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Oh sorry to ear that, maybe try with Mozilla Firefox, I heard it works better. Otherwise you can still download the windows .exe :)

Thank you! :D

Thank you for your feedbacks. I'm still experimenting with the character movements and level design for now, so I take notes of everything you say in order to improve it.

Thanks you!  Yes the last one seems hard to a lot of people. :)

Thank you! Yeah that puzzle is quite tricky. :)

Thank you! :)

Thank you! 

I will see if I have time to make a longer version of the game. But I'm afraid of the motion sickness if it you play too long haha...

Wow ! What a detailed feedback, I've read everything it was very interesting, thank your so much! :D

Thank you very much!

Thank you for you nice comments! :D

Yeah the part where you "parkoured" seems hard to many people. About the one with the arrow, you have to combine the bomb and the shield. You place a bomb and then either you shoot with the shield on the bomb or you can just trigger the bomb with the shield between you and the bomb. It was meant to be a mechanic like the rocket jump, but without any hints it must be hard too understand.

Anyway, I really appreciate your feedbacks, I will probably try to cover every problems in an updated version after the jam.

Simple concept but putting VVVVVVV gameplay into a runner works actually well.

With a little more work on the graphics and effect, it could be a really cool game. Also, I think you should have locked the camera between the roads as it would help seeing clearly where you land.

Anyway, good job!

Thank you for your comment!

Normally the shield should block the laser, maybe you had a bug, I'll check that. 

For the player jump,I hesitated to remove it at some point, but I think it was better to have this mechanic as it allows some freedom.

In the part with the interruptor behind the glass, you have to shoot your shield and then shoot a red projectile on it to make it bounce and go to the interruptor. But I agree that it is hard to understand.

Thanks again for all this feedbacks. :)

Thank you for this long and interesting comment. 

At the beginning I wanted to create a more action oriented game with some enemies, but due to the lack of time I didn't put it except for the laser. However, with no health bar it's true that the lasers don't do much.

For the part with the button behind the glass, you have to shoot a shield and then shoot with the red weapon on your shield. The red bullet will bounce on the shield and go right to the interruptor.

Thank you again for all the feedbacks!

Thank you! :D

OMG what a weird experience haha! Nice game with some neat art style, great job!

Simple concept but nice execution with good level design. It reminded me of the Rayman Legend levels on Wii U.

However I had a hard time understanding that you can push object with others, I had to read the comments to understand haha ...

Anyway, good job!

Nice game with a gorgeous art style. However the gameplay itself is quick hard in my opinion but I still had a really fun time. Great job!

That's a very good idea but the game it self is quite hard. Maybe with multiple screen it's would have been easier to keep track of everything. Anyway good job!

Really good game with some intense mood. I had a hard time to keep the daughter alive but it was still enjoyable. Great job!

Nice little game. The gameplay is simple but well executed. Good job!

Really good concept. The gameplay is well crafted with good pyshics and fun visual effect. Good job!

Is it me or is it inspired by Splatoon? Haha

Oh thank you! I'm glad you liked it so much! :D

Thank you! :)

Really good game! It's well crafted and the concept is neat. Hope you will add more level later on.

I really like the idea and the game itself is well crafted. Good job!

Thank you for your comment! :D

I'll definitively check out your game.

Nice concept well executed. It has good level design and a cute art style.
Great job!

Nice idea, but the physic makes it really hard to play. Good job overall!

I like the idea and the minimalistic art style. However, using the keyboard number was really counter intuitive for me. I would have prefer drag'n dropping with the mouse for example.

Anyway, good job!

Nice little game, the gameplay is quite good. Also bonus point for the character running animation, it's really smooth.

My only real problem was the orcs coming from above which were too quick to react.

Anyway, good job!

I love the art style and the comics-like intro is really nice. The game itself has a fun concept too.

Good job!

I love kaiju, so I had to play this game and it was really funny. I love the art style and specially the design of the monster. However the gameplay itself is a little bit messy (I love screenshakes but even for me, it's too much haha).

Anyway, good job! I would definitively want to see this funny monster again in future games!

Nice idea! The game itself need more polish and more funny interaction but there's some potential. It's kind of the Undertale of tactical RPG. Good job!

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Nice little game with a good art style, however the camera was a bit too fast for me.

Simple concept but well executed with a gorgeous art style. Great job!

Simple idea very well executed. This game is really addictive.

Good job!

The title reminded me of a game called Second Person Shooter Zato, but your game is a little bit different. The concept is actually quite smart, but I think the problem is that you should have gone for a more slow paced, puzzled oriented level design because it's quite hard with the view to understand what happen.

Anyway, good job!

Thank you for your nice comment! :D

Thank you! :)

Clever idea! The graphics are good and the gameplay is nice.

My only problem is the smoothing of the shield rotation, for an action oriented game, it would have been better to have the shield follow the mouse/joystick movement instantly.

Anyway, good job overall!