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Graphically I liked the way the world looked, but sometimes it was hard to navigate the levels, and find the keys you needed. The Aliens also seemed to block my way from getting keycards a number of times as they would just hover on the keycard.

I felt like the normal walking animation was a bit to slow for the speed you moved as well.

Regardless of my nitpicks which would easily be corrected given more time, the game is a fun take on the theme. Great Job!

The challenge of this game was to choose the answer that is best... but all of the answers I choose seem to not be good ones. What do you mean that Drugs isn't the answer to handling stress! And yes, I committed Arson - against the competitor of my former company... which just so happened to be you guys...

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It was just another normal day at the Ski Resort when a snowball half the size of the resort smashed into my lodge. I was very disappointed because I realized I won't be getting the security deposit back.

This is a fun game in which you are a snowball rolling down the mountain with little to no control after it starts. Because of this it can be frustrating when your snowball goes flying over most of the things you want to destroy. None the less it is a fun game that pulls on human desire to destroy all things. 


  • Destruction
  • Pretty Mountain


  • Hard to control the snowball (guess that kinda fits the theme)

Either way, great job getting this built in 2 days!

Thanks Shaso for playing and the feedback. I was worried about reception because the material is dark. 

I am glad that you got the feeling I was trying to give with this game. I believe there needs to be more time spent on mental health and training given to police officers regarding situations such as this.

What an AMAZING concept! This is an incredibly good looking game, that actually makes me smile with the way the game play works. I am terrible at it, every blockade I try to make seems to fail. My cities are growing in infection far to quickly... but my god what a cool game.

If you wouldn't mind checking out my game, i would appreciate it.

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What an AMAZING concept! This is an incredibly good looking game, that actually makes me smile with the way the game play works. I am terrible at it, every blockade I try to make seems to fail. My cities are growing in infection far to quickly... but my god what a cool game.

This game is great. incredibly polished. this game is higher quality than a lot of mobile games out there. you could totally make this a mobile game.

The necromancing game mechanics are extremely clever. This concept is by far the best implementation of the theme so far. fun little game with a clever mechanics well done.

At first I was really confused with the controls. then i looked up the games page and notice the controller support. The game was very fun and a delight to playthrough. the end boss could use some animations and effects but overall a great game.

Cool game. I really like the concept here and I think it can be taken really far. However, I feel like the games mechanics could use a little more manipulation.  Like maybe the wrecking balls could be swung or something like that.  The game is clearly a physics based puzzle game and i think giving the player more control can add a lot to this game.

Overall a decent game with a solid concept . Great Job!

I'm glad you enjoyed our game. There are a few bugs here and there and the game can be improved in many ways but the game turned out pretty well and people seem to be enjoying it. thanks for the feedback!

I'm glad you liked the game. we actually had 30 levels planed and even fully designed, but the art still needed to be implemented and we didn't have time for the last 5.  Sadly the levels and meter's little story was cut short.  

Sadly the components in the inventory slots disappeared after exporting the project, and we didn't have time to figure out the issue. Also each component had a line to signify their value but i guess it wasn't obvious. maybe there can be better ways to show the value of each component.

Anyways thanks for playing. and we are glad you enjoyed the game.

Thanks for the feed back. it is highly appreciated. I believe this concept has a lot of room to grow so puzzles can potentially be more complicated or at least more creative to keep the player thinking.

Thanks for the feedback. and I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Sorry about that. I was rushed to submit everything. I re-uploaded the mac version if you'd like to check it out now.

At first the controls weren't obvious because I had no idea what the game was. I don't know why but I didst think the game used the mouse. anyways. conceptually the game is interesting but there's not much to the gameplay.

Overall the game is simple but sweet. 

Heartbeast, I would just like to let you know that I'm a fan and I didn't even know you were participating in this game jam. You were one of the first youtubers I’ve followed for game development and you had a big role in inspiring me to actually start developing games


I don't think I see the theme in this game or at-least it's not obvious.


I did somewhat enjoy the game. although there isn't much too it, the concept is sound and I see the potential, but in its current state its a bit lacking in content.


 Simple but perfect. There isn't much else to say.


I’m always a sucker for pixel art, so you’ve got me there. The black and white pixel art is simple but it looks great. However, animations and effects would heavily improve the game.


The game was a little loud, and due to the lack of settings I had to manually turn it down in my volume mixer. Other than that the music sounds great. While there isn't much going on in the game the sound effects fit the game.


Although I haven't seen a game exactly like this with the interesting inventory based gameplay. The turned based combat reminds me of Darkest Dungeon. Further expansion on this concept can solidify it as its own game.

Overall the concept is interesting and I can see myself playing this on my phone if there was more to it.

Nice little game. I like how you hit every part of the theme. I didn't realize it at first, but you also got the chain in there too

Good Job

Interesting concept. I would have to choose my abilities very carefully to make sure the great number of clones wont overpower me.

A cool game with an interesting mechanic that I've never seen before. Good Job!

I don't know what counts as a high score, but after playing multiple times my highest score was 3280.

Anyways the game is great. Everything about the game makes it feel like a complete game. The only two things holding the feeling back is the lack of audio and the simple arena tile set. However, I do understand the limits of a 48 hour jam so that's not really a problem.

Gameplay is fun and challenging. However there is a bit of room to expand on this idea. I think a dodge mechanic could have been a nice addition, especially when the game got chaotic. Also it would be cool if there were power-ups that would allow you to call your spear back. it could even be a one time use and you'd have to grab drops from the enemies to refile it.  I'm just throwing out ideas

Overall a very polished and fun game. I really enjoyed playing it.

If you have the time and you haven't tried out our entry "Happy Accident". please give it a try:

Great game concept. I loved the implementation for the theme here. the most unique concept so far. The writing and dialog is very well written.

The only Issue I can point out is that the inputs or commands can be unclear or unresponsive at times.

Overall the game is fantastic, and I would love to see this made into a full experience.

BTW if you have the time could you give our entry a try:

I couldn't help but notice that your plane was backwards. the seats were facing the opposite direction of the plane XD. Everything about this game is just ridiculous and hilarious.

if you have a chance could you give our entry a try:

Thanks, for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it.  We tried to go for a relaxing theme kind of inspired by Bob Ross himself. I'm glad to see the feeling coming through.

you really have to pay attention to make it through this game. I really liked the lite comedy for the mission briefing. It would be nice if you could see the whole picture and aim down the scope at will.

Great job, man!

if you have a chance could you try our entry:

I disagree, one shot and one target is enough too adhere to the theme. it may not be the most original, but it fits the theme.

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I am a huge sucker for pixel art. With this art style you've already sold me! 

The game plays really well too. At first I thought the character felt a little heavy. However, after playing through the game I felt the characters weight complemented the gameplay.

I want MORE! if this were a full game I would buy it.

Btw if you have the time could you check out our entry:

This is an interesting concept, reversing the goals of ticktock toe. This game reminds of simple games like mine sweeper. 

Cool Game!

If you have the chance can you try out our entry:

Thanks. We still had a few more mechanics already developed sadly we ran out of time. 

I'm glad you enjoyed the game. It would have had more levels if we had more time, but what can you do. 

The music was implemented last minute and I forgot to set it too loop. It wasn't the worst mistake so I'm OK with it.

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This game is really creative. When I saw only one minute, I thought each level would be that long. Not the Whole game.  I really enjoyed this game the levels were well designed and the gameplay was fun. I especially liked going back to each level to beat my previous score too make it further in the game. 

A few critiques

I feel like the ball felt really floaty. Also it was hard to hit the ball the right direction especially when moving the  mouse very quickly. also a quick restart button would have been nice. 

Overall Great job, I loved it!

If you have the time could you try out our entry:

Cool Rogue like game. You've managed to create a randomly generated game with multiple enemies and different types each with their own effects. This is a massive project for a 48 hour jam. Well done!

Our game isn't as large of scale as this game but if you have a chance could you give our game a try:

I forgot to mention, if you have the time could you check out our entry:

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Cool game, the art looks great and the audio is perfect. I like the map manipulation level design. the levels were fun to play and figure out. Well done!

Our team made a similar concept but entirely different implementation. If you have the time it would be nice if you gave it a try:

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I'm glad you got it working. This game is hands down one of my favorite games I've played so far. The art is fantastic and the audio is hilariously awesome. Gameplay is pretty fun too. Overall I loved it!

Edit: I almost forgot. could you try out our game:

I love the way the game feels. The way the game slows down and the camera shakes when you get a hit is extremely satisfying. This game has the polish of a complete game. All its missing is audio. Great Job!

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This game is fantastic! Challenging but enjoyable!

However i don't feel it fit the Only One theme very well.

I would love to get your opinion on the game my Team and I built. 

Happy Accidents -

I love mini golf! This was an interesting concept, tho I don't know if I fully understood it. 

Design: While not fully original, it was interesting to have the past plays show and affect my current 'swing'. Art wise it was simple, but looked like mini golf, so no problem there. I felt like the power meter was frustrating to work with however, as it did not allow me to aim then adjust power, or alternatively the power did not cycle from high to low. It also didn't seem to be perfectly responsive when i left clicked (though i am on a laptop, so maybe it was the laptop?).

Adherence to theme: I feel the game was only partially adhered to the theme, as there was only one hole but you could hit your ball multiple times. If you could only hit the ball once, and had to get to one hole, that would have adhered perfectly.

Originality: It was different, but not unique.

Overall interesting game that could use some improvements mainly regarding the power level of swings, great job for only 48 hours however!

If you get an oppertunity please check out the game my Team and I worked on:

Happy Accidents -


I am a big fan of RPG's and Multiple Endings - and it is awesome that you were able to add dialog and multiple ending mechanics to the game (Even if it was just text). 

That being said, I wish there was actual combat mechanics (even if they were simple). I also don't feel like this game really adhered to the theme.

With that being said I did like the art style, and the movement animations were really good. I also really enjoyed the dialog. I would love to play an RPG game in this style.

If you get a chance please try out my game as well and let me know your thoughts:

Happy Accidents -