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You're a young man named Klaus, who has a Familiar that lives in his shadow. Will they save the world?
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Game description
A game where you fight the Disturbances in the world.

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A very legit game. Great Job!


I kinda wonder what was the mana bar for :/
, however very cool game, graphics and sounds , I kinda missed the theme (cuz I dont really read stories in game jams , sorry bout that) but for real very nice game


I liked the art, music, and the story / dialogue. It would be pretty cool to either play as the other characters and/or team up with them.

The combat was a bit rough and it would have been useful to have some indication of dealing damage to the enemy and perhaps their remaining health as well. I think some explanation of the controls would have helped as well since it wasn't explained anywhere in game that you can hold shift to run.

I tried going down the left path first but just ended up at a dead end. Was there supposed to be some extra dialogue there?


Hey man! Thanks for playing the game.

I spent time last night to improve the combat for the post-jam version we'll release as soon as the voting period ends. It was horrendous but I hope the improved combat makes killing small enemies like the bat and goblin a lot easier. We'll also work in a tutorial level or remake the first part of the level to be a tutorial, until you get the attack powerup.

For the post-jam, there'll be an upgrade on the left side which you'll need to progress to the right side.



What's so funny, punk!


I don't have much to add to the great comments already posted to this wonderful game. What I can say though is that never before have I been spawn camped in a single-player game. It was a pretty enjoyable tbh.


Hahahah, yea that's a rough bug. But I'm glad that you enjoy it besides that!


That was pretty fun. Not being able to kill enemies standing right next to you was not so fun and there was a small bug where I would take damage immediately after respawn, without enemies on any side of passage.

If it is a design decision to only hit enemies with the sword if they are at the right distance from the player, maybe adding a kick or something else to attack on a very short range would satisfy the tell the goblins to GTFO when they are mercilessly bashing me while stepping on my shoes.


Yea, player attack really needs a knockback. We should be cleaning up the combat within the next few days. When we do I'll make sure to post it in the Discord so you can check it out if you want. ^^


I am stuck here near the beginning of the game after you get the weapon. I can't make either jump. Did I miss something?


I'm having the same problem (playing in browser)


You can sprint with shift :) 


I feel dumb, thanks!


I liked that without any tutorial whatsoever I was still able to figure out the conrols, though it was the details that let this one down I think, when getting your weapon/attack a clearer communication of the fact one was suposed to keep pressing the button would have gone a long way. The combat ssystem also felt somewhat stiff/unfair (even though I kept attacking they kept killing me faster. Sure I could have backed off and played more tactically but I really wanted to bash their faces in, didn't work well. Overall it's a solid foundation with potential I enjoyed playing also supreme amount of story right there! Big fan of manga and this was right up my alley.


Really glad you found some enjoyment in our game Lentsius! Was a lot of fun to make, and conceptualize. We would of really liked to have spent more time on the Dialogue and Combat, and we plan on revisiting those points within the next few days! We have a very clear idea of what the combat is lacking, but we just ran out of time sadly. I'm glad you enjoyed the story! It was a lot of fun to write! ^^


Hey man! As you can expect from a jam game everything came together only at the end, which made the enemies not fit the level all too well.  How would you improve the enemies? This is something I'm struggling with myself and would love to improve on for the post-jam update!

Thanks for playing and the kind words :)


This game was a lot of fun! Frustrated with how much I kept dying, but I was invested enough to want to see it through to the end! The artwork and unique characters were beautiful and the music went so well with the overall theme. I loved the little teaser at the end, too. Hopeful for more!


Thank you so much for playing our game! And putting up with me being almost completely absent at home for the week prior lol. You're easily my favorite fan. <3