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Приветствую! Поиграл в игру:
1. Шрифт и верстка UI очень мелкие и поэтому его сложно читать
2. Звуков и музыки вроде нету.
3. В плане геймплея - есть баги перемещения: у меня запоролось прохождение просто потому, что вышел в бесконечный луп (где-то рядом с церковью). Порою перемещение багует.
4. Визуальная часть очень крутая!
5. Сюжет тоже интересный, сама задумка классная. Может как-нибудь закончу потом и напишу ещё.
Так держать!


Очень понравилась атмосфера игры. Напомнило сразу о Don't Starve видимо из-за того как спрайты расположены. Жаль что русика нету, но я так понял это девочка-робот и мир какой-то загадошный (думаю не зря там книжка про Алису).

Найти все предметы не вышло! Нашел только блокнот, зонт и сумку с чем-то. Ещё руку, но взять её не получилось. Оббежал вроде два раза всё карту.

Нашёл ещё книжную полку, обелиск, дверь, часы. В общем странно, я вроде змейкой обошел всю карту. Случайно нашел ещё одну сломанную руку за спрайтом дерева. Поискал за спрайтами немного. Но к тому времени я уже выбигал за край карты (вроде бы).

Персонаж двигается медленно и расстояния между предметами кажутся огромными, особенно учитывая что кажется что за пределами карты что-то есть (не давало покоя, что просто надо долго-долго идти и я там что-то найду). Если бы была невидимая стена даже я б понял что там ничего нету, а так...

В общем было интересно, спасибо. Но пройти не удалось и под конец когда начал пылесосить карту стало скучновато.

Удачи. Ответьте, если как-то поменяете игру, я могу пробежаться ещё раз. Ну или может я что-то не понял.

Hello! I'm sorry, I have no source of this already. And i have no Mac to test how it works.

I LOVE this.

Lol, yeah, sorry about that. I heard you. :)

Thanks for reply and watchable this playtesting! Now I know that this UI is not so understandable.

Thanks for reply! I thought that this tool will help me to choose palettes. Actually, I still don't really sure that I know how colors work. XD

Thanks for reply! Mono button is for monochrome color pallete. Palettes in drawing (pixel art espesially) tends to be minimalistic and i think it must so. It's like resolution restriction in old consoles and LowResJam.

I like this game. How so simple game can be so amaising? :D

I liked that game, but I think it would be better if you tighten controls and make fun just wave killing without shops.

I like this game! Well done art and sounds. I missed music a little and  sound maybe a little loud. The main thing is - when i was behind trees i can't see nothing. And you could control camera by wolf position but it's not necessary.

Thanks for the reply! Huh, you are not the first to mention that. Interesting. Maybe it's a good idea after all.

Thanks for reply! I think that there is no time limit and you wasn't punished for missing ducks is too relaxing already for action game. :) But maybe you are right. Actually I thought of some time counting and leader board, but after all there is always new projects.

Thanks for reply! Yeah, I have not so much time for it. Now I think that it must have more priority than art and music, I guess. :)

Thanks for reply! It was interesting to create death animation with particles and stuff. Thanks for notising that particles, it's new things to me. :)

Thanks for the reply! I thought of timer to add some tention and made game more faster, but didn't have time for it.

Nah, you are not bad at art at all! I didn't mean that. It was recognisable and you are learning.

Lol, what an annoying (in a good way) game! Art and game in general is pretty and simple! Well done!

Oh, my, what a beutifull art and music in this game! I just missed the appotunity to end a game. After a few minutes of it I was bored. There is not so many gameplay stuff too. But I was stunned by the quallity of 3d-art and music!

Great game. Nicely done with controls and tutorial. I like sound all over this. You made sound very well. I just tired to start over and over. If there could be checkpoints. I was killed in tutorial by hunters and couldn't go though. Well done!

Oh my, I like this gameplay mechanic. It's a bit hard to control all the things and stuff, but there is so much potential in it. I think there is no need in collecting heads. It's was routine stuff that anoyed me. Well done!

Funny and engaging game! And now I understand: there was no sounds. It was so engaging I don't mind it. You art wasn't always pixel perfect and there was some strange feeling about art, but It wasn't so strong to distract me from game. Well done! :)

I liked the art style. Menu image isn't so good thou. Controls was intutive to find, because I knew that it's "only mouse" game. That was an interesting experiment quest, when I find jump - it was like eurika moment. :) Using it in game wasn't so good and interesting, but frustraiting. I couldn't take jumps properly and little platforms killed me so much times.

I'm happy that you use Godot, too.

I missed sound for the first part. Sometimes I was in a closed area with no exit. Sometimes exit point was in a wall.

I like your pixel art. It's seen that you put much work in it.
After some efforts I'm exit a game, but is there an end?

I like the simplicity of design and game feel. The posibility to run it in browser is nice touch too. The only thing that I can say about what i didn't like: the flash is hurt my eyes.

Thanks for reply! Yeah, actually, I thought of countdown of time and creating a scoreboard. Maybe 20 ammo is better than 30. Your idea is interesting. I never think of that kind of game. Unfortinately you are right - it will be another game. :)

Thanks for reply! You get what I wanted player to feel and I'm happy about it.

I think if there would be less graphics and more gameplay it will be fun for me. At first it was interesting and atmospheric but at last I just was bored and tired. The empty space and this footsteps sound wasn't much pleasure after few minutes. Even didn't solve numeric puzzle. When i finally found it monster was behind me and I needed to walk from there.

Thanks for reply! Funny thought that i thinked about that. Like to present enemy resources... I'm thinking of continuation with work on it while I want.) The game is quite simple for now and I think of how to stabalize that.)))

Thank you for reply!) Sorry to say that, but palette was )) Yeah, I'm thinking about conquering just nearby state. Just don't know how to do it yet.)

Wow, thanks for reply! I still want to create fast-pased minimalistic strategy game. The tutorial part is a problem, yeah. There was so much to be done, like sound and proper art and menu. I think of doing something with it after jam ends. And of cource - open source.))

I like this game. It would be better if i don't need to seek for crates every time I see that I didn't open exit.)) It was like - i'm seeking something on a already done level. Routine. All of other things like: gameplay, art, music, sound. I like it))

I like the style and gameplay of a game. It would be more responsive if I wouldn't have to click on every cell.) The art is beutifull.

Thanks for reply! I knew it will be a game design disaster, just wanna do something systematic and hard. Hasn't time for tutorial and stuff... XD I'll get back too it after jam, open code and stuff.)) It's so cringy inside!

Thanks for the reply! I know about tutorial, but I had no time even for AI. About colors, green - is player, red - is enemy. I saw your comment about color blindness and now think that could add an unic texture for player and enemy. Idk if anyone will play it later, but i think i add it to a list of addings after jam.

About attacking territories - yeah, it was one of the things that was cut out from the project.)

Oh, I like it! The idea is simple and was understandable even without any tutorial, but tutorial was nice touch too. I like the simplicity of art.))

Thanks for reply! Enemy starts with the same amount of resources as you (troops and everything), and get them by the lands that he has. Now I think that enemy resources must be shown too.) And, lol, you've got a bug about stealing troops, thanks for the detecting, i'll fix it.))

I liked the game, but it was a bit frustrating for me. He moves so slow and it was hard to make a good dash. I died becouse of it many times when you need to dash in narrow place. Idk what level it was... the 4-th i think.

Thanks for the comment)  I like to GDC talks too! There's so many of them. Thanks for the link.

Thank you for reply (again)!) The movement and all mechanics in platformers are very difficult and interesting despite all first impressions.