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I don't know what counts as a high score, but after playing multiple times my highest score was 3280.

Anyways the game is great. Everything about the game makes it feel like a complete game. The only two things holding the feeling back is the lack of audio and the simple arena tile set. However, I do understand the limits of a 48 hour jam so that's not really a problem.

Gameplay is fun and challenging. However there is a bit of room to expand on this idea. I think a dodge mechanic could have been a nice addition, especially when the game got chaotic. Also it would be cool if there were power-ups that would allow you to call your spear back. it could even be a one time use and you'd have to grab drops from the enemies to refile it.  I'm just throwing out ideas

Overall a very polished and fun game. I really enjoyed playing it.

If you have the time and you haven't tried out our entry "Happy Accident". please give it a try:

Thank you! I'm going to add some kind of dodge. Speaking about power-ups, I'm pondering them and you give me some ideas!