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Thank you! Actually I'm not really able to continue because there's all the Klonoa 3D model I found in this demo.

I'll maybe make 1 or 2 more levels but I won't be able to make a full Klonoa game, I'm not good enough at 3D modeling. >.>

Also feel free to share your time, I think mine was something like 6min30s.

It's all okay! My best time was 5 minutes and 26 seconds, and im trying to get below 5 minutes using all the speedrun tricks I know for this game. And I hope im not forcing you to do more stuff on the game, it's already fantastic. 


Just got this!


Wow nice! Hope to see more speedruns, I like to see people break my games :D


For sure! I've been trying to beat my record for 2 weeks, im still trying!

Definitely do amazing game