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I couldn't beat the final boss. Too hard. Make easier next time. :D But, overall, very addictive and satisfying experience! I cannot believe this is just a hobby for you!

My favorite idle clicker ever! Make it on mobile and I'll never do any work! :o 

Got to 14 axes! The game is cool, I tried hiding from ghosts on sides! :D Nice work :) Sorry it took us a week to get to trijam games. Last week was very busy!

Got to 5120! Super fun and creative game! After this we can fight back against Amazon rain forests!

Since this week there are 5 games submitted and we have a lot of work to do at the moment, we will play these games next week. It will be combined #19 and #20 jam playtesting. Also, since there are probably will be no streams this week (maybe some, we'll see), next week it will be winners of #19 and #20 that will be celebrated!

Gotta say, Miss Mermalade Jar has done a nice job with the new design! :o

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Saricden is streaming now if anyone wants to join!

Ooo, Awesome!

Let's do this, good luck to everyone!

Post here?

Post a link here!

I don't know why, but I want to call IT Omri! Should I call IT that? The answer may or may not be what you want it to be (spoilers much?) Anyway, it's actually, quite scary! Don't get a curse in process and you will have a great time!

I loved the game, even got to 43 (ok, ok, 27) score! You can find such words as ccoc, coc, xox, cox, ox, co and xoc (I got all of those), so I got to say that the entertainment value is higher than just the intended gameplay! Way to go,  Skursteni!

It was a really fun game with great potential! Multiplayer would add a whole new fun dimension! If you ever make this an e-sports, I volunteer to be the top league's captain of number 1 team!

Check it!

Any suggestions?

* Nice Deal

* Swag Cow

* Treasure Hunt

* Axe Madness

On Monday, at around 17 UTC/GMT (5PM) on


Awesome mechanic! This game rockpotatoes!!!! 

This game is hypnotizing! The concept is obscure in a good sense! The pixel art is beautiful as expected! 

This game is not for kids, for sure! Their little brains would melt! I got to 83 with ease. I think I owned the game as I should be.

I had to go to a church after playing this game! You get into it so much it becomes sinful!!!!

I had to go to a church after playing this game! You get into it so much it becomes sinful!!!!

The game design is very niiice, the art is beautiful and the scream is haunting! AAAAAAAAAAAAA! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Thanks for checking it out! :D It's more a clicking simulator!

For example:

Chicken Invasion

Post link here!

So, it will be dlive,

I loved it! Awesome dance moves, awesome music, I just love your games, man!!!!

Yaa! The gameplay is awesome and creative, the visuals are super cool! Amazing work!

Hard, but cool and I loved it!

Awesome first trijam game, beautiful pixel art and I did get an adrenaline while playing, which means that the gameplay is very, very good!!!

Once again, we'd love to check out your games and play them live on Twitch on Wednesday! You know the drill - you make game, we play and strim, you watch! As the previous couple of times, we'll focus on games that are submitted and whose developers who are eager to watch live on Wednesday 6PM~9PM UTC/GMT. We'll see if we can bring in some guest players this time again. :)

Please submit your game here ->

Stream might be on Twitch -> or Dlive ->, we'll decide and let you know next week.

Post the link here!

Great start for your first trijam!!! Keep it up!

Woou! This is very cool! Enjoyed the game, keep it up!

Very cool idea for a short game jam! Pixel are looks awesome :) Keep up the good work!

I think this game is biased towards propaganda of USSR!