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Thanks for playing!
Interacting with all three blocks should be as simple as just pressing the first symbol for that block :)

What do you mean with bacteria? *confused*

I finished the first mission and had no idea what I was doing after that. So I just went berserk and destroyed the whole island with infinite bombs! I think I had -300 something bombs when the game ended for me :D
Really like the pixel retro FPS style!

Really liked the concept. One thing that bothered me was that sometimes I thought my connections were the best ones when they weren't :D
Adding an undo step button might also benefit the game.
Otherwise I agree with Bitron and Wapiti regarding the difficulty.

I really like the idea! It was fun. But sometimes I just got stuck and couldn't move and I had to restart the game. Would love to have a score system for this. Maybe some kind of minimal moves to finish the level? Just thinking out loud now! :)

Lovely artwork. It was a fun and simple little game. Using the mouse to move felt a little weird to me. Otherwise I enjoyed the game! :)

Fun, but difficult little game.
I really liked the minimap. How did you implement that?
The art was a bit blurry for me. How did you import it? With or without filter?
The credits did not work for me and was just displaying a black screen.

What about it was unclear? Destroy the objects by pressing the right combination for each object.
What was the performance issues?
Thanks for checking it out! :)

I loved this game! The challenge level was managable and increased just the right amount for me. What maybe could be added is an undo step button. 
The way I played was that I planned out the whole level before even moving the vegetables.
The farmers sight was a bit unclear of how it worked at first. Maybe add a visual for that, including length. But as I noticed it seemed to be "endless".
The last level was quite ingenious, but I managed to solve it in the end. But one of the carrots was not needed. Was that intentional? :)

Thanks for playing and testing the game! I haven't touched this game for a long time. But I do have an updated version lying around that doesn't use the two button limitation and with some improvements overall. Thinking of uploading that version as well.

Thanks for playing! I actually found Uniracers while doing research :D

I checked out your game and rated it aswell <3

One challenge idea a friend gave me, was to make some kind of obstacle course inspired by slalom. Where you have to follow a certain path in order to receive a gem. I think that couldmake it a bit more fun.

Alright, a camera controller sounds like a nice thing to have actually :)

Thanks for playing!

Ah, something more challenging might be a good thing to add! :)

Thanks for playing!

The movement was buggy for me. The character sprite got stuck in the start position and when I stopped moving it was kind of teleporting to the end position in a glitchy way. Which made it pretty difficult to play :(

I had no idea what my mission was. So I just spammed the jump button essentially. I couldn't manage to stay a live long enough to see what happens after the timer ends!

Nice concept! I couldn't play for long though as the camera movement was a bit over the top and made me a bit nauseated sadly.

Nice little game. The thing that bothered me the most was the camera movement. I wanted to zoom out all the time. Was there any idea behind having the camera view this limited?

I really enjoyed this. Very nice concept and original idea. The levels were cleverly designed and made me actually stop and think on how to use my next bullet.

Ah, man. That sucks!

I do have an idea of converting it to Space Cow Golf! And create 18 levels to get your cows back to the barn golf style :D

Thanks for playing!

There are a lot of stuff I wanted to add before submission time, but you know. Stuff takes more time than you want them to :D

Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks for playing! 

Yeah, I wish I had time to add some sounds and music. 

Cool little game here. I really like the atmosphere and also the grey colors used for the environment. Makes it dark and mysterious. The enemies were a bit too easy for me. The hardest boss was actually the second one! Nice work! :)

Thanks for playing and the feedback given!
Animations are planned, so are sound effects. Also the MUSIC! :)
More mechanics will get added for future levels.

Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks for mentioning that. Completely forgot about that. Man, game jamming is stressful :D

Thanks for playing! 

More levels are on the way! 😊

Interesting concept. I really like the idea. Would love to see a more developed version of this! :)

Thanks for playing! <3
That's what I was aiming for when creating the mechanics, good to know it works :D

Thanks for playing and giving feedback!
Yeah, my plans are adding a lot of animations to give a smoother and enjoyable gameplay.

It is very short indeed! Thanks for playing! :)
I want to continue working on the game as I mentioned in the previous comment. Make more levels and mechanics. Expand and create a more complete game out of this prototype.

Thanks for playing! :D
I will add more levels and of course, the music!

This is game I really like myself, so I want to continue developing this into a more complete game!

Thanks for playing! I will see if I can update the player sprite to make it more clear what direction it's facing! :)
I forgot to enable the music for this build in the stress of the jams last hours :D

Cool little game. I got surprised when I was able to move up the walls. I would also suggest adding the ability to hold down the button to move. Will be a lot more fluid when it gets faster.

Cool little game. The drag switches were a little hard to get a grab on, otherwise I really liked the mechanics. I got to Insanium and it crashed for me while playing.

Nice work! :)

Wow, this game was very difficult. I had no idea what I was supposed to do at first, even after reading the instructions. Then the second time I actually read them and understood what was going on in my first playthrough. Managed to survive 11 days and 12 hours.

Nice work! :)

Fun little game. I agree fully with both Zouru and skrumf.

Would love to see even more variations of mini games!

Lovely artwork! I love the peaceful and relaxing vibe of the game. I also like that you go around healing the world. Would like to see more animations and interactions for the healing part. Was a bit confused at first. Maybe add an indication that you pressed the arrows when healing.

Fun game. Have only made it to wave 6 yet. Trying to figure out the best possible solution for wall building.

I like that more survivors are joining in as time goes. Maybe you could try to add different types of walls. Spiky walls, sticky walls, bouncy walls. The infected are very dangerous once they reach you. Maybe add more variations for infested as well. I saw someone mention more variations for survivors also.

I really liked the artwork. Would love to see the whole game using it! :)