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The Good, the Bad, and the VeggieView game page

Harvest day is coming.
Submitted by Winged (@wngdadventurer), LeimSound, JohnGabrielUK (@JohnGabrielUK) — 2 minutes, 58 seconds before the deadline
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The Good, the Bad, and the Veggie's page


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Godot Version

Source code available in description

Game description
Arrange your units to relay a signal to all the targets! P.S. Your units are vegetables.

Discord username
WingedAdventurer, JohnGabrielUK, Mudufus

Participation level
My 5th participation!

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Not sure that I have anything to add that's not already been said. It's very well polished for a jam game, and the art/music are fantastic. Great work from you all, as always. 

Definitely agree with Dalton about the models being rather dark. 

All in all, fantastic job! :)


This game is great. incredibly polished. this game is higher quality than a lot of mobile games out there. you could totally make this a mobile game.


Incredible game for the scope of a jam! Full of great details to appreciate, things like the level selection screen give it a very mature feel. The audio is also great.
Things to improve:
The bury/unbury mechanic seems to have no real purpose, but I may not have gotten it right.
It's quite confusing in the first runs, some tutorial or ingame guide texts would have gone a long way.
The ingame lighting is a bit dark and the models, while incredible for a jam game, don't have a coherent look.

Still a massive and impressing game, well done!


Fleshed out and high quality as always you guys. Lots of fun, settings options, 9 stages, the works. 

The only real gripe I have is I think it probably would have played the same without the bury/unbury mechanic, unless I'm missing something. Could have reduced the time limit by 1 turn and I think it would've played the same, so once you figured it out in your head you wouldn't have to spend as much time maneuvering the pieces.

Difficulty curve was perfect, last level suitably challenging, had a very fun time.


Awesome Game! Very creative and I can't believe you made so much in so little time

I'm disappointed in the potato. I always thought that potatoes are the coolest, strongest and most athletic veggies out there. I do potato gymnastics very often, if you catch my drift! ;) Nonetheless, the game itself is very entertaining, didn't see how quickly time passed and incredible how much content you have made in just 9 days!!! Well done! I give this game potato/potato!


Such awesome cover art. This game was so clever and so much fun. I liked the "chain" concept to harvest the veggies. I really enjoyed the animations! 

I would've had more fun if I could play without reading the wall of text. Every "aha!" moment for me came when I just played through the level. The text explanations only kind of helped. Maybe show an in-game tutorial? Or video?


I loved this game! The challenge level was managable and increased just the right amount for me. What maybe could be added is an undo step button. 
The way I played was that I planned out the whole level before even moving the vegetables.
The farmers sight was a bit unclear of how it worked at first. Maybe add a visual for that, including length. But as I noticed it seemed to be "endless".
The last level was quite ingenious, but I managed to solve it in the end. But one of the carrots was not needed. Was that intentional? :)