages to look great at such a low resolution. Good job!

Awesome graphics and effects! The gameplay is simple but addictive. Good job!

Wow, this is amazing! Easily the best one I've played. Great job!

Hah, that would be awesome! Yeah, I'm working on improving a bunch of stuff for a post-jam version :)

Thanks!  Yours looks cool too! I'll check it out :)

Yeah, both the mechanics and camera need lots of improvement. But I kinda disagree with it not following the theme though. You are quite literally rolling/throwing/moving a 4 sided die :D

This is the best puzzler I've seen so far :D Really great concept and puzzle design. Awesome work! 

Cool game with interesting puzzles that looks great. Good job!

really interesting concept. Good job!

Nice visuals! I would like for the bullets to be a bit more visible though :)

Thanks for playing! There's actually a setting for inverting the the camera rotation ;)

Really cool concept! I had really fun and it definitely has that "just one more" thing going for it! Good job!

This looks great, but I think theres a bug where the die moves two steps sometimes?

Cool game that looks amazing! My only complaint would be that the hitbox on the player felt too big :). Otherwise, good job!

Really creative and fun! Good job!

Very unique idea and nice 3D models. Good job!

Cool game with a nice presentation. I managed to get stuck a few times and found some other bugs, but I enjoyed it anyways. Good job!

Cool game! Seemed like the pistol I picked up at the beginning was better than anything else, so I used that one all the time. Also, nice art!

Simple but fun mechanics! I really enjoyed the puzzles and overall it feels really polished. Good job!

Thanks! Yeah, I managed to upload a new version which fixes some of the camera issues at least :D

This is great! Really fun and polished! Great job!

This is great! Really original idea that was a lot of fun to play. Awesome  job!

Cool use of the limitation. It fits perfectly :D It's fun, but a bit hard :)
Good job!

This is awesome! It's short, but you nailed the limitation and presentation! Good job! 

Great use of the limitation. I had fun playing it :) Good job!

Interesting take on the limitation an nice art! Good job!

Nice little game! Great use of the limitation :D

Wow. Great game! It's a really fun concept that reminds me a bit about a mechanic from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles :D

Nice game and interesting concept! Good job!

Sorry about that. As it is right now I need to  manually restart the leaderboard servers once a week to keep it working. I think I haven't done that in a long while...

Thanks for playing (and actually completing the game)! I think most people give up before that :D

Since you played I have updated the game a bit with some more levels, so feel free to check that out as well!

I've also enabled donations when you click the Download button, so you can use that if you want to make a small donation ;)

This game is really awesome :) I love the graphics and the use of the color palette. it's a nice touch to change the colors for the boss fight.

Overall it feels very polished and authentic to the gameboy. Great job!

Nice sokoban game :) Good job!

I really enjoyed this one. I would like to see this developed further with more card variety :)

Fun game! You should really have the "gameboy effects" enabled by default though, as I was about to complain about the game not following the resolution restriction until I saw that you could press "P" to change resolution ;)

Really cool game that feels very polished. I really like the graphics and the use of the color palette :)

Nice work! :)

The only thing was that it was a bit hard to find the map, and that once you have it you have to assign it to once of the 2 action buttons. But I completely understand that as we didn't have that many buttons to work with in the first place ;)

Great game! Love the graphics and music/sound effects! Good job!