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Cannot jump over enemies, So sad :( :D

I love this stuff. Would you be able to colaborate?

Just use default plane mesh for mesh Instance and this plane you can see from one side and from another you cannot , but nice idea , I got almost the same idea for one of my future games.. I liked to play yours game

Can I change it however I like? I woul like to recreate this to Forrest version , of course credit will be given

Very interesting idea, which could be perfected, but of course , there is not enought time on 7Day game jam to create perfect game... The biggest problem I had was that when i was next to room walls, I couldnt see nothing, next time , create just one plan just with normals heading to the room, not outside, so when you are looking from outside, the wall wouldnt be rendered

What game engine is used to create this?

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Really nice game , I absolutely love it, only thing I want to suggest is really make some better Controls on touch displays.