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You don't have to pull the trigger - the weapons do it for you!
Submitted by Cyberfly — 55 minutes, 26 seconds before the deadline
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I liked the concept of the game, a good representation of the jam's theme. Not being allowed to shoot at will adds a strategic layer to the genre, and is interesting that it forces you to use all your guns. As a suggestion, ammunition scarcity could make the game more entertaining and challenging, and I would add more weapons that depend on bullet bouncing. I liked the introduction animation. Visually, I think the tiles on the floor are noisy, and the character design could be better. Sound effects and music helped to set the hilarious mood of the game. The music remembers me of the movie Soul Kitchen.

_φ( °-°)/ We'll appreciate if you rate and comment our game: Slow Ride.


Thank you for your feedback! We will discuss your idea about the ammunition scarcity in our team. We're already working on a new version and will update as soon as the jam is over. We totally agree that the floor is too noisy and already created new assets for that.

Maybe come back later, when we have a new version :)


I loved Orbital Punch last year, and it's great to see you folks coming back with another good one. The concept is solid and works pretty well. I can't help but feel that you should either go all in on the weapon-swapping (like you can't control it at all) or just not even do the weapon roulette.

As it stands, it doesn't really do anything extra for the theme/gameplay, and it just kinda makes the gameplay a little bit more tedious. If weapon swapping was uncontrollable, it would at least be a fact of life and be something tactical that you have to plan around.

The graphics and sound are great, of course. I feels like the enemies could  use a little more feedback when they get hit, though. Also, while the ground looks great, it is super busy. It could do with looking a little more faded so the game seems a little less cluttered.

Great entry! Can't wait to see what ya'll do next year.


Thank you so much for your feedback! Great that you played Orbita Punch last year :)
We're currently polishing the game and too have an issue with the weapon swapping. At the moment a lot of players request that the weapons will we swappable for the player, but we will keep your feedback in mind and playtest your idea too. 

You're totally right concerning the enemies feedback and the super busy floor. We faded it already so you don't get too dizzy when walking over it. We will update the game after the jam (probably some days after and not tomorrow, as some bugs are quite tedious to fix).

Again, thank you a lot for your feedback :) 


Nicely crafted game with a really impressive intro and story art! The multiple weapons were fun to time and use. Perhaps adding some level of weapon choice (if not picking individual weapons, at least choosing when they fire) would make the game a bit more tactical. Overall, well done!


Thank you very much, we too are very proud of our art and what we could create in about 30 hours!
You actually have kind of a choiche which weapon you use. With RB/R1 or Space on the keyboard you are able to switch manually through, although they will shoot when they're cooldown is up. The cooldown even stops in the middle when you switch. 
A lot of players didn't knew that so that's entirely our fault for not communicating the controls well enough. At the moment we're polishing the game and we put a litte control sheet on it! 

(1 edit) (+2)

First off, I really enjoyed this game. 
Having only little control over when your guns fire adds another dimension of planning to a top-down shooter and makes positioning even more important. I love the spin this mechanic takes on regular tds games, in which you often default to a single weapon once you find your favourite. 
The thematics are great and make for an interesting game world and enemy design.

The weapon design was very interesting as well. Some notes on that:
- I love the design of the minigun, impairing/speeding up your movement while dealing damage at a medium range made it the most fun weapon for me. 
- Having the ability to create escape/attack routes for yourself with the rocket launcher is also a great concept. However, I think it should not be the only weapon able to destroy smaller obstacles like crates/tables as right now it is necessary to always switch to the launcher and even damage yourself when in a tight spot. Having it be the only gun to tear down walls perfectly makes sense, though.
- The flamethrower works great when running away from a horde of enemies but it is useless as an offensive tool as you constantly run into your own flames. Maybe tweak it so that while the gun is firing, you push away the flames in front of you as you walk. 
- The shotgun works fine,  although it felt a little like an inferior version of the minigun. Maybe reduce its cooldown timer so that it can serve as a quickdraw close-range combat tool and/or make it further push away enemies hit.
- The only weapon I did not like at all was the poison grenade launcher. Most of the combat is close to medium range (except when you know the position of an enemy far away and decide to fire a rocket at them), so having a weapon that only works at a huge distance is problematic. Add in that the flask needs to bounce before it explodes & only creates a very little smoke cloud and you have an inferior weapon. This could be fixed in a number of ways e.g. making the flask explode once it hits an enemy, decreasing its range/bounces, increasing the cloud size or making the cloud interactable with your other guns e.g. the shotgun blast spreading it further, the flamethrower making it explode, etc.

I mentioned earlier that I like how the game encourages you to use all the weapons as it is too slow to cycle back to your favourite. This necessitates, however, that all weapons are (somewhat) equally useful. 
Tweaking the weaker ones a little bit would probably solve that, though. 

As the level structure and enemy spawns change every time you play, this never really gets boring and makes for a lot of replayability.

+ Great idea for a core mechanic, switching things up for a TDS game
+ Cool thematics
+ Great design on some weapons (e.g. the minigun, rocket launcher)
+ Fun and interesting gameplay
+ Replayability due to randomized levels

- Some weapons need to be improved to fully support the core mechanic of semi-controllability

Thanks for making this, I had a lot of fun trying it out!
Due to this is being jam game, of course there were a few bugs/unintended features. I am just listing them in case they are not known. Therefore, they are not intended as criticism towards the design:
- Outer walls of the level can occasionally be destroyed with the rocket launcher. This allows the player to exit the level into the void. As the tight space is part of the game mechanics, this makes it very easy to win. 
- Corn projectiles are invisible from time to time, especially at close range.
- It happened several times that all enemies were dead but the victory screen did not appear. I searched the whole level multiple times but could not find any more. As enemies sometimes come in from outside the level it could be that that they spawned out of bounds and maybe wandered off.
- Enemies tend to walk through walls sometimes


First of all, we are literally screaming right now. This is the most genuine review for a game, especially on we've ever read. And your timing is perfect! We're actually working right now on improvements for our game and your ideas will flow right into them. 
Your feedback is very valuable for us and we are beyond happy that you enjoyed our game this much! 

W can tell you we already tweaked the weapons, we reduced the cooldown for the shotgun and made the gas grenade more useful (we're totally with you here, it was the worst weapon of them all). 

Also thanks for your bug list! We didn't know that the protectiles of the corn were invisible at times. It's supposed to shoot popcorn but we somehow forgot to implement it.. oops! Concerning the enemies.. some of them get out of the level and can't find their way back to the player. So you probably didn't kill them all, we just messed ab the path finding there.. 

We want to thank you again and we appreciate the time and effort you put in actually playing and reviewing our game to this extend!


Great idea, although maybe it would be even more fun if you could choose your weapon. But I love the idea of even your own weapons sort of turning against you(because they will always rotate and you get the weapons that you don´t really want to have in that situation).

The intro gave me a good laugh, too :D


We're really glad you liked it! You can actually kind of choose your own weapon. You can switch between them with RB/R1 or Space, but once they're cool down is over they will shoot :) 

(1 edit) (+2)

This is definitely one of the best games at this gmtkjam.  I really like that the artwork and the levels always regenerate. So it is very diversified and funny.  Congratulations for this special game!!


Thank you so much! 


I love the art style and the comics-like intro is really nice. The game itself has a fun concept too.

Good job!


Thank you very much!

We'll update the game as soon as the jam is over so we can get rid of these bugs. You're free to give it a try after that!


I really loveeee this game! Especially the art design! very cute and adorable in all  designed! There are  some bugs in this game but still its amazing to make this game in several days!

A big fan of this art work!<3


We're really happy you like the game! We will take the next weekend to polish it and update the current version as soon as the jam is over :)


I love how you not only made a great concept and idea, but also invented a theme and even a distinct comic graphic style. 5/5.


Thank you so much! We are really happy you liked it <3


Cant do anything. mouse and keyboard just being ignored by this game


Sorry to hear that. But i'm sure we can work most of the bugs out over the coming weeks!

Even restarting the game didn't help? Do you maybe have different input devices on your PC? The game might have a problem taking mouse /keyboard inputs while a controller is connected to your machine.


Hey, that's really awful! We tested it with mouse and keyboard and nobody seemed to have an issue.. Maybe you can tell us your setup, meaning the system you're running and which version of it? This could be a bug with Unity and maybe we can reproduce it to fix it for our next version.. I'm so sorry you have these issues!


I'm a big fan of top-down shooters, and I like the direction. The automatic weapon-swap needs some getting used to at first, but adds a nice touch of tactics later on. However, when I died, I only did so because I grilled myself. :p On the other hand, I didn't kill anything with the gas grenade - at least not even myself

A couple of bugs here and there, but I guess that's ok, given it was a gamejam title. Couldn't restart, couldn't finish a level, but that was mentioned before.

Love the style and really dig the music. This type of sound easily becomes annoying, but not so far ^^ Keep it up, will gladly give it another shot! :)


I'm really happy you liked it :)

Yeah, the flame thrower is not that readable yet.. we want to update the game after the jam is finished so that it's actually finishable.
It's possible to finish the level, but as the enemies can get out of bounds they sometimes get stuck at an outer wall..

Thank you again for your feedback, we will keep it in mind when polishing it!


I'm not really into enemy-wave shooters, but this put a small asterisk in it. Extremely fun to play and the art is GORGEOUS, but could have used more work in the audio department. More pros and cons for the weapons could have been nice, the only weapon I was aware it had them was the gas grenade.


Thank you for your feedback! Yes, we too are quite happy about how the art turned out. As for the balancing of the weapons and the sound.. We miscalculated, of course we did :D we had no time for play testing before submitting and all the sounds we have we're implemented in a rush. 

We will work on the game and update it after the rating for the jam is over and we will keep your feedback in mind :) 


LOVED the artwork, but either I had a bug or that there is no goal to get to? (at the end I just strolled outside of the screen, and couldn't find anything relevant to do).

At the end of the day, I think that "my weapons act out on their own" is a really cool thing to base a game on, but you could go further than that to make it shine, because I almost didn't care what weapon will shoot now as long as some kind of firepower was active. Give me more challenges that relates to the pro's and con's of each weapons, preferably both, so that it will have a greater effect on the experience (:

Developer (2 edits) (+5)

Awesome that you liked the art! And thank you so much for your valuable feedback. We had no time to test the game before submitting so it's really unbalanced, but we will keep your criticism in mind when working on it :) 

As for the goal.. We have an out of bounds problem. It's actually possible to win the level and get to the second stage, but sometimes, when a wall on the outside of a room gets destroyed, enemies will run outside into the abyss or wherever their now free mind is leading them.. That means you can't kill them anymore and thus can't win the level.. When the rating time is over we will upload a fixed version :) 


If you plan to keep working on that game then I'll look forward to it (:


I love the comic book design of this game! You must either have a lot of talent being an artist, or be good at finding somebody to do it for you! The gameplay's pretty neat, although I wish that I was told I had to use my gamepad rather than being thrown in and shaved down to half health before trying it. Here's my submission:


The art was made all by ourself. Yeah, we have a really talented artist and I'm super glad!

Thank you for the feedback about the game pad, we will add it to our description beforehand! 


Amazing art style. Fun game play. The flamethrower is your worst enemy and your best weapon. I did get stuck after I died, as the game would not load when I hit start again.

Developer (1 edit) (+4)

Thank you a lot! 
We know of the bug.. you need to restart the game, but we just found out one minute after submissions closed.. We will update when the rating for the jam is over :)