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Our idea was being "confined" by your growing trail ^^ kind of like old-school snake

Best entry we've played so far.  \( ̄︶ ̄*\))  Very relaxing

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We were intrigued by the story. There are very nice ideas in this and it was a blast to play.

Nice game! Especially the animations are cute. 
 As previous commenters already pointed out, the game is a little quiet.
We'd recommend checking out to quickly make sound effects for pixel art games like this. 

That's a known issue. The first one is supposed to enable your light, but its enabled from the beginning by accident.

The architecture of the game, as well as its simulation theme are very interesting. Unfortunately it is not very clear what you have to do and why you are supposed to do it.

You really should add an more interesting cover and a description text which addresses some of the mentioned issues, so that more people want to try the game ;)    

I see a lot of potential for a great puzzle game right here! Except for that one ramp which rotated uncontrollably once you picked it up, everything worked very smoothly. Create some more levels where you get to utilize the introduced mechanics in an interesting and thoughtful way and it would be perfect!

An absolutely awesome idea, which was almost flawlessly realized. Now it just needs some more nice looking assets, levels and a more naturally behaving enemy AI(They wait a very long time until they actually shoot at you) and you would have a game that could be sold as a fully fledged game!

Great idea, although maybe it would be even more fun if you could choose your weapon. But I love the idea of even your own weapons sort of turning against you(because they will always rotate and you get the weapons that you don´t really want to have in that situation).

The intro gave me a good laugh, too :D

Nice idea, the models and the art-style are definitely the best part of it all.

Unfortunately the function of the game mechanics wasn´t very clear to me.

But I loved the art-style of the characters ;D especially the princess, who is also a knight.

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It took me quite a while to reach freedom forest Having more distractions other than the ... "fish" (I guess) would have been nice. But the soundscape is really making up for a lot. Its nice to play even without any visuals, just focusing on the sound.

is weird though, that the recommended mode is not even available