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I've made some changes but couldn't upload it due to voting.

Regarding post jam updates, will it be okay to break some rules when Jam is over (including voting period)?


Metroidvania Month 8 community · Created a new topic PG-13

What kinds of content or what tags, can be considered as PG-13?

I was making a game for a Game Jam but that recently ended. That Jam period is within  the period of this jam. Will it be alright to continue and submit my game to this Jam?

Is it alright if the updates post Jam period break the limitations, etc.?

Check if your browser has enabled running Javascripts. Tried looking for that error and getting troubleshooting for Javascript instead of the Game engine.

Cyber Surfer: Shoot down Malware. 

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The Game Jam version, Valkyrie Dungeon Mini.

Ryona (NSFW) version of Valkyrie Dungeon.

Game is playable but features still incomplete.

The problem/bug from my observation is that the enemies don't attack the player.

On the enemy's turn, if they are next to the player make them initiate the Blackjack game.

Hope this tip helps. I've been polishing my own roguelike so I feel the struggle.

Don't know if this is a bug but you can just avoid the monsters and just go for the chests and exit.

Also the page keeps scrolling when you press the directional buttons. Usually the scrolling is disabled when the game on the page is active.

Yup. Power-ups and potions exists in chests and drops. Enemies get progressively stronger with every floor so you'll be needing them.

Yup. It's the most complicated part of coding the game.

Your game seems to run smoothly in web. I always have some performance issues when I export my games as web.

I read that you used Godot engine for this game. What version did you use?

Experienced a bug. Game blacked out when leveled up and took a loot/item.

Could use some knock-back/invincibility frames. Those bats and black ghosts can drain your hp very quick if they touch you.

Could use some knock-back/invincibility frames. Those bats and black ghosts can drain your hp very quick if they touch you.


Thanks. Yeah, music is my weakest link since I don't know nor how to use any 8-bit music composing app on Linux and not a music composing person in general, I do the art and programming by myself though.

Godot Engine.

When exporting the game into executable. The Engine sets whether it's 32 or 64 bit. I know most who use Windows has 64-bit by default, I just added for uniformity with the other executables.

Play/Download (Please Support, too):

Dungeon-crawling Roguelike game submitted for LOWREZJAM 2019.

An action/shooter game. Submission for the 100 Dollar Game Jam.

Game has to be run in terminal because file manager considers the executable file as 'Shared library' instead of executable.

Also, the controls are not working properly. The up in the L-Analog stick works as both up and select. Only WASD works in the keyboard.

Western-themed Shoot-em-up.

May I add to this question? If there's two or more jam one can participate, can they submit a single game? Provided that the rules don't specifically restrict it and the game was made during the duration of the jam(s).

Red the Drake finds a surprise.

Now more than ever, cannot unsee Megaman's normal shots as lemons.

Protect the City/Nest.

Would a sequel of sorts be okay? I already made a space game before and I want to expand on that: different spaceships, a gravity mechanic for black hole, etc.

Escape the Facility

The screen jumps and jitters while I was playing. Aside from that, all good.

Shoot Ships and Avoid Asteroids

Linux ver. crashes as well...

Browser version crashes when clicked start...

Projectiles shot are often inaccurate and the speed of the projectiles are random.

Reminds me of Lost Vikings.

Short and unwinnable game. You only have limited shots against unending waves of enemies with no health/ammo pickups.