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Year 2037: pilot a Haverstor drone in an environment plagued by locust swarms.
Submitted by joel127 — 1 day, 11 hours before the deadline
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Super clever submission. And look at the graphics!

I played your game in this video:

And it was unfair to take away this one Audio-Star, because the sound effects are very solid! So I just corrected that one ;) 


Definitely a solid entry. The art  is great and the pace is pretty frenetic. The locusts feel like a legit plague/threat and I definitely had a tough time, but it felt pretty fair.   One thing I wish I could have done was click a tile again to un-queue it, but in general I really liked the queuing mechanism and it felt pretty natural.  Excellent entry!


Yes, we also wanted to do an un-queue mechanism, however it is difficult because it conflicts with being able to queue multiple actions on the same tile. Since we wanted a one button system, we left it like this, as it adds something for the player to think about (queue too many and you lose reactivity). However the kill locust action clears the queue to allow you more reactivity. It is not a perfect system, and I'm sure we can improve it, but it was good enough at the time :)

Thank you for playing, glad you liked it!


Nice job! The game feels really polished and the gameplay is nicely thought out. It gets hectic fast when those damned locusts show up.


Original idea, simple but addictive. Like others said, it felt really polished 👍👍. In other to improve the game, I would add some other mechanic that could break the monotony of clicking around on the field.

With a bit more work, maybe leaderboards or achievements it could certainly be on the playstore! 🤖


Nice job. I really enjoyed this game.

Having a few more levels after the Winter would be awesome :)



I loved it, great job! the art looks nice, and I actually wanted to play after winter to fill that damn silo :D too bad I never had the chance to get that green rain effect !

The game overall is really polished, congrats to the team


The green rain is actually an acid rain that will destroy the crop, it is a good thing you did not get it! :D

Play again, it becomes easier once you learn the game, and as a reward you get a cute dancing drone :)

Thanks for playing!


Nicely done. Looks and feels very polished. With just few added playmodes or Levels and a hiscore list it could be on the playstore i think.


Wow, very nice of you, thank you!

We made the controls compatible with mobile and will try on Android, but not sure about the play store :)