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Hey I really like this! One bit of criticism: It'd be nice to have a visual indicator of who is infected and who isn't. Maybe its already there but I had a hard time telling and resorted to just watching who came into contact with the rats and who didn't. I also think a more obvious/game-affecting effect when you heal someone would be nice.

Overall though, once I figured that out I had a fun time trying to see how long I could last. Gets really frantic when you get down to that last couple percent.

Nice job!

Forgot to mention I dig the pixel art. With a little variation in the tiles you could have a ton of levels to play through with varying difficulty, different plague effects (maybe the infected move away from the player? or are more apt to stumble into even more rats?) Anyways good job, I'd love to see this expanded upon.

Thank you for the feedback, I've already started improving things like the visual indicator of the infection.