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can it be used while the game is running, like if the player can create content in game and save it as an .obj file ?

nice game although I guess you can get soft lock if you don't think about which power up to exchange for a power core, also changing key as confirmation, but it is useless since once you pressed one key you are force to confirm it (can't change it for an other)

but never the less it is a pretty good game

I guess a video is coming soon on it ;)

having the camera turning around 0,0,0 is making building roof and big map really tedious, having an option to switch to a free cam like in magica voxel would be a great for my use case as I am using asset forge to build hundreds of tiles wide maps with ceilings

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gtfl output no file, but collada works although all the tile are exported as separete mesh if not merge and it can't get exported cleanely merged, polygon which shouldn't be connected together get connected all over the stage - so I the only way I have to have something workable will be with all the seperated tiles which makes adding collision extremely tedious

it seems merge tile as issue with convex shapes and tile in one an other

import as OBJ works fine, but it is creating tons of material index : one for each color in every tile making is unusable for anything bigger than a few tiles - the material index should be merged by color so you can easily set color just like as inside asset forge : one material for all tile sharing the material

currently the program is not usable for godot - maybe an other format would fix it or a bit of work dev side (btw merging tile doesn't seems to play well with concave geometry )
linked picture with obj and a couple of material set

getting maps ready is one of the only few thing holding back from release - thanks you in advance for a quick fix

there was a few months ago an big sell of synty studio asset and, just like many dev, pickup a bunch of them
since I am working with godot and thus it doesn't have an easy to import option so I try to use asset forge to make the map I need for my game
the file format of the source file is different from other collection pack, material is image instead of custom text file and the obj are really big, from what I read it seems you can create  a file to make them smaller but even then I can't get the texture to work, everything is white

my team and I are working on a colony sim game during the godot wildjam (which started around the same time and as the same duration) 
is it fine if we participate in this one too ?

well now that I know how to make an RTS I could get to what I was during the last in only a day (since all I did before that was the whole order system)

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thanks man I tried to make the control as close to other RTS to make them as intuitive as possible, though the concept was a bit to ambitious for a week, while I got all the main featured I had no time left to polish and a lot of art were missing resulting in having only one critter being modulated to get the other, in the end I worked on the game to the last minute and even the day after the deadline to crush the bugs I added at crunch time (where I added different species, all the traps the ennemy and ressource spawning and the health and happiness bar)

overly most of the issues I had was from the art side of things, unlike my previous project I wasn't doing any of the arts,
having all my art made by friends over discord which made communication hard on small details and added a lot of delay before I could work on the game, in the end I only worked on the game during the last 5 days of the jam, most of the code before that didn't make the cut as the control system got more direct (at the start the idea was that you would control critters by dropping foods) and the whole priority system was rewrote 3 times (though it was mostly because of a lack of experience being my third game and having pickup real programming 2-3 months ago)

I would think that RTS isn't that hard to make in godot,
in the end I had a script for the mouse that kept track of all units and drops in arrays and
on the left click if it wasn't holding a drop it would start  drawing a selection (which was just 2 vector2 ) and on the left click release if the selection start and end are close the mouse will pickup or select 1 unit which is overlapping and if they are far away, it will run a for loop for the position of all units

on the right click all runs on the just_pressed, where if no item were grabbed, it will check what is mouse overred,
if it is the core it will check if the core has lost life and you don't have all your units selected
if it is a critter it will check if both can bread (using a dictionnary specific to each species)
if it is an enemy it will just append it to the array orders which is on all critter
else, it will create a small flag which has an array which is a copy of all selected units

on the flag there is a function which is called when a unit gets to the flag or cancel it order to get there, and when its array is empty : queue_free()

in the end the most annoying part is the pathfinding which is kinda limited, has I could have the critter avoid one an other requiring the removal of collision between critters and the addition of a script so that if critters overlap something they pick a random spot around them to move to, this way units don't stack on one an other (which was an issues when multiple units walked toward a flag from the same direction)

though trying out making an RTS made me realize how simple it is to make a game with a rimworld/OxygenNotIncluded priority system where you place orders an units fulfill, so you place order instead of manually selecting units and directly telling them what to do
( about a few days before the deadline critter would breed automatically deciding between eating and breeding depending on their hunger, this was dropped out since it reduced the interaction the players as with the breeding mechanic has a whole) 

yeah I realized it was an issue when there was about 6h-7h left, tried making it update every 10 second but it led to more issues, I plan of rewriting that part for an eventual release on kongregate , until then I will have unique sprite instead of modulated one based of the stone one (the art are made but they aren't animated)

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yeah the game isn't really clear, I will rewrite the instruction, releasing online is great since it is way faster for people without the app to test your game, on the flip side though it take a bit of fiddling to get it working (renaming the HTML file Index and compressing in a zip) and performance are worst, on my computer I barely get 20 fps on the HTML version (calculating pathfinding every frame isn't a good idea :/)
was the HTML version running smooth on yours ?

btw you forgot to save your rating ;)

I already posted the updated version 1.1 is the after game jam, 1.3 is 1 hour after the jam and 1.5 is the latest  4 hours of work bug free though optimization,
I kept those since I wasn't sure which version should be judged, but if you tell me it is fine I will delete them

the HTML version loads for me (tested on brave without shield up and firefox on two different computer)
any way the HTML version barely gets 20 fps  (pathfinding every frames and loads of array manipulation  aren't really helping)

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I like game Jam because it pushes me to finish a game by having a solid deadline, while also trying out wacky concept and receiving feedback at the end to improve 

this was my second, my first one being the weekend long GMTK2019 a few weeks ago where I programmed in Godot with my older brother and we were able to finish the game in time since the idea was small 

on this one I was the only programmer and with 2 artist friend, I badly estimated the time and got short near the end I worked on it in the last few minutes to get it to have all its content it was meant to have, issue being there was no time left for playtesting and a lot of bugs were introduce
I thus gave it an  other hour to fix the game breaking bugs I could see just letting the game run for a couple of minute

then I gived it a 3 more hours to fix all the bugs (though they are still performance issue since I didn't do optimization)

so my question is:
is it fine for the game jam, I kept the original unplayable build(the after an hour build) to still get rated and feedbacked even though the playable version passed the deadline by a few hours, 
I don't care about the competition, all I want is feedback should I even be allowed to have some ?

  and the most recent +4hours version which has been exporter

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how to start a chain and get the object, all I see is bacteria of various color

the game runs slow my guess is on the bacteria movemement

interesting concept, though the lack of  a difficulty curve made it hard to enjoy

nice concept and well polished,
though it is hard to understand how your choice made a difference as the log doesn't seems to change(at least the readable part of it), the best would be to have the change in reputation be indicated after you made your decision

BTW you can make it, in the setting of your game, that the game get in full screen those allowing a more comfortable use of the scroll wheel

I found the concept hard to grasp even after reading the instruction multiple time I still don't  get how to start a chain, also performance aren't good you might want to look into fixing that

I still haven't rated the game as I want to understand it and play it well before doing so

really good even though it has simple mechanics it stay interesting, sadly the last level introduce a mechanic that ended up to no challenging puzzle :(
would love an extended version 5/5 5/5 5/5

I barely get 5, my brother got 15 and a friend got 31, it actually get easier the longer you play (around 20 fish the difficulty drop has the fish no longer move but vibrate)
I agree with the fact that the mechanic aren't clear and plan to make a more polished version were the mechanic will be more obvious and slowly introduce while also rebalancing it (+ better graphic and more game juice)

thanks, the idea with the upgrade system was to bring an element of timing to the one button , but the main issue is that the fish is falling way too slowly at the beginning, I had a friend which playtested the game yesterday and got to 31 fish, since they constantly get faster upgrading become less and less time consuming yet way harder to get the one you want

I planned on making a more polished version which will rebalance the game (has we were short on time to playtest) and polished up the game while also making the upgrade system more obvious and making it faster

Me too I hate the fishing in stardew valley and suck at the game, I managed 5 fish while a friend managed 31

the initial idea was to make something a kind of life of pi where you would be stuck on a boat with a tiger and would have to avoid the tiger while keeping you fed and warm,
but since we lost the first day working on a game that ended up in a corner where it didn't really stuck to the theme and would have been hard to design puzzle for,
the idea devolved into a simpler 1 axis one button game where you need to keep fishing to survive while avoiding the bird (which was supposed to dash at you but due to time reason drops bomb) 

I am planning on polishing it up, remaking the boat and fisherman which is half the resolution of the other assets,  make mechanic more obvious and introduce a real difficulty curve (maybe put mechanics that didn't made the cut like Morse code typing and weather which change the force pushing against the player)
introducing the mechanic slowly to the player is a most, I like the way you did it with your game

the bar is splited in half since the heal upgrade restore half of your life bar (30 second of a minute)

mark brown used an external number generator and add to switch between the random number generator and during his livestream

barely got 9 but most of them commented :)

it is an arcade one button fishing game, where you only have 1 minute of life and need to keep fishing to survive while avoiding the bomb which remove 5 second of your life,

each time you get a fish you can upgrade your fishing pole, move faster or get 30 second more of life
the fish will get sold the next time you press 1 thus requiring to nail the always increasing timing

it was made in Godot by my brother and I in about 18 hours
you can play it in browser

at one point the fish keeps moving back and forth which make it almost not moving and since you keep upgrading your pole lenght and strength it get easier but way faster (though the faster it is the more intense it get but it also make the passive damage matter less)

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BTW love the game you made in the game jam, it has some serious potential, give it more love,  polish  and controller support it would be the next superhot ;)

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yeah the mechanic aren't well shown, mainly the fish selling mechanic where the next time you press 1 you get the upgrade the fish is next to (if it is next to nothing you get nothing)
the game is currently crazy hard, but we plan to release a more polished version in the next weeks

BTW a friend just managed 31 fish ;)

the graphics were half assed by me during  the game jam, same with the music 
 the wave are from a plugin in the godot asset library and was integrated by my brother which also did the particles 
we shared the programming task, he did the bird dropping bomb, the upgrades and life system, while I did the fishing mechanic and the fish selling mechanic (I was the fishy guy)

I am personally annoyed by the fact that I couldn't keep a standard pixel size, has the boat and the fisherman was low pixel, while the bird, fish and upgrade board have x2 pixel density
I also wanted to add dynamic music  but there wasn't enough time left near the end

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during the development of our game when there was 3-4 hours left we ran into a issue were the enemy was healing the player when he was low on health which made us reconsider the design in the end it didn't made the cut as it just added more confusion and made the concept harder to grasp, but it made us add a constant countdown after realizing how much having to constantly having to add time made the game more intense and made the player have to make split time decision

that was the inspiration for the base  concept though we felt that additional strategy and choice adding the bird creating a zone you don't want to be in (making it harder to get the fish in your grasp) and the upgrade creating a timing you want to have (making you choose between short term reward (avoiding a bomb) and a long term one(get an upgrade))

though sadly most of the design isn't shining as much as it could since we were short on time for balancing and polishing,
if the great feedback keeps coming we will have no excuse both to make a complete version

it looks extremely polished how many were you working on it, and how the game jam went down on your side ?

used it, it went down well (though was a bit short on time to polish it)

if you wanna check the result out:

I made a arcade fishing game with my brother

the art is trash but the design is good  we change project mid way through so there was a lot of polishing that was done, if it get good feedback I might make a more complete version

if you wanna check it out:

my brother and I also made a godot fishing game with one button though from a different angle and with way worst art style

loved yours and reviewed it

if you want to check our, it is a bit rough around the edges but the game design is good

really good, it might be and interesting game to develop further