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Thanks for playing and the feedback given!
Animations are planned, so are sound effects. Also the MUSIC! :)
More mechanics will get added for future levels.

Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks for mentioning that. Completely forgot about that. Man, game jamming is stressful :D

Thanks for playing! 

More levels are on the way! 😊

Interesting concept. I really like the idea. Would love to see a more developed version of this! :)

Thanks for playing! <3
That's what I was aiming for when creating the mechanics, good to know it works :D

Thanks for playing and giving feedback!
Yeah, my plans are adding a lot of animations to give a smoother and enjoyable gameplay.

It is very short indeed! Thanks for playing! :)
I want to continue working on the game as I mentioned in the previous comment. Make more levels and mechanics. Expand and create a more complete game out of this prototype.

Thanks for playing! :D
I will add more levels and of course, the music!

This is game I really like myself, so I want to continue developing this into a more complete game!

Thanks for playing! I will see if I can update the player sprite to make it more clear what direction it's facing! :)
I forgot to enable the music for this build in the stress of the jams last hours :D

Cool little game. I got surprised when I was able to move up the walls. I would also suggest adding the ability to hold down the button to move. Will be a lot more fluid when it gets faster.

Cool little game. The drag switches were a little hard to get a grab on, otherwise I really liked the mechanics. I got to Insanium and it crashed for me while playing.

Nice work! :)

Wow, this game was very difficult. I had no idea what I was supposed to do at first, even after reading the instructions. Then the second time I actually read them and understood what was going on in my first playthrough. Managed to survive 11 days and 12 hours.

Nice work! :)

Fun little game. I agree fully with both Zouru and skrumf.

Would love to see even more variations of mini games!

Lovely artwork! I love the peaceful and relaxing vibe of the game. I also like that you go around healing the world. Would like to see more animations and interactions for the healing part. Was a bit confused at first. Maybe add an indication that you pressed the arrows when healing.

Fun game. Have only made it to wave 6 yet. Trying to figure out the best possible solution for wall building.

I like that more survivors are joining in as time goes. Maybe you could try to add different types of walls. Spiky walls, sticky walls, bouncy walls. The infected are very dangerous once they reach you. Maybe add more variations for infested as well. I saw someone mention more variations for survivors also.

I really liked the artwork. Would love to see the whole game using it! :)

Thanks! I do hope so myself :D

This was super fun and challenging. Great concept! It was interesting to learn the mechanics by failing repeatedly and progress through the levels. I would love to see this further developed!

Wow! Nice time! I have to beat that now :D

Such a cool game. Really love the mechanics of it. Easy to learn, but hard to master! I have only played up to level 3, but I really dig it so far! :)

Such a cool game. Really love the mechanics of it. Easy to learn, but hard to master! I have only played up to level 3, but I really dig it so far! :)

Fun and addictive gameplay. Every time you die you just want to improve your next run! I agree with Mr.Hippo on the phone comment. :)