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Submitted by cameronac, Reponja, Pikywiky, Antony Arcoíris (@antonyski18) — 20 minutes, 21 seconds before the deadline
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Godot Version


Discord username
@cameronac#1130,@Pikywiky#2841, @Antony Arcoíris (antonyski)#4702 , @Reponja#3019

Participation level
Yes but not for all of us

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Nice little 3D project! I had some fun with it, I managed to break the game and clip through places I should not have gone and noticed you build the levels on top of each other. ;)


Thank you for playing our game and for reviewing it :D
I also did it, but this feedback is really important to we update and make it better <3


Good work with a 3D project, puzzles were engaging, atmosphere was spooky. My biggest complaint would be the camera, walls could block it and it made transitioning between dimensions a little wonky.

Otherwise the instant transition effect is pretty good, especially with pushing boxes around and things like that. I bet you guys had to work out some annoying collision stuff for dimension switching, good work!


Thank you for playing our game and for reviewing it :D


Thanks for the review! Unfortunately the camera may be the only thing  that won’t even be fixed in the post-jam update, it was changed several times due to the difficulty of giving enough FoW to see where buttons and cubes are placed but keep a decent control system. Hopefully we can either add a ray cast to its distance so it will “zoom in” and move above all the walls or giving walls a normal to make them transparent  when in the way. Glad you enjoyed the game!


Very interesting idea, which could be perfected, but of course , there is not enought time on 7Day game jam to create perfect game... The biggest problem I had was that when i was next to room walls, I couldnt see nothing, next time , create just one plan just with normals heading to the room, not outside, so when you are looking from outside, the wall wouldnt be rendered


Thank you for playing our game and for reviewing it :D


Thank you for this review! Definitely going to do that for the next projects, I have a lot more to learn about godot and gamedev and i’ll Sure look into what you suggested, we had the idea to do so but we weren’t sure how to implement it


Just use default plane mesh for mesh Instance and this plane you can see from one side and from another you cannot , but nice idea , I got almost the same idea for one of my future games.. I liked to play yours game


thanks again, i think when the voting session ends we are going to release just a "more fixed" version of the game, so nothing like major changes will be done, but if after that the whole team want to keep on with the project and complete the game i'll follow your suggestion, glad you enjoyed this prototype