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We appreciate you playing through our game and are glad that you enjoyed it. We are an ever improving team of developers and artist and can't wait to show what we are working on!

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Rocknight Studio,

We appreciate you streaming our game and giving us feedback. Your feedback is very helpful as we move forward in making games for our community to enjoy. 

Keep up the goodwork!

Mathew Nold

Cryptic Silver Games


Thanks so much for playing our game. Your feedback is invaluable to help us improve our internal processes and identify what should be cornerstones in future developments.

Keep up the good work.

P.S: Dont type a game summary with a brain that hasn't had rest for 27 hours. I fixed my spelling of rogue thanks to your proof reading.

Mathew Nold

Cryptic Silver Games

Hey John,

Thanks for playing. 

We regretfully didnt get a tutorial done in time, and noticed glitches that we didnt have time to solve last minute, such as the interaction not working when certain events play out. We also are aware of a glitch that causes you to get stuck in a state that you can't move if you are attacked during the interaction animation.

I am glad that you enjoyed the work we put into the visual and audio side of our game, we were fortunate to have a dedicated Artist and Sound Designer to build our assets. 

Thanks again for playing and leaving your feedback. It's always beneficial to obtain feedback from real players. 

Cryptic Silver Games

Good advice, I updated our Games Description.

Thanks Phil

It seems the issue may stem more from a lack of clarity on mechanics. With the Wraiths you dont have to hit them, just shine your light in their direction. This will cause them to flee.

Hindsight 20/20: A tutorial level would have been very beneficial in explaining the mechanics.

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We debated about slowing down the Wraiths but decided to focus our priorities on other mechanics. If you were not aware, you are able to shine your light at the Wraiths and they will flee. 

I will discuss amongst the team regarding sharing the code we used for the random dungeon creation.

Thank you for your feedback xPheRe!

Cryptic Silver Games 

I agree, there are some mechanics that are hard to understand without an explanation. Will be sure to put priority on a tutorial next go around.

Thank you for the feedback plexsoup!

Cryptic Silver Games

Neat Idea!

Great concept! I like the idea, however the only issue I had is that I couldn't tell which enemies were revived. I couldn't tell who I should shoot at.

We feel the same way about the parrying mechanic. it needs to be improved all round.

Thanks for the feedback

I'm glad you had fun, thanks for the feedack.

Cool little game, it was pretty fun. I got all the way to the last, wave but for the life of me I couldn't beat it. 👍

I do have a question. I didn't understand the power-ups were they collectibles or did they actually benefit me? it wasn't really clear to me.

Cool idea but the game can feel a little clunky. When you land sometimes the jumping doesn't work. also the music is a little loud and repetitive. Overall not bad it just needs a little polishing.

We appreciate the insightful feedback and will work on polishing the parrying mechanics to feel smoother and more responsive. 

Stay Tuned!

I agree, we may have made the timing a little too short. 

Thanks for the feedback.

I like it, interesting idea turning the classic snake into a shooter.

The concept is simple but the resulting gameplay is quite amazing. I'm so used to running away and shooting at the enemies at the same time, but you cant do that in this game.

BTW thanks for playing our game!

Thanks for the review, and I'll be glad to check your game out.

Interesting game. I love the aesthetic of the game.

As far as game play goes, it was difficult to keep from getting damaged due to not being able to run away and shoot. To counter this, having some sort of health pickup or auto regeneration may make it better.

Other than that great work, and keep it up!

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The health regeneration was put in last minute. Originally the only way to heal was to parry (block the shot right before it hits).However,  We added the health regeneration just to make the game a tad bit easier.  

Regarding your question about the story, in a way yes ,the character is supposed to be grabing the bullet. The idea is that the robots are shooting an energy based shot, and the player is using his shield to absorb the energy. He has a body shield that absorbs some of the energy and a deployable shield that absorbs more energy and can block damage.

Thanks for playing

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We have been made aware of an issue regarding the screen size. The game window might be too large depending on your screen size. To fix the issue hold down the Windows Key and press the UP Arrow Key to enter into full screen mode. You could also try the F11 Key.

We have made the needed changes to resolve the screen size issue, however we cannot upload the update until after the jam has completed. Thank you for making the team aware of this issue.

Hello Jiglypuf,

What is your screen size? We may need to optimize the game for smaller screen sizes. 

Also did the game freeze when loading into the title screen, or when you hit play game?


Cryptic Silver Games