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My first gamejam game (space shooter, twin-stick)

A topic by irmoz created May 07, 2018 Views: 214
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Hey guys! I've finally got to a point with my first game project where I'm happy to let the world see it. So, please, tell me what you think of my new game, and don't be gentle! All feedback is welcome, especially negative, because how else will I learn? :P

GAMEPLAY: There are two control schemes, rotational and directional. Rotational is similar to Asteroids, where youcan only thrust in the direction you're facing. Directional is more traditional twin-stick, where you both turn and thrust in the direction you're pressing on keyboard/gamepad. Each level spawns a random amount of drone nests in random places, which each intermittently spawn drones. Destroy all drones, and all nests, to advance to the next stage! Indefinitely!

Please enjoy!

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