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The correct answers are 80's analogues of the Egyptian plagues from the bible, in the order in which they happened. River of blood = orange tang, so on and so forth.

Thanks a bunch for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Just a heads up, can't get the windows build to run on my machine. Wanna see this 3d menu everyones talking about :(

yeeeeup thats exactly what happened. Should be fixed now. Thanks again!

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Okay! woopsies, can't believe I did that. Win and Linux builds should be fixed. Not sure what's up with the web player. Others have also said it cuts off the bottom, though it seems to work for me in all browsers both in-window and full-screen. 

Thanks for trying anyway! I appreciate you going as far as trying the source build. Wonder if I just neglected to push a commit......

Love the tunes and the art. I also like that light puzzling involved with entering and leaving the houses. 

Also I very much appreciate that my progress persisted between boots! Thats a nice touch for a jam entry.

I think the lighting could benefit from utilizing a point light on the character and occluders on the tiles, for a nice Stealth Bastard -like effect, but it still looks great with the pixel lights.

Nice work!

Forgot to mention I dig the pixel art. With a little variation in the tiles you could have a ton of levels to play through with varying difficulty, different plague effects (maybe the infected move away from the player? or are more apt to stumble into even more rats?) Anyways good job, I'd love to see this expanded upon.

Hey I really like this! One bit of criticism: It'd be nice to have a visual indicator of who is infected and who isn't. Maybe its already there but I had a hard time telling and resorted to just watching who came into contact with the rats and who didn't. I also think a more obvious/game-affecting effect when you heal someone would be nice.

Overall though, once I figured that out I had a fun time trying to see how long I could last. Gets really frantic when you get down to that last couple percent.

Nice job!

Hey this is dope! Has a frantic arcade feel that I really appreciate. I love the little dialog popups and wish there were more fun phrases for the people to say when they come into the scene or take your candy. 

Only criticism I can really offer is that a 'you win here's how you did' stats screen at the end would make it feel a bit more complete. Great entry!

Love love love the art style of this. I wish the movement/jumping didn't feel quite so floaty, I think tuning that would go a long way toward making this feel more polished. I appreciate that there is what I think is a bit of a puzzle in there in getting the lift to go, but I don't actually know what I did to make it work haha.

Great job, you should polish this up, I would definitely play more.

Hey this is fun! Cool that you got not one, but two powerups done in time for the jam. This feels like a cool Mirror's Edge meets Portal kindof thing that should really be fleshed out. I had to go back after I incinerated myself just to make sure I didn't miss any witty dialog.

Great job!

Also I don't know if this is intended but if you get two or three dudes stacked up you can select them all with a single mouse click. Super convenient haha, wish starcraft did that :D

Kudos for adding a tutorial. Nice touch for a jam entry. Unfortunately in the main game I couldn't find the castle? Or maybe I'm just bad and not fast enough cause I couldn't get my dudes between houses fast enough to keep them from falling over dead.

In any case a solid entry. Keep it up!

In seriousness, I really like what you guys have done. Super stylish, and unlike a lot of jam games has a pretty balanced difficulty. Big fan of the art and tunes. Keep up the good work.


Wow, I love this. Its so... stylish! Like someone else said, a little screenwipe effect between levels would add a lot and make it a bit less jarring transitioning between scenes. That is quite literally my only complaint though, this is a fantastic entry.

Nice job! The game feels really polished and the gameplay is nicely thought out. It gets hectic fast when those damned locusts show up.

Holy moly man, this is great. The music, art, the whole thing is just great. I mayyyybe agree with someone above who said a human touch in the levels would be welcome, but building a procgen system in time to submit a jam game is quite impressive, nice job!

FYI I get this on all godot games when my adblock is on.

Awesome job on your first entry! I could see a lot more levels where there's multiple viruses to click, or faster plague takeover. Will bookmark so I can see if you update after the jam.

Thanks for taking the time to play!

Thanks so much! Wish I'd gotten around to more chaotic effects when you choose the answers but I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to finish it!

Extremely cool and clever. Nice work

Thanks for the heads up, and for taking the time to play! Looks fine in my browser, but I will do some digging to make sure I didn't forget to check a box or something in the project settings.