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You're a political candidate in the fantasy land of Nuvalis running for the Chief Crown Minister office!
Submitted by Bakenshake (@Bakenshake09), irmoz (@irmozius) — 4 hours, 53 minutes before the deadline
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Game description
You're a political candidate in the land of Nuvalis! Harvest enough votes to become the newly elect Crown Chief Minister!

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Yes! :)

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Your game reminds me Mount & Blade, I liked it! I wish there were more events, and a support for other languages would look great.


Oh my gosh, thank you!! I love the Paradox games, and with this idea, that's exactly what I was going for. Best compliment I could have gotten for this. :D <3


Very original idea and well executed. The visuals are simple but smartly used to create a nice feel for the world. The events and their writing are very motivating to explore, even if there's not too many. The general flow of the game is a bit confusing and takes time to get into, but being succesful feels quite rewarding. I could see this as a base for a great and unique game!


Thank you, Dalton, for the kind words. What you said is super motivating for me to continue working on it. <3


What a nice idea! It reminds me bit of King of Dragon Pass: every decision plays a role in future events, and the outcome is not always very clear. It makes it hard to understand how our decisions influence things, but is more immersive. With precise feedback it would turn into number-crunching. you found a good balance here! The visual and audio styles are quite fitting, I enjoyed the atmosphere :)


Thank you so much, Phil!! I had never heard of the game, but after looking it up, I see what you're saying. I'd like to add world events that impact the events in settlements as well as an AI that you compete against where it shows some sort of polling screen in between turns. Really appreciate the kind feedback! :)


Well I played it! And it was actually a lot of fun. I can see a lot of possibility in this sort of game. As a game it appeals to gamers in general. But what it is also appeals to people who enjoy a certain amount of political awareness. Mind you the 'winning' or 'losing' aspect is kind of in the hands of the developer. It gives as much insight to who the player is, as it does who the creators are. I like the selections for the events, it usually felt very, black - white - grey. There was I think 1, regarding the Elven girl who wanted to get into the school of magic that was black - white. A 3rd option would of fit the intended design a bit more.

Overall! Great game, and it would be awesome if you guys did decide to go further with it. Very nicely done.


Interesting take, but yeah the bias of the developers can certainly be seen by the player if they pay enough attention.  Thank you for the feedback, and we do plan to work on it a bit more! So a post-jam update will be around. I'm sure I'll post it in the Discord. :D Thank you for playing and leaving feedback!


With more events, this game would be really interesting and exciting adventure! I did become the Crown Chief Minister by appealing to the lower class and overthrowing the corrupt elves! If only more people cared about me, I might have become the Chief King of Crowns of Nuvails!!!! HAHA


You're very right about the events. We're still working on adding more, as they will be the backbone of t he game. Glad you enjoyed it, though. Thanks!


nice concept and well polished,
though it is hard to understand how your choice made a difference as the log doesn't seems to change(at least the readable part of it), the best would be to have the change in reputation be indicated after you made your decision

BTW you can make it, in the setting of your game, that the game get in full screen those allowing a more comfortable use of the scroll wheel


We're working on the kind of feedback you mention now. Definitely something we need - so it's good you brought it up. Thanks for playing :)