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Thanks for the feedback! Maybe I should be more explicit about the controls, because I've found quite a few people complaining about them.

It's not a typical twin-stick with absolute directions, the controls are more like Asteroids, combined with twin-stick shooting. You can shoot in any direction at any time, no matter which way you're facing. With M+KB, the bullets should go toward the mouse. With controller, the bullets will fly in the direction you're tilting the right stick.

If it's the steering that's throwing you, A and D turn the ship, but thrusting with W is how you actually change the direction of movement- again, like Asteroids. 

Unless I've misunderstood you, that should, I hope, clear up any confusion :)

Uh okay if it was intentional. But that feels weird though sometimes.


Yeah, it is a little weird, I suppose. Maybe in a  future build I can add options to change from rotational (current) to directional (pure twin-stick) controls. Might make it more accessible. 


You're full of ideas man. That will be fantastic if you can add that option

Just done it!