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Un juego divertido y nostálgico,  la historia fue entretenida y sus personajes carismáticos. Me encantó el arte del juego. 

Nice work! Well done :D

It is a cool and peacefully game :3 , I like the game artwork! 

The Collect action doesnt work on Linux. 

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I'm glad you liked the game idea. I was inspired by the game Spore and especially by alien movies.

Thank you for the feedback :) ! I used Inkscape to create all the art. 

Fun and addictive game!

Thank you !

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Nice  and fun game!  It was a little rough at first, I didn't know that you I move from one end to the other by jumping over the edge :P. A checkpoint system could work well here

Thank you Maria! :D

I love those games too, we always have a little flash game that stays in our hearts :D , thanks for your feedback!

thank you! :D 

Hey Máté! I'm glad to see your comment. Thank you for the feedback!  I'll fix it in the next update.   

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Hi môsi users! I've updated my game, Volunteer Heart, It was made with the fork features, any feedback will be appreciated! 

By the way! I solved the issue of controlling the games using's Fullscreen mode :D I made the following pull request

Good game! the puzzles are really fun!

Lovely graphics! :3 

Thank you for your feedback! I'll update the game soon with the control fixes and more levels :)

Lovely game and cute characters! I like the Mario influence in this game

Excellent story and really nice the resource management - platform integration! 

thank you! I'm planning to do more levels and puzzles :)

thank you! It is my first pixel art game

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Hi mosi community! I've developed the following features that could be integrated into mosi:

  • on-update scripts: This script runs after every move of the player.
  • {check-tile [room: optional room name] [x] [y]} expression: Returns the name of the sprite located at x and y position. Return an empty string if there is no sprite at x and y position.
  • Display tile coordinates on the room grid: Moving the mouse or clicking (or tapping on the screen) will show the position (x and y) of the tile in the room grid.

You can test these features on my fork:
The following game was made with the fork's features:

Any feedback will be appreciate :) 

Lovely game, control the boats was a bit difficult at the first time

Nice game! A solo mode should be fun too!

It was really fun! I like how the difficulty grows so well!

thank you :3

Really fun game! It's addictive. There is a problem with the background music, the song is constantly interrupted.

Nice graphics! Lovely 3D art

Cool game! :D Some texts are displayed cut-off :c 

Lovely game! The mechanics are really nice! there are some tricky levels xD

Lovely game! The nararration along with the players actions was so unique! I was left wanting more playing time! :D

Nice game!

Lovely concept! I'm really exiting about the development of this game

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I love the mechanics of the game. I also consider the screen size of the game is really small. Overall, really nice game! :D

I loved the creativity of this game! :D

Nice game! I loved its game art and the amount of features it has! Some initial rounds seem extremely difficult to me. I also didn't know how to buy skills :,( 

thank you! :D

Thanks for your feedback Mate! I'm glad you like it!  I will definitely need to add a level or mission about hand washing xD

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I'm glad you liked it! To make it I used mosi,  a tiny game engine inspired by Bitsy.

Thank you! This is my first 8-bit game I've ever made :D