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Well I played it! And it was actually a lot of fun. I can see a lot of possibility in this sort of game. As a game it appeals to gamers in general. But what it is also appeals to people who enjoy a certain amount of political awareness. Mind you the 'winning' or 'losing' aspect is kind of in the hands of the developer. It gives as much insight to who the player is, as it does who the creators are. I like the selections for the events, it usually felt very, black - white - grey. There was I think 1, regarding the Elven girl who wanted to get into the school of magic that was black - white. A 3rd option would of fit the intended design a bit more.

Overall! Great game, and it would be awesome if you guys did decide to go further with it. Very nicely done.


Interesting take, but yeah the bias of the developers can certainly be seen by the player if they pay enough attention.  Thank you for the feedback, and we do plan to work on it a bit more! So a post-jam update will be around. I'm sure I'll post it in the Discord. :D Thank you for playing and leaving feedback!