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Good luck!

Keep it up! So far so good!

I like how you indicate health! Nice start, you have the first prototype to develop further if you so please!

The pencil gets erased! :D A joke from the chat! :D Well done!

Nice concept! You've managed to build the first prototype, which is cool! I had fun!

I think some kind of indicator on the pink squares to see their health (or maybe a color change) would be cool! Otherwise, the game works well, good job!

Very cool concept! I've never seen anything like it before! I enjoyed it!

Some UI, information is missing, but otherwise, nice work!!

Are they being scared or fried?! :D I enjoyed it, very satisfying to "cook" the thieves :D

Quite hard to understand where the collision takes place, I would suggest making the collision boxes a bit smaller to give players a better chance to get through. Right now it's a bit confusing to know where you are in space, so timing a jump is quite hard! Otherwise, I like the mechanic of squashing the cube to get through the holes! Little more polishing and balancing and you got a really fun game!

For some reason the pill turned around while shooting, not sure why! Simple gameplay, could make it more challenging, but a fair start! Well done!

Nice work! The game started to lag, the further I got, might be something worth checking out! My score was 117. A score on the game screen would be nice! The visuals are really cool! Nice explosion animation!! :D

I like the ball's physics! Being able to stop quickly is what saved me there! :D Quite a long level, but it was enjoyable! The chat noticed that timer didn't stop when I finished the run!

I like it! A really nice shmup! Works well, the gamedesign is cool, I think it's a good idea that the laser shows where it's gonna blast, and you managed to implement nicely! 

I really like the art, Swae has done well! The gameplay is cool, I do enjoy it, but today my mental capacity is just not there, so I failed miserably! :D Nice work, team!

This is actually a scary game! But also a bit frustrating that you have no idea where to go! Sometimes I would feel stuck and hopeless :D Otherwise, I like the concept! Not being able to see your enemy (a character, let's say) is very good for this kind of a game! Visually looks really cool!

Awesome visual design! The gameplay is fun and fits the aesthetic nicely! I didn't complete the last level, just cause I'm braindead today! :D But I really enjoyed it!

The very first run, I was surprised by the slippery floor, didn't expect the inertia, but!!! It's actually one of the most fun parts of the game! I like it! Agent L. :D Nice name for a character! :D

The game is challenging, but fun! There is definitely a market for this kind of fast paced gameplay! I can't beat it (at least during the stream when I tried), but that's fine! Maybe the controls (movement) didn't feel as responsive some times. The double jump got me, personally out of the rhythm. Switching between the colors worked well, however to improve, I would suggest maybe showcasing which colors would be next for left/right mouse buttons!

I like the feel! Seems very polished! The laser design/effect is super satisfying! I think it makes the game a lot more fun!

The mirrors don't always behave as i would expect, but, at least we can place them anywhere, which kind of makes it up! Visually the game looks great, nice work! 

I think one area to improve the game would be to make it easier for the player to understand where in the space they are! Otherwise, a really fun game! I'd like to have a bigger room, so I could go really fast and high! :D Nice work

Agreed about the voice acting! You definitely had fun! :D The game is simple and I feel like I'm good at avoiding stuff. I'm gonna say it's a good design. Not sure if it's on purpose, but it feels awesooome! 

I like what you've done with the place! :D Lovely gameplay, obviously, ice cream makes it engaging to play! The slow-mo effect gives a cool feeling. Id play it on my phone! Well done!

The feel of the game is nice! I like the constant pressure that is increasing, at the same time, collecting the coins is satisfying do to the level of polish! The sounds and camera shake is on point! Quite impressive! 

I (and the chat) think that the game is intuitive and looks really cool! The fact that I can just get into it is nice. More levels would of course extend the fun, so I'm just gonna say, nice work! keep it up!

A cool story! I am not a good detective, tho! :D

Sometimes it doesn't switch when I'm in the air jumping past water. Otherwise the gameplay seems fun, nice work!

That was a lovely experience! Beautiful artwork and fitting music!

The fun part is being in the unknown and then finally getting to the safety. You should explore that if you wanted to continue with this concept!

I gotta say, the asset pack you picked, really helped the entry! The game is fun, levels are not that bad. You've done pretty well in the time limit! I had fun, because of the challenge to find routes in different seasons while melting!

I like the game! I like that you have to make a pizza! This gives ideas for real life recipes, at least for me! :D I wanna try shrimp, chilli pizza now

What was the idea of the gameplay?

I really like the concept! I would be a target audience for this kind of a game. I did only 1 episode per season, which I guess made it really easy to spend a lot of money on advertising and get the money rolling in fast! :D There could be challenges as "actors leaving" etc. to make it more fun, but I did enjoy the concept!

Cool story idea! It would be nice to have an indicator which spice would be next if you go up and down. Also, sometimes when the dishes were on the very left or right side, I wouldn't be able to hit them! Other than that, nice work! 

I love the seasons twist on tetris! This made the game more exciting for sure! Winter was rough! :D Excellent!

It's very satisfying to have collected all the coins!

I actually enjoyed the weird physics, it made the game fun. Especially when switching between seasons to shoot myself up with a summer bush :D Well done!

Very cool! You have managed to make it feel like I'm controlling fish! For me, the sharks are a bit rough, but it adds to the challenge! Nice work!

I like it! The challenge of balancing every stat out while there is constant threat of bugs made the game fun and challenging. The look and feel is cheerful, which fits this gameplay well in my opinion!