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We're working on the kind of feedback you mention now. Definitely something we need - so it's good you brought it up. Thanks for playing :)

You're very right about the events. We're still working on adding more, as they will be the backbone of t he game. Glad you enjoyed it, though. Thanks!

As for YouTube, check out GDQuest and Gamesfromscratch :)

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This will be absolutely fine. Itch even supports the hosting of web builds, which is great.

Dude! This game is AWESOME! You did all this all by yourself? Awesome! It's really cool, the world you built, the enemies, the magic... The story that's suggested throughout but not entirely obvious. Good job.

Dude, this game is hilarious.

Oh, what made you leave Discord?

I'm from the UK dude, you? Also, add me on Discord if you have it. Same name: irmoz.

As for sound effects, you could view my game AI: Wild & Free, available here on Itch. For music, I have a soundcloud and bandcamp. I'm actually currently working on a portfolio video atm, made up of content I've created over the past couple years. I can give you a link to that when it's finished, if you like. :)

If you don't mind giving up your solo cred, I'd be happy to team up. Sound and music is my specialty. You certainly have good sound already, that can't be denied, but I feel a little extra touch could bring some more life into it.

Honestly, dude. It felt awesome, like I was some kind of giant jumping across planets to destroy life! I'd remake it but with planets about 50x the size, with tiny people to trample. Maybe some structures that spawn the people.

I'd be happy to team up with you, I know my way around UE4. Also, I notice you're lacking sound, and that just happens to be my area of expertise ;)

Amazing! I used to use that, but moved over to Godot because I'm cheap :P

Still, though, excellent work all around. Do you create your own music and sound?

Hey guys! I've finally got to a point with my first game project where I'm happy to let the world see it. So, please, tell me what you think of my new game, and don't be gentle! All feedback is welcome, especially negative, because how else will I learn? :P

GAMEPLAY: There are two control schemes, rotational and directional. Rotational is similar to Asteroids, where youcan only thrust in the direction you're facing. Directional is more traditional twin-stick, where you both turn and thrust in the direction you're pressing on keyboard/gamepad. Each level spawns a random amount of drone nests in random places, which each intermittently spawn drones. Destroy all drones, and all nests, to advance to the next stage! Indefinitely!

Please enjoy!

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That is a SEXY looking game, dude. I love the art style- muted colours for backgrouns, brighter colours for characters and UI. It adds a subtlke sense of depth. I hope the gameplay is as deep ;)

EDIT: DUDE! I just played it and this game is amazing. Well done! The animations, sounds, it's all excellent! What engine are you using?

That planet-like section was actually a really cool idea. I I were you, I'd use that as the basis for a new project that  takes the idea even further. :)

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it. I was wondering about the positioning of the HP bar, actually. Where would you recommend I move it to? Top-right corner?

As for the exit - I still haven't figured that one out, actually. If I can ever figure it out, I'll let you know :)

I'm consistently updating it, so if you're interested in seeing the updates, go ahead and re-download!

Cheers again.

Just done it!


These features were added after the deadline:

Intro/bootup animation

Main menu

Level clear/continue screen

Refined death/restart options

Highscore system

Yeah, it is a little weird, I suppose. Maybe in a  future build I can add options to change from rotational (current) to directional (pure twin-stick) controls. Might make it more accessible. 

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Thanks for the feedback! Maybe I should be more explicit about the controls, because I've found quite a few people complaining about them.

It's not a typical twin-stick with absolute directions, the controls are more like Asteroids, combined with twin-stick shooting. You can shoot in any direction at any time, no matter which way you're facing. With M+KB, the bullets should go toward the mouse. With controller, the bullets will fly in the direction you're tilting the right stick.

If it's the steering that's throwing you, A and D turn the ship, but thrusting with W is how you actually change the direction of movement- again, like Asteroids. 

Unless I've misunderstood you, that should, I hope, clear up any confusion :)