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Loved it's fast-paced gamestyle. The background elements are what makes the game come alive and it's really beautiful. Everything is awesome, except shooting. The ship doesn't turn as you aim with the mouse. Well done on all the parts. 

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Thanks for the feedback! Maybe I should be more explicit about the controls, because I've found quite a few people complaining about them.

It's not a typical twin-stick with absolute directions, the controls are more like Asteroids, combined with twin-stick shooting. You can shoot in any direction at any time, no matter which way you're facing. With M+KB, the bullets should go toward the mouse. With controller, the bullets will fly in the direction you're tilting the right stick.

If it's the steering that's throwing you, A and D turn the ship, but thrusting with W is how you actually change the direction of movement- again, like Asteroids. 

Unless I've misunderstood you, that should, I hope, clear up any confusion :)

Uh okay if it was intentional. But that feels weird though sometimes.


Yeah, it is a little weird, I suppose. Maybe in a  future build I can add options to change from rotational (current) to directional (pure twin-stick) controls. Might make it more accessible. 


You're full of ideas man. That will be fantastic if you can add that option

Just done it!