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ConstellationsView game page

Small RTS about destroying the galaxy.
Submitted by Mark Browning (@_mkbrowning) — 9 hours, 26 minutes before the deadline

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Submitted (3 edits) (+1)

Looks awesome, but you REALLY need to provide more help with the gameplay:

- Drag rect to select units
- Right-click to move ships
- You can only build within the green circles
- You build where the cursor is
- Red dots are enemy planets with enemy chips
- You need to keep within the enemy planet radius to capture it
- How do you build ships ?
- What are the different ship icons ?
- How do you gain more money ?
- What do the different buildings do ?

It would be nice to do a small textual tutorial.

My main problem is I didn't figure out how to gain more money (should I just wait for it to increase ? It is very slow and things are very expensive). Other than that the game looks, sounds and feels great.


Thanks joel127!

I will focus on tutorial right after resolution fix then. As for gaining more money/energy you basicly should capture stars and extract planets (killing enemies gives small reward too). And all of the ways give equally slow energy increase so unless you capture/extract/kill more you wont get much.

That way I'm trying to get player move and take actions constantly (at least in the first 10 minutes or so when you only starting to taking control of galaxy) rather than just sitting on most profitable planet or generator.


Thanks :) I managed to build 10 overloaders, but I should have built more blades, had only 3 and have been decimated by your boss haha.
I finally realized I needed to build reapers to extract the yellow planets... you should rename them as "extractors" lol.
Cool game, but missing fast camera travel with a click on the mini-map and select units by clicking on them instead of rect select.