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Thanks getitguy! We experienced this to be a problem of the browser export but well ...
In fact the game has a lot of issues and could take way more out of its potential ;) So we love to hear that you already enjoyed it!! Thank uuu.

Thanks a lot! :))

The idea is pretty cool. Though the controls are a bit difficult, I enjoyed the art and music ;)

Thanks for the kind words.
There is a keyboard input with an automatic camera controler: Use the arrowkeys left/right and down as resetbutton. ;)

Hey, the idea of a complete black white "side 3D"-2D is cool. Also from the start on I enjoyed the concept of a "find the way" night openworld. Somehow it let me think about a Slenderman version in 2D :D

For improvement, I would add some more music or environmental sounds to comunicate the feeling of beeing in a night forest.
Additionally, I could imagine the game to be more interesting if the wanderer does not tell in which direction the player has to go, but something like "Follow the path until the big rock and turn 90°. Walk until you stay underneath a big birch and follow the squirrle track as long as you hear the nightingale."
This way, the player is more attentive to the environment.

However I loved the flair and the very moment I did what the game expected me at the end to do, for a short moment, the games screen is black and I thought: "Oh no, this was the wrong decision!" :D

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Updated, there is a MacOS version now. Something in the settings of my pc caused the problem. 

Thanks a lot! Yeah, the second and third level are quite hard in opposite to the first one 😏

Hey, normally yes, but we get an error when we try to export to MacOS, sooo... sorry. I'll try again ;)

Heyyeyyay, nice piece of awesomeness you have created there! 

And besides the missing Audio (Or is this my fault?), I do not have to mention a word on this. An evolutionary Game, excellent idea!

So, I am very sorry: I took your game in my Playtesting-Video on YouTube but the recording went in hollidays. The game anyways was too good to take it out, so maybe you would like to take a look: 

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Hey Guys, I guess I do not have to mention that the degree of professionality of your game is tremendous! Lovly voice acting, awesome graphics and in game tutorial.

So I made a video on it: 

AND ofcourse I have not given you only one star in controls - beside the non-restart thing, they are very solid and worth four stars 😉

Well, I cannot mention better words then "HeyYeh". Although the game is short it warmed up my heart. 

And I gave you a let's play on it too:

Besides an innovative game play the graphics were stunning with an insane amount of detail. Every cell was "breathing" and never had I seen before an explanatory menu tutorial like this.

Somehow I did not felt comfortable that I was not able to move when I had my fingers on the keyboard but - you know - that is me.

Recording me playing your game I noticed that I may have been a bit rude in the end in cause of that but in fact, this is a very interesting game play mechanic and I realy liked the game!

Here it is, the playtesting - feel free to wach it:

This graphics, original gameplay, leading story - nice! 

I would mention one doubt: the explanation text for the spells and how to use theme are too long to read them during the game. What about introducing any new technique before every new day? 

Anyways, I enjoyed playing it - feel free too watch:

This is a new and very innovative idea. 

Probably, I did not played very intelligently, but I recorded it for you, so you have a clue how one player would have played it.

And do not take the critisism to strict - I love all the games that have been submitted! 😊

Using the plague theme for a tower defence game is a nice idea!

I do not know why but the music would make me SUPER AGGRESSIVE normally. In this case it calmed me down (it must be magic!). 

I played your game in a short YouTube video - feel free to check it out yourself:

Hi, I liked the musics and the graphics. The gameplay is fun too, but not super unique - anyways, your game kept me motivated until the end although it crashed twice in between. 

But please, feel free to watch it on your own: ;)

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Good Question! Because asynchron sides are more interesting.
The panther therefore has a tool the koala has not: it can bash back thrown things with the umbrella.

200? This is hard! (How are the points given by the way?) 

Yeah, I played the "God-Mode" when it was enabled earlier in the jam.

Ahh, okay, that does make sense. ... and it worked. Still, it is difficult to notice whether the player is hit or the sword gets charched.

However, the menu remembered me about the beautiful indroduction music. :) 

Alright, thanks for the tip! :)

It was my pleasure!  😊

That is true: The game teaches a very steep learning curve.

Oh no! It resets? So sometimes it is correct to eat the neighbour? :D
Your game creates an incredible atmosphere with text only! The weather precast, sport and new stories really make it deeply multilayered.

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The umbrellas are different for the left and the right player. The panther on the left has only three fields for flowers and this is why the umbrella can bash back thrown things of the right player. (You can see that the umbrella icon is different for the two players) 

Whereas the right player only has to hold the protector, the left player has to smash F-Button in the moment a snail passes by. Although this is more difficult, the snail changes direction and is thrown back on the field of the koala on the right ;) 

So, it is correct when the umbrella closes on the left directly after it was opened.

With multiple different game play mechanics this seems like a lot of work. 

As you can see in my playtest of the game, I was quite motivated although it took me a little longer to solve the TV-mystery. (I know, the solution was utterly easy but my brain was searching for a complex thing - I cannot tell you how sattisfyed I was when I managed it :D)

The tornado was annoying in the way, that it got me, even when I have not seen it.

Anyways, here it is, the playtest:

Super clever submission. And look at the graphics!

I played your game in this video:

And it was unfair to take away this one Audio-Star, because the sound effects are very solid! So I just corrected that one ;) 

The sound and the grafics and details make the game wanted to get played ;)

For my taste it is missing a very unique feature that makes the game different from other platformers, but on the other hand the dynamic enemies make the game interesting.

I played your game:

Hey, as soon as the white blobs appear the game gets very difficult! Well done.

I played your game in a small video: 

Starting from the menu with five different font, art and color styles, this game does not change it's mood. When your head splinters you have played the game correctly. Weired but fun...

The fights have been a bit borring because you only roll the dices and it was not possible to pass certain junctions because of the blue stuff (but maybe I missed that the disappear when I win a lot of fights.)

I like the idea with the text window in the bottom right (although the blue lines were hard to read) that tells you the story. 

Anyways, the game motivates me to open it again later on. Is it in cause of the Horror-Attitude? Maybe. Well, Here I played your game:

Mhmm, I would wish I could have used the two attacs in the gif but I did not figgured out how.

The colors are marvolous.

Maybe you can find out why I did not managed it - I playtested your game:

It is absolutly adorable to see developers trying new and innovative ideas. This is one of them.

You might consider more ideas for the game - I can imagine this as a mobile game very well.

Absolutly worth five stars of originality - and that is why I corrected it in the video where I played your game: 

This game surprised me and made me laught. As far as I can see, this is my absolute Jams Favorite so far. 

Here I played it:

Additionally, I corrected the audio-rating to five stars too. ;)

Music - Top 

It really keeps me in a flow.

Please feel free to watch how I played it ;) 

The graphics fit perfectly the 80s theme! :) 
I playtested your game in a small video:

Cool, did you felt comfortable with the twisted controls?

You do not know how much I feel honoured hearing this! Thank you. :)

Did you made the music? It is super addicting! 
And I love the 2D-3D-Grafics. This fits the 80s-Theme very awesomely.

Oh my god! I managed the very last level! :)
Short but intense experience. And you literally juggled with my expectations on each level, this is super cool.

Oh, cool! Thanks for the hint. I watched his Let's Play with his wife - and as I can see you have been watching the whole video!

Wow, you seem very dedicated. ;-)

Right now, I want to try a couple of different Game Play techniques instead of investing a lot of time in one game. - And I am stress-testing the Godot-Engine ;) (Graphics, Tools, Workflow...)

Keep it up! :)

Thank you. Possibly, the black soil is a problem of the unoffical terrain tool by Zylann I have used!?

In fact my laptop has no extra GPU besides the integrated Intel chip too. That is why I removed the flower from the actual game ;)

Cool, nice to hear!

Ofcourse! After 25 Checkpoints there will be a big prize cup appear on the screen of the winner. After that you can drive around freely or return to the menu pressing the accept action.