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Really cool game guys. I was impressed by the huge levels and details in design. Love that you managed to tell a horror story that actually surprised me. You managed to create a  very unique feeling. The boss level with the music and final fight was really nice too. The soundeffects were also well picked. The only thing that bothered me was finding a way  through the maze, some points of interest to navigate would have helped.

Really nice submission, great work everybody!

Really cool game :) Didn't notice in time. Why don't you join us over at the wildjam discord mate?

Don't feel bad! Thanks a lot for playing :)

Hey, leider weiß ich nicht wie euer Spiel funktioniert und die Itch seite, wo es eventuell steht, möchte ein Passwort :)

Wahnsinnig schönes Spiel! Großes Kompliment an die Artists. Ihr habt ein echt schönes, großes Level gebaut. Leider scheitert es bei mir an der Steuerung, ich habe beim zweiten schweren Sprung aufgeben müssen. Weiß nicht ob es an meiner Hardware lag, aber konnte mit meinem Gamepad zwar laufen, aber nicht springen. Das wäre sicher einfacher gewesen.

Sehr lustiges Game :D Die Grafiken gefallen mir gut, das drehende Sprite erinnert an Paper Mario.  Sticht auf jeden Fall schön raus. Der Sound trägt gut zum Humor des Spieles bei. Das gameplay ist sehr einfach, aber funktioniert. Ein bisschen Momentum hätte dem Spieler Movement sicher gut getan.

Schöne Idee, lustiges Feedback für den Spieler und schicker Artstyle.
Das Tempo könnte für meinen Geschmack schneller starten oder zunehmen, der Abstand der Fische variieren. Dann könnte man sich glatt an den Job gewöhnen :D

Thank you a lot for your kind words! :)

Thank you so much! :)

Dankeschön! Cool euch hier zu sehen. War mit Kinematics Art die Community zu führen nicht einverstanden und bin nach seinem Statement vor kurzem gegangen.

Good job man, a creative and fun mechanic with no distractions. The visuals are nice too. Really liked this one. To impove, some progression or scoring system would be welcome.

I agree with the others on the gameplay but want to point out again what a nice looking game and well polished game this i. Well done!

Schön gemacht! sieht richtig gut aus und macht Spaß - richtig gute Arbeit

A really cute game, the palette and music were will picked. It has a warm retro feeling reminding of the NES era. Was a fun little ride, thank you for creating it!

Thanks a lot! Here is the repo Your reported error should be fixed, maybe there was an error exporting to Linux, we are rebuilding it at the moment.

Great Gameplay and Visuals. Very unique. Great work!

Visually super pleasing. The flying bullets, impact particles look very nice. The music is well picked, the game creates a very nice mood. The gameplay is a bit lacking, but you layed out a very nice foundation for more of if it. Has a very mature and polished feeling for a jam game. Nice work!

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Really cool idea and nice execution. I have played around quite a bit with the vehicle nodes myself, you made it work nicely, eventhough i think 3rd person for driving the car would have helped :)
The tiny world you created in 3D is simple, but charming. Nice work!

You created a unique and creative mechanic on the one button theme! Also nice visuals. It was a bit hard but fun to play :) A nice submission. The sound was very loud, turned it down to the very bottom

Looks super interesting, sadly my phone can't run it, I think it's related to GLES3. I recommend building it with GLES2 in Godot 3.1 beta 1 or 2.
If you provide desktop or web builds I will happily play the game on pc! I am looking forward to meeting astronaut dog :)

Cute little game, a bit too hard, but the mechanics are cool and fun to try out

Makes me happy someone has discovered him :)

Do you get any error? What version are you trying?

Fantastic Game! I love everything about it. The graphics are gorgeous, the animations look really sweet and fluid. The mushrooms are charming. The soundscape feels very immersive, it is well mixed, i like the soundeffects. The base mechanic works well, even better with controller (love that you support it) and you created very nice levels around it. I can't point out  what to improve. It is a complete package and my favorite game so far in this jam.
To be honest, the name may not do the game justice. I feel like a serious name would suit this very mature jam entry better.

Funny and cool look. But a bit too hard, the other hurricanes are very strong :D

Took me a while to figure out what to do, but I love the graphics and music, it's really charming. I appreciate such original mechanic in a jam game, and am happy you got to submission despite issues at first. Nice work!

Tzoop! Danke dir :)

Fun to play, nice and original graphic style and humor. Nice submission!

What a beauty! I love the aesthetics, you did great art on this one. It's fun to watch the wealth grow, the enemies are interesting. A bit of sound would have gone a long way but even without the visual feedback nice already. Nice submission

Very nice entry! I did not manage to beat it, without a map the maze was too hard for me to solve. Technically, you did a great job. Sound and Visuals are really good. One element i would like to point out is the hitscan enemy - I don't like him very much. Getting hit feels a bit unfair and results in what feels like cheap deaths. The projectile enemies are where I had the most fun.

Yes certainly! A world map would give me an idea what's there to explore, a goal to reach and a feel of progression. I think it's a good solution

It feels very rough but the great visuals and nice bit of writing give it a feel of looking into an existing, fascinating world. I would love to play more of this

As usual great work and stunning visuals John!

Very nice pixel art and your most beautiful jam game so far. You also did a great job on the music. The gameplay however suffers from a bit sturdy controls and the challenges don't feel very engaging. Some element that rewards the player for completing them may be a good idea for the Post Jam update you are probably doing :)

Very cute! It has a real retro feeling and enjoyable gameplay. The different styles in pixel art look a bit odd, that's something i would work on, if you continue to make this game.

Fantastic entry, feels super polished and well produced. I would like to see more of it! I agree with the others, getting more feedback on your actions would be a great addition.

Reminds me a lot of the games I played as a child. Trying this with a second player was very fun. Well done!

Pretty tough to learn but very stylish and charming look and fun to play. I like it!

Nicely done demo of the mechanics with cute visuals. Also an original take on the Theme. Thank you for providing source code!

You guys did a fantastic job on this one!

A unique and pretty look, a whole town modelled, it's really impressing. The gameplay is not the most original but well executed. I was amazed there were actual enemies and had quite a few laughs. My favorite submission!

Gratulations! A very charming game