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Submitted by plexsoup (@plexsoup), Josef Ambruz, caevv (@caevvdotcom), Cyril Peron-Dehghan — 15 hours, 21 minutes before the deadline

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Godot version
3.1 Stable


Game description
Help young Friedrich complete his farm chores. But don't go into those dangerous caves! (farmsim-action-rpg-shmup-bullethell)

WASD plus Space

Discord username
plexsoup, caevv, Cyril Peron-Dehghan:, Josef Ambruz

Participation level
It's plexsoup's third GWJ. Maybe 1st or 2nd for the other guys.

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

We were intrigued by the story. There are very nice ideas in this and it was a blast to play.




A nice story driven game. The different pixel densities in the art annoyed me a little, and I find the floor tiling a little repetitive. But for the most part, it's a great start for a good game. Loved the music, specially. Good job!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Totally fair points! If we continue development, the inconsistent art needs some attention and the caves need a lot more scenery and items of interest.

Thanks for playing! The critique is super helpful.


I hope you will keep up your project! The way you guys developed the theme of this jam lay the basis for an interesting story-driven RPG.
But even with a little polish it is a fun and inspiring adventure just the way it is right now.
The choice of the images and semi-realistic textures really struck me: they really help to create an esoteric and occult mood.


Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it.

A short break is in order, then we'll think about whether to develop it further. :)


Really cool game guys. I was impressed by the huge levels and details in design. Love that you managed to tell a horror story that actually surprised me. You managed to create a  very unique feeling. The boss level with the music and final fight was really nice too. The soundeffects were also well picked. The only thing that bothered me was finding a way  through the maze, some points of interest to navigate would have helped.

Really nice submission, great work everybody!


Thanks for playing Dalton! Glad you liked it. 

That dungeon definitely needed better level design and a bit of scenery.  

I love the jam experience: how it forces you to make difficult compromises based on time shortage.


Projectiles shot are often inaccurate and the speed of the projectiles are random.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for trying it!


We fixed some of the issues with projectiles. Hopefully it's better now.

Got it in under the submission deadline!