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I made one, hope it works correctly ;)


You can :D

I asked my sound designer and he said yes!

Thank you, your comment makes me so happy

On the Web version you can't (because of a bug I don't know how to fix) but with the download version, you can change it when creating a room.

I can't say, I don't own a chromebook, but I think it should work

Of course, do as you wish :D

Wow so much feedback! Thanks a lot! I'll try to correct what I can if I have the time.

I think I will keep it for now, and if more people are complaining I will make it optional. 

Thank you, your comment made my day! :D

Seems weird, if it's the web version make sur you clicked on the game before, or try refreshing.

Try to change your browser, I know it works better on somes

I don't think I can, sorry :(

Sorry last update I tried but it didn't work, I'll try this time too 

Expect a huge update for SAGE ;D

Merci beaucoup, ça fait plaisir d'entendre ça.
Je te souhaite bon courage pour ton Sonic-Like ! :D

Thank you so much! I spent so much time on that menu xD

Actually I just released an update to the game with audio and a new level 2 days ago xD

But thank you for making the video!

Yeah sorry, the web version sometime doesn't want to load, I don't know why. I'm trying to fix this.

Thank you, but for now, I'm thinking about making more levels if I have the time. But all the 3D models of Klonoa I found are in the game, so I don't think I'll need more animations. 

Wow nice! Hope to see more speedruns, I like to see people break my games :D

Hmmm you çan't >.> I'll add that to the next update. And I'll do a Mac version of too.

Thank you! It's possible I make one or two more levels in the future, but all the 3D Klonoa models I found are on this demo ... So don't expect a full Klonoa game >.>

Thank you! Actually I'm not really able to continue because there's all the Klonoa 3D model I found in this demo.

I'll maybe make 1 or 2 more levels but I won't be able to make a full Klonoa game, I'm not good enough at 3D modeling. >.>

Also feel free to share your time, I think mine was something like 6min30s.

Thank you for your feedback! I'll definitely think about using this basis to make a game without the Klonoa brand.

But it's not impossible I make some update from time to time, also the source code is available so it's not impossible someone else continue on this project.

Thank you for your feedback! I had some friends telling me the same about the rocket jump mechanic so I did a quick update allowing you to just press jump again in the air while holding an enemy to double jump.

Yeah I like to joke about Bandai Namco not knowing Klonoa exist and that they will buy the right for this game without knowing they own it xD

Oh yes I totally agree that the Klonoa games are mostly based on puzzle. It's just that I have the impression that the character design doesn't really makes you think the game is about puzzle. But maybe that's juste me >.>

lol nope that's just a bug xD

Yes, go ahead! :)

Oh sorry to ear that, maybe try with Mozilla Firefox, I heard it works better. Otherwise you can still download the windows .exe :)

Thank you! :D

Thank you for your feedbacks. I'm still experimenting with the character movements and level design for now, so I take notes of everything you say in order to improve it.

Thanks you!  Yes the last one seems hard to a lot of people. :)

Thank you! Yeah that puzzle is quite tricky. :)

Thank you! :)