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so the slowdown when you slash a pile of worms is actually an intentional effect that I made, but I should have limited it to a maximum number of enemies. basically if you slash two or three guys, theres a small delay between each one taking damage which feels cool. however if you slash like 10 or 15 worms, it has a small delay between each one and it basically just makes the game stop for a couple seconds lol. thanks for the compliments!

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Pretty hardcore man, those ghosts don't mess around. It was good fun. Not sure if I'm bad or if some spots required you to wait for the next heartbeat while praying the ghost doesn't eat you lol

I liked the little intro video :)  Wasn't entirely sure what to do after that. My heart and tomato both met up but nothing really happened, besides touching anything would teleport me to that room where you press a button. I did that a bunch but couldn't find anything else to interact with. That split screen effect when the characters are apart was pretty sweet.

Good point - added in the description. Thanks for the review!

Thank you for the kind words :)

thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed!

Of course! I was thinking as I was playing what it might be like if the player accelerated enough that they could bounce off of walls if they collided. Hard to tell if that would be fun or confusing without playtesting, but maybe something to try out if you wanted to keep the sliding momentum as a mechanic

No problem. Yeah with jams I generally assume half or more of my feedback is stuff the devs have already thought of, but I figure best to throw it out there so at least they know that others shared that opinion

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Whining first - I wish there was a prompt or visual indicator when I was within hack range, maybe a bright outline of the ship you would hack so I knew when it would successfully grab a ship, sometimes it didn't possess them when I thought it should've. And having the death mechanic require possessing another ship fast enough was kind of a bummer when no ships appeared. It's probably a good idea to plan ahead and replace the ship early, but still felt like I got punished harder for dying depending on where the bad guys happened to be flying. And lastly I agree with Wing's point - a brief invulnerability after hacking would be cool, I believe you have a cooldown in there already so I think it'd be balanced.

It was so much fun to blast apart all those ships, and the hacking mechanic gave me this subconscious feeling that when a ship felt overpowered, I "earned" it because I had to steal it first. The little sparkly background and the minor bloom on everything gave it a real sense of wonder, the visuals were overall amazing.  There is already a great sense of progression and excitement when a new big enemy ship shows up, but also how you leave the surface of the planet and then there are different landmarks like a distant galaxy as you progress, really helped the sense of going somewhere. You earned a high rating from me, one of my favorite entries.

Fleshed out and high quality as always you guys. Lots of fun, settings options, 9 stages, the works. 

The only real gripe I have is I think it probably would have played the same without the bury/unbury mechanic, unless I'm missing something. Could have reduced the time limit by 1 turn and I think it would've played the same, so once you figured it out in your head you wouldn't have to spend as much time maneuvering the pieces.

Difficulty curve was perfect, last level suitably challenging, had a very fun time.

Haha man you've already done better than I have at wrangling physics - I've tried on one or two occasions and then gave up. It's not easy!

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This one's kinda tricky to critique, I'm not super good at literary stuffs so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Graphics and sound were amazing, the visuals in the room were impressive and the sound of the chair scraping the floor when you sit in it was a perfect detail.

I think the expository text that just tells you that you're in a fascist, oppressive government detracts from it. Giving the player some context seems important but I think it took away from my curiosity and urge to learn what's going on, since I was just told what's going on. It's really hard to invest someone in their character's stakes in a jam game since we have such little time, so I think the element of mystery and discovery would have pulled me in more. 

There still most certainly was some mystery and intrigue which made me read into the questions and characterize this entity holding me captive, I just think it could've been more front and center since I am not too concerned about what happens to this dude I temporarily control.

But again, this is just my opinion and may just be more a reflection of my interests than your creative goal. Overall I'm impressed, I played through it twice and got two of the endings, I'm gonna try again soon to see if I can get the "winning" ending, so to speak

Edit: Also having the buttons be just green and red was great IMO, you knew what they meant most of the time but on a couple questions you weren't sure and it made you feel some extra pressure

Using the mouse to control movement felt great for precisely grabbing gems - good choice there. I like the dynamic of collecting vs escaping, although hitting a spike on the very edge when it didn't really look like I touched it was kinda frustrating, especially to die instantly and restart. An extra life per level cleared or something would have been nice to keep me playing.  The audio was very fitting, I had a lot of fun with it!

Fun and simple! I kinda felt like it was cheating just being able to move whatever tile wherever I wanted, but I guess the time constraint does make longer moves less optimal. 

I also managed to make it freak out and move all my pieces off the board? Lol

The puzzles were clever and pretty elegant! I think the solutions should result in the ball moving a little faster since the wrecking ball gently rolling into the wall is a little less satisfying but also makes me think I didn't do it the right way

Simple and a lot of fun! I do kinda wish that if you hit a bird after they stole some wheat, you would recover it, I think it would've added some extra strategy since the throwing mechanic controls so well, you can do tricky stuff like loft it gently to hit diving birds and then hit escaping ones on the way back down

I agree with urodela, the enemy hitboxes should favor the player more. Also K was the harvest button for me, but the intro says it's H.

I really liked this idea! It was weird and fun, the destruction of the rooms as you ate was clever and made for a fun sort of "escape the destruction" feeling. My other big complaint that made it hard for me to finish was that the player has no control over the height of their jump. In some platformers it doesn't really matter, but in this one if a fire block is above and below a doorway there's no way to get through it without dying.

I did like this one quite a bit though, fun and creative submission

I liked the visuals, I liked the blippy sound effects, and the mouse look was very smooth and had a sensible sensitivity. First person jam games can often be scary because of janky mouselook!

I'm mainly just curious why the player's acceleration is so slow, you can't really react to enemies shooting - you need to make sure you're moving fast enough before you see them, and don't slow down/hit a wall until you kill them. Led to some frustrating deaths.

Otherwise it was pretty neat, good job tackling 3D, I'm a big fan of first person shooters !

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Overall : The idea is great, I love the kind of silly vibe: farming, aliens, and a grappling hook, just had a sort of tongue in cheek feel that it didn't take itself too seriously which made it just feel more relaxed and fun. The grappling hook is smoooth, very nice. The gun could use some additional fx/work but it pushing you back is a great detail, makes it feel stronk. Also the minimap is essential for this kind of game where you are defending a large area with multiple points of interest, if you didn't have that it would be frustrating. Getting that feature in was super important so great work with that.

The aliens lunging at you when you get close is cool, they remained kinda scary even after I knew how to time my shots. I think with the way the shotgun behaves it makes it sort of a timing game if you kill one without getting hit, which is good. I'm pretty sure the only reason it can be annoying is the camera - when the player is walking in a direction, the camera smooth makes it so you know less about what you're walking into than what's behind you. I think Natedog's idea about using the mouse to look around might be worth trying out. On the subject of aliens, some green blood could make them funner to shoot, or if you wanted to keep it cutesy you could give them a little jitter and knockback when shot, before they die.

The main issue though is there isn't really anything to work towards, which is probably due to jam time constraints of course. But I'm gonna make some suggestions anyway because this game gives me ideas lol

You should probably require crops to progress in the game/survive, in some fashion or another since they aren't useful now. My personal idea is that the game could be divided into months, each month is like a "round" in the game. The round of gameplay has a time limit, and each month you eat X amount of food. When winter rolls around, maybe you can't grow crops for 3 rounds and this is sort of the big scary thing you need to hoard extra crops for. I think this would be great coupled with the ability to trade/sell food for upgrades. This would require the player to gamble on themselves. "Can I really afford to upgrade my grappling hook? It will make getting around easier but I'll have less of a safety net for the next winter".  So Spring would feel kinda safe and lighthearted, la dee da I survived the winter and I have 9 months till next winter, I can buy cool shit at the store I ain't scared" and then fall rolls around and you're like "ohmygod I need more food I'm gonna die this winter why did I buy that cool hat"

There are a million ways you could do it though, that was just my armchair game design thoughts. This game was funny and unique, I gave 3 or 4 stars in my rating. Great work!

I'll just start with what I didn't like, it's a pretty short list - mostly UI stuff.

 On the windows version the icons on the left for components were not visible, so I had to mouse over and read the tooltips. Once you placed a component on the board, it was easy to forget which value the component had since there was no indicator like "+3" above it. And if you mouse over the tooltips too quickly you'll cut off the meter's story conversations. Maybe the component information should've been on its own, like it could slide out from the component inventory or something.

Although the puzzles were fun, it never really got too much beyond keeping a running number in your head. The splitters don't really change how you approach the problem, the dual signal just means start out with double the number. I think as a foundation though, there's a lot of things you could do with the idea, so conceptually it is excellent.

Overall I would say the design and idea are polished and fun, it just needs some technical work and maybe some growth for its puzzles. This was one of those pleasant surprise kind of entries, it was just cute and unique and I'm glad you submitted it!

This was a fun and well rounded entry. I like the world map, it adds to the overall charm and positive vibe, and it was satisfying to clear all the stages on the map. Visuals were very clean and cute. I played through it twice :)

I can think of a few things that would make it just a little more unique and interesting. Firstly, the grapple mechanic could use some polishing; it worked fine but never really did what I thought it would. It feels like it's rigidbody based, so it might have been cleaner if you coded a simple back and forth swing with up+down shortening or lengthening the chain and just not bother with physics since they can be hard to get consistent.

I think the punching and grappling mechanics would meld perfectly if punching an enemy while midair pushed you in the opposite direction. This could add some really cool skill moments where you need to punch an eyeball to bounce off of it to reach the next grapple. I think it would've made the mechanics come full circle. And an additional visual effect or two when punching an enemy or box would've made it funner to whack stuff.

You know a game is in a good place when it immediately gives you ideas about possible additions, and I'm tempted to download the source and play with it. Great entry!

Good work! I like beating dudes up, and the parry mechanic was pretty cool. It took me a few tries to get a flow going and then I stomped through the game. It felt like if this was a full game and there were more enemies with different abilities, it would have a nicely paced learning curve.

Some additional feedback and information would have gone a long way. I think the player can take 4 hits, but it still would've been nice to have the health displayed. Also an additional visual or audio effect when you hit enemies would have really made it more satisfying to whack baddies.

A short and fun game overall!

Theme use was great, it was simple and fun, when I saw it in development I wasn't sure how just connecting the lines would be that interesting but you pulled it off well. Does get pretty easy once you've done a few.

I think my biggest complaint is probably the lack of feedback for drawing lines, it made it feel a little inconsistent sometimes if I was actually dragging a connection or not

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I enjoyed this one quite a bit, it was fun to collect new tools and explore everything, and I liked the style and music!

The controls were good in terms of your abilities, being able to hold jump or the chain button was a nice touch. I wasn't a big fan of binding move to S and D instead of A and D, it was just awkward enough to kill me a few times. I would've used the arrow keys but ZXC were not bound. 

The music was super cute and fit well. Adding physics to the lamp was a great detail, it was a lot of fun to run around with it.

I encountered a bug where I didn't need to open the chest at the bottom of the well, at some point once I went down, the chain just appeared in my inventory. The box was already opened when I found it. 

Good entry, solid work, it actually kinda makes me want to make a metroidvania style game next time

Oh and it would've been really neat if you could use the lamp or the chain in some way in the boss fight as a sort of final test of what you learned. But I'm willing to guess you just didn't have enough time because that's how jams be

Thanks! Yeah the main thought behind the blink was that you can immediately place yourself close to an ally to create a line if you see/whip enemies that are already lined up. Also blinking to archers and power whipping them into the moshpit of dudes is the best way to make sure they aren't slowly whittling away your health.

On the other hand, I didn't have time to balance it very well so once your army gets big enough they just spawn kill everyone and you never lose lmao

Thanks! We made it in just one week so things got cut, we are highly considering making a full game of it though.

Excellent. Great writing

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Congrats on your first submission! I'd rather play a game with simple mechanics that work properly than one with a bunch of buggy stuff, so I think you did a good job keeping things streamlined.

 It would be nice if there was a little more obstacle variety, but this has all the standard expectations for an infinite runner plus another dimension so, pretty cool!

Original, and it's creepy. The radio and stealthy military stuff gives me a metal gear solid vibe.

It feels like it's in the realm of a puzzle game, so can you complete the levels without taking any damage? I might have just not been catching on with the best way to use stairs and the other world, but I felt like i got a little lucky each time I won a stage and usually had 1 hit point left.

I really dig the vibe, and I like the mechanics. Very cool, especially for a first game in godot!

Nice job tackling 3D for your first jam! It was a straightforward and fun little game.

My criticisms would be that the 3D world definitely could have used a mouse lock. Also the intro 2D was very weirdly slow paced, all the intro animations probably could have been sped up 2x to feel more normal.

Great effort throwing some voice acting in there! 

I had some trouble understanding how exactly to play this, I don't quite get the mechanic. The frog enemies got a good chuckle out of me though. I'll give it another go in a bit

Good work with a 3D project, puzzles were engaging, atmosphere was spooky. My biggest complaint would be the camera, walls could block it and it made transitioning between dimensions a little wonky.

Otherwise the instant transition effect is pretty good, especially with pushing boxes around and things like that. I bet you guys had to work out some annoying collision stuff for dimension switching, good work!

Great to hear, thank you! 

The original idea was that you had to enter all the safe combos yourself, and do a little more sleuthing. That's why all the number codes were shown, and the painting was supposed to be a code. But for the jam time constraint, we decided to cut that so we didn't have to cut the story.

Should be fixed now, sorry about that

Mac and linux versions should be fixed, sorry about that!

Mac version should be fixed now, thanks for pointing that out

Sorry about that, I've found the problem and I'm releasing a fix tonigh

You might have broke it, I had that bug one time where I couldn't interact with anything, but then I couldn't recreate it. I'm sorry about that I'll try to figure it out

I think binding the switch world button to something besides RMB, like Z or Ctrl would've made it control a little better.  Congrats on your first wild jam!  Great work!