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Really cool mechanic. Quite challenging. Music fits well with the clinic, minimalistic graphics.

Interesting idea. Needs some tweaking i think to make the physics less glitchy and unpredictable.

Not really my type of game but very well executed. Audio and pixel art are really good and its easy to understand. Thumbs up, great job.

Big thanks. :-)

Yeah i did everything myself. I used our living room as a reference to get the proportions right.

Yes the sounds make it pretty responsive. I am glad you had your fun.

Thanks, i always loved this kind of maps in Counterstrike. :-)

I got ideas for additional powerup, but no time left.

That are some strange eggs that you have there...

Really love the idea of a Dino Chicken farmer. :-)

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Yes, I should have made it easy to control with the mouse, I think. Thanks for trying it out.

I try to see it as a test of my mental strength. ;-)

Neat little penguin simulator :-). And yeah, really nice art and colors.

Nothing i have noticed.

Nice idea. You should add the ability to raise more chickens.

Nice little game.

Yeah, beating the AI is hard. But its possible by breaking your eggs. XD

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The controls with the mouse are a little bit strange. But i kinda like the mechanic of the small egg walking on the big one.

This game is extremely laggy for me. It seems like there is something wrong with the physics. When i drop of the track then the lag goes away.

Hey, i grabbed the .pck from the MacOSX download. You should add it to you windows download together with the .exe in a .zip-file.

I tried looking into your source but the world.tscn and tutorial.tscn appear to be missing.

Thanks. Never thought about that direction. Would have been interesting.

Was it just laziness or did you struggle with something?

Thx for playing. I guess that's the right attitude. ;-)

Yeah, i think i've got used to it. So improving it wasn't really a priority.

Yeah the UI graphics are cool, but the enemie are too fast. Instead of just making them slower you could consider to add some knockback when they get shot.

I'm having problems with the user interface on my ultrawide screen, maybe you could make full screen mode optional.

Thanks for your feedback. I am glad you had fun.

I will definitely update it, but it will take some time. For the UI... personaly i am totaly against any classical in game UI. At the moment i think i will remove the health mechanic completely and make it instadeath. Of course balancing has to be done from the ground up then.

Hey, thanks for taking the time for testing my game. Yeah you are not the only one who struggles with killing my bots. :-)

  • To shoot you have to hold down the attack button a while before releasing it while your sword is fully charged
  • The sword vibrates when it is fully charged
  • You charge your Sword by blocking their shots or killing them in melee
  • To kill them in melee you have to be more aggressive

I had not realised that one can climb the Tower back up again, so thanks for that.

A little bit tricky at first but i think it works. Of course it also depends on the kind of controller. For a bigger project i would add some kind of configuration. This controller sharing would nicely fit some kind of party game.

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Phew… this one is hard to vote for me. Well executed. The graphics are spot on but also pure eyecancer. :-D

Dont get me wrong, great job.

Quite profesional. Very good atmosphere. Some kind of tutorial would be nice.

Really cool idea to play on a single controller. Never thought About something like that but now it seams pretty obvious.

I like the overall polygon style. I think the Police Ram indicator is kinda out of place.

Its hard to keep an eye on it while looking on the street. it could be better to display it in the middle of the screen in some way, or on the car directly. Maybe the damge too. And thanks for the new tree. :-D

Cool, dirty artstyle. All in all looks like a solid start.

I like the way you implemented the tutorial.

The hit detection could need some work. The punch feels a bit unfair and hard to use. But wow, the artstyle of your sprites is really great. Especially your main character Looks realy amazing.

I'm glad you had fun, and thanks for your feedback. Yeah, it is kinda anoying to wait so Long til the action actually starts. Especially if its meant to be played again and again. Will definitely change that.

Looks fairly finished. Nicely done. I would try to add some mechanic to build your own nanomachines out of unlockable parts, that would be cool.

Looks promising. One should be able use the mouse to select items and interact with tiles.

Thumbs up. Hard but addictive, and very nice Music. Personaly i would shift the view to the Right as one gets faster. This would make the left side of the screen less empty and running into obstacles less frustrating. Of course that would make the game easier but im sure you can come up with something to compensate for that. ;-)

I like the Setting and the Artstyle. Would nicely fit a Point & click type of game.

Am i a bad person if i instictively shot at all the people? I know they are looking for help, but they look like zombies.

I am no expert... but i think that mosquitos dont "feed" their breed. :-D

Funny idea. I like it.

it just shows a "Unable to get property 'getParameter' of undefined or null reference" -message.

cant play it on Microsoft Edge.

Lol,it looks the same here, you got me... :-)

It seams to be a bug with the normal generation of my terrain method. But i thought it kinda looked cool so i just leaved it in there.

In another project, the method works just fine...