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Carol of the PenguinsView game page

Help a pair of penguin parents hatch their egg though this melody driven collection of mini games!
Submitted by jmbjr, JerBearStare, sophiadoodles — 1 minute, 3 seconds before the deadline
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Godot Version

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Co-Op, Bamboozled

Game Description
Help a pair of penguin parents hatch their egg though this melody driven collection of mini games!

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Discord Username
John Boyle (johnstein), Sophia Hsu, Paul Hsu, Jerry Boyle ( jerbear56)

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This was fun! I don't think I'd want to play it co-op because I think managing both the screens at once creates a really fun challenge, and I love all the art (I thought the picking up the baby and moving them back was soooo cute), and I also liked the use of a bird you wouldn't immediately think of for egg.

I have to ask, why does the penguin only stutter upwards instead of sliding like usual?

Anyways, good job!


Thanks for playing! the idea was that it's easier going "downhill" to the fishing hole vs going "uphill" back home.   


Oh, I didn't realize that it was uphill and downhill, I thought it was just a flat surface :)


I probably should have supported that idea with more graphic varieties in the background, but I ran out of time tweaking. :P 

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Loved the art, and music, and all the cute details. Not sure why the penguin would start and stop repeatedly when going upward. Great work!


 I was trying to be clever hinting that going north is uphill, therefore she can only waddle up slowly but can slide in the other directions. She's also slightly faster going down the hill. It was probably not very obvious, sorry for the confusion! 


Very cute game :D

You fit an impressive amount of work into a week.

The split screen control for the penguins was very cool.

Loved it, nice job!


It feels so good when I see the penguin mom gets back and met with dad and child. I like the art and sound and the split-screen and control, it reminds me of NDS. 

I'm a little confused about level three(though I pass it lol), do I need to press keys in order? or at the same time? I don't quite understand how to get the child back sometimes...

Another tiny thing is getting up for the left penguin feels slower than other direction, ignore me if that is purported. I like the animation that it slides on the ice, so cute!


Oh sorry one another tiny thing,  the scale of the game seems not settled correctly, it does not scale but stay the same size in web, especially when I full screen it.


yea, we disabled stretching so we didn't have to mess too much with ensuring the dual viewports displayed properly when stretched.  Just didn't have time to do the legwork and didn't want to spend any time trying to fix any bugs related to it. But I agree that it looks kind of odd, which wasn't ideal.


Thanks for playing! yea, level 3 was a tough one. You have to press the keys in order one at a time (one of the screenshot gits shows an example of optimal timing).  Some people reported that their keyboards won't allow them to control the mom and play the dad at the same time, so they actually had to stand still with the mom to do the dad part (not ideal). You can also use a twin-stick controller and that should work too.

And yea, the idea was that sliding "down" the hill to the fishing hole is faster than climbing back "up" so walking up was intentionally slower. Thanks again for playing!


Really good game the art was amazing and so were the coordination controls. I would say its a tad slow for my likings in the penguin movement but thats a nitpick. There were some issues with the viewports that if you update it you might consider fixing up but overall really good. 


Thanks for playing!  This was the first game where we tried using multiple viewports so if you had some feedback related to that, that you'd be ok sharing, I'd love to hear it.  Thanks again 

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Who gave you permission to make me cry?

Amazing game, I will be recommending this to friends for SURE. My penguin tattoo and I are thanking you!

Also for the controls, I was on keyboard and managed to do fine, the warning to make the player go slow in level 3 was enough for me to take my time and it all went well, so really good job!


aw, sorry, didn't mean to make anyone cry! But I am really flattered that you were able to feel something while playing our game. Happy to hear level 3 didn't stop you from making it to the end! 


I loved everything about this game. Beautiful art, gameplay and music. The controls were smooth too (I played with an xbox controller).  Great work!


Thank you ! I am glad you like the game and  It's really good to know that controller worked well.  :)


Wow this was wholesome. Loved the music and art!


Really beautiful art! I really liked managing both penguins through the levels. I agree about level 3! It was really hard to keep the baby close by with keyboard controls. Rip lil baby.  Overall, a really great job!


Thank you for your compliment on the art! Yes Level 3 is a bit of a trouble maker. My keyboard doesn't like me pressing for mom and dad at the same time. I had to like leave the mom to the mercy of other penguins while I tend to the runaway baby. Now the sad thing is,  My other half just informed me that I could technically focus just on the mom  to get though the maze and let fairy god penguin take care of the dad instead. But that sounds so wrong lol. 


Neat little penguin simulator :-). And yeah, really nice art and colors.


Loved the art and all the small details so much! From the dad freaking out upon losing the kid, to the fairy godmother shoving it back, the fishing! The music makes me feel very festive. Wish I could vote :)

One nitpick is the control for picking up the kid and dragging it back is really hard... I didn't get past that unfortunately :(


Thanks for playing!

Yyea, level 3 was tough. we doubled the allowed time to save the kid based on beta testing, but now I'm wondering if we are running into an nkeyrollover issue where some keyboards don't allow certain keys to press at the same time.

If you want ever want to try again, you might try jikl for Dad's controls in case those keys behave better (twin-stick controllers also work if you prefer that).


Hey John,

It seemed to work when I do a single press, but holding the keys actually seems to override the behavior? Is that possible?


oh, maybe?  I did notice when I was a Patient Penguin Papa and Went Slow, I had better success :)

We hacked a lot of stuff in so I bet we can untangle this eventually. This will be top of my list to fixup if we do any updates post-jam.