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Really cool concept, why am I so bad at it? ^^

I would put the game upside down so the blocks appear to fall, it is more intuitive that way.

Also, I would split the game area with lines or background colors to help with knowing where we are, with 8 wide and no markers, it is very difficult.

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Nice game, I get a Sailor Moon vibe :) and I really like the music too.

Unfortunately I did not find it really fun to play, it is quite hard to get into, and I did win without using any strategy. I think it is missing tactical options and difficulty. Maybe putting a limit on the number of schemes we can use at once could make the game more interesting, also making the schemes different. Still a very cool and unique game!

Played vs my brother, super cool and fun game, super original too, congrats!

Happy you like it! (I made the graphics) It is quite easy to win, but not trivial. The real fun it trying to get a perfect score ;)

I think the fun is switching the tower colors in real time, so I don't think a pause function would be good (you can always press the help button, it puts the game in pause)

Congrats for beating the boss and thank you for your feedback :)

It is true that once you start the game, you can't see the keys anymore. I will add a reminder in game.

*EDIT* uploaded version 1.1

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Really like this cute and polished game, great graphics/gameplay/music, very original. Didn't know about that kind of chick behavior, will tell my father who is a bird watcher, in hope of making him learn something new :)

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The amount of work you put into this is mind-boggling. You even modeled a toilet! However I cannot give you 5 stars because the sticky player issue was so horrendously bad :( But great job nevertheless!

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Pretty hard, but looks very nice and the powers are awesome. Got the two relics. It's a shame that there is no music though.

Thanks :) I managed to build 10 overloaders, but I should have built more blades, had only 3 and have been decimated by your boss haha.
I finally realized I needed to build reapers to extract the yellow planets... you should rename them as "extractors" lol.
Cool game, but missing fast camera travel with a click on the mini-map and select units by clicking on them instead of rect select.

Ohh, I didn't realize the sign was telling the key to use ...

It is really missing a retry system, as it is very easy to get stuck with the cubes. I started the game 3 times and got stuck 3 times, so I gave up, sorry.

I don't get it, I arrive at a bed with 3 blocks, am I supposed to sleep ? What are the controls ?

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Looks awesome, but you REALLY need to provide more help with the gameplay:

- Drag rect to select units
- Right-click to move ships
- You can only build within the green circles
- You build where the cursor is
- Red dots are enemy planets with enemy chips
- You need to keep within the enemy planet radius to capture it
- How do you build ships ?
- What are the different ship icons ?
- How do you gain more money ?
- What do the different buildings do ?

It would be nice to do a small textual tutorial.

My main problem is I didn't figure out how to gain more money (should I just wait for it to increase ? It is very slow and things are very expensive). Other than that the game looks, sounds and feels great.

Haha yes it is a bit of an issue, even I sometimes fall into the lava :) But it is all avoidable with taking it slow and observation.

Thank you for the kind words :) I will try to do more jams next year, it was a nice experience.

I touch the blue wall and I die, is this over ?

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Really cool game, nice atmosphere. My entry uses a very similar mechanism, if you want to check/rate it:

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Looks fantastic, but I'm stuck. Is the goal to climb up the air conditioners ?

Here is my video for the showreel :)

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Love the theme and idea, very original and well done. Nice, smooth and fun gameplay (just the white problem). It is just a shame we don't get to play with your nice low-poly assets during the game. Overall awesome game :)

EDIT: of all the 25 games I tested, I think this is the one I preferred, only game I played a second time just because I enjoyed it, well done ! Just a thing missing is a counter for the memories, and if you could fix the fade to white issue it would be awesome.

I cannot pass the first big gap, I use double jump + shift, but it is not enough.

Really loved the sweetness of this game, heartwarming :)

However I am not really fan of the mix between hand-drawn and pixel art, but maybe that's just me. Also, I really wish the hitboxes of the  plants and enemies were smaller, some levels were really hard and frustrating.

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I have Windows 10 and I have Windows Defender that issues a warning, but I can skip it and execute anyway. I have this problem for all games done with Unreal Engine, not only yours.

This is my first game, I hope you like it :) Any feedback is much appreciated.