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importing to Godot

A topic by Wapiti created Mar 19, 2020 Views: 290 Replies: 3
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import as OBJ works fine, but it is creating tons of material index : one for each color in every tile making is unusable for anything bigger than a few tiles - the material index should be merged by color so you can easily set color just like as inside asset forge : one material for all tile sharing the material

currently the program is not usable for godot - maybe an other format would fix it or a bit of work dev side (btw merging tile doesn't seems to play well with concave geometry )
linked picture with obj and a couple of material set

getting maps ready is one of the only few thing holding back from release - thanks you in advance for a quick fix


I didn't already bought Asset forge but it's stated that you can export in Collada... try it out, i usually don't use OBJ with Godot... really primitive

Try export dae ( Collada ) or gltf , they both work with godot

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gtfl output no file, but collada works although all the tile are exported as separete mesh if not merge and it can't get exported cleanely merged, polygon which shouldn't be connected together get connected all over the stage - so I the only way I have to have something workable will be with all the seperated tiles which makes adding collision extremely tedious

it seems merge tile as issue with convex shapes and tile in one an other