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Woah, how did that happen? I'll fix that now

I love this so much.

To ty jesteś z Polski czy po prostu użyłeś głosu Tłumacza bo jest śmieszny?

Thank you for mentioning this, I know exactly what the problem is. I'll fix it soon.


There we go. There's a browser build now.

I'll try to recreate it in Unity.

* strongly agree

This game is very yes.

More levels. Expand this.

That would require me to trust you with my games' source code, which I don't, unfortunately. Not with strangers that I've only just met.

As soon as one of my friends with a Mac decide to respond to my messages, yeah.

  • Program using only 3 commands.
  • Solve and optimize 32 Tasks and 16 Extra Tasks.
  • Find out more details about your wife.
  • Regret that incident long, long ago.

Yep, I just fixed that jump

Yeah, I checked it... but I kept the description because it sounds funnier imo

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Ahhh... so good. And the reminded me of tiasu, especially the album "Rising".

I think it would be interesting to experiment with not letting the player break, but constantly moving him toward the cursor.

Well, it's certainly more polished and atmospheric. I would still recommend adding a written tutorial of sorts though because I don't think just writing the number on a scroll makes it more obvious what it actually means. Maybe you could also add different varieties of enemies: ranged, multiplying (e.g. slimes in minecraft), maybe insta-kill...

I had to read the comments to figure out how the theme was at all implemented. (To anyone confused, you can buy upgrades that make you drop more money when you die.) I didn't know what the weird "$" thing was but I bought it anyway. I didn't really notice the difference.

To be honest, I found that the gameplay got stale after some time. It was just "kill the monsters, buy upgrades, move on". It felt satisfying when the skellies didn't do any damage to me because of my shield and I could just stand there. Also, when I bought the wand, I dragged it into my weapon slot because I thought that's where it would go, and then I couldn't equip my sword anymore, which make the rest of the game unbeatable (I think).

Overall, I think you could be clearer with how the game is meant to be played and maybe add tooltips to tell the player what each item does. It was certainly an unexpected game to play in a game jam, so well done on that!

Thank you for your feedback! I expected that some people would be annoyed by the main mechanic. The most I can do in another version is options to disable the yellow bar and make restarting reset it. I also think I might've coded it wrong, when there are no more spikes the yellow bar should've been full but I haven't tested that. I'll think about what to do with the jumping shake.

Thank you for your feedback! I noticed some people also being annoyed with the lower gravity, I'll change that in the post-jam version.

Jonas actually already gave me a key - I'm a tester!


To be honest, some of the levels felt more like busywork than actual puzzle solving, especially the "you can push dead frogs into bombs level". I messed up near the end and then just had to repeat a bunch of moves. Mark Brown has a good video on puzzle design. Don't worry - puzzle design is hard, harder than any other level design.

Apart from that, it's a pleasant game with a unique concept.

Is the "play" button intentionally so hard to find? I didn't see it and was just pressing random buttons. I would make it bigger and brighter.

I found the controls to be surprisingly funny, along with the weird voice (?). I just think the effects were a bit exessive. Maybe you could include an option to decrease them or turn them off.

Okay. This is just infinitely impressive.

There's really nothing I didn't like about this. It was mostly just impressive how much polish you packed into this thing. All I could really ask for is more interviewers. Good job.

Cute & charming. I personally don't see any reason to not let the player advance the textboxes himself, it doesn't necessarily sync with the music. Battles as well became rather lengthy because I couldn't just skip all the text.

Some of the sprites in the battle screen looked very obviously stretched. You don't want that, it simply looks unfinished.

The music was surprisingly good, especially the 'calm' version.

Lastly, I found that in the first battle, there was always an obviously best choice - frenzy. You might want to balance magic and defense costs, damage values, etc. to make the choices more interesting. Jonas himself has a good video on decisions. 

Looks like someone else forgot to also upload the .pck file...

Why did you submit it twice?

Oh hey look, another game published to multiple unrealted jams.

This was made 24 days ago. That is not during jam time.

If you're talking about the death limits, yeah, I must agree. I will lower them in the postjam version.

But if you're talking about the main game... well, the whole point is that there are accessibility features, no?

I agree with the bagel man. Just restart me in the same level I died in.

Apart from that, pretty nice and simple game. It's like Jonas said, replace the enemies with flagpoles and the flagpoles with enemies - not very creative but fits the theme. In my opinion the pluses move too quickly, but it's a really nice mechanic of colouring your character to shoot in a certain direction, so I gave you 4 stars for creativity in the end.

So, from what I can tell, you're trying to make the weird shapes big, as many of them as possible. Maybe put some kind of tutorial in? It feels a bit weird, especially sicne there's no point counter or anything.

After shooting a second time I get this:

ERROR: add_child: Parameter "p_child" is null.
   At: scene/main/node.cpp:1174
ERROR: Can't add child 'bullet' to 'muzzle', already has a parent 'muzzle'.
   At: scene/main/node.cpp:1176

Why is there a gun anyway? There's nothing to shoot at.

The camera moves very slowly. It's hard to use for me.

Also, the only way to advance is to touch the flagpole twice... touching the flagpole is usually what makes you win anyway, so I don't think that really fits with the theme.

Wow, that is a very minimalist penguin xD

But what is the goal of the game? I just walked around and it became very boring before I found anything so I just quit. As the other guy said, put your controls or information about the game somewhere, even if you don't put it in-game.

Cool game, pretty fun. The voicelines were a bit hard to understand, I suggest adding subtitles. Also, I found that it's possible to just place spikes in front of the player if you get the timing right and then it's not that much of a challenge anymore - maybe try making an 'invincibility aura' around the player? Also, something that tells you when you can place a spike again would be appreciated.

(1 edit)

Well, that certainly improved the experience! Why didn't you say it in the game somewhere, like you did with A D at the start?

I think it goes without saying that the polish was maximized in this entry ;) However, in terms of originality and gameplay, I fear it did a bit worse. The idea of using your corpses is already pretty common and something I see with a lot of games like this is that it's very frustrating whenever you see a spike, because you know you have to jump into it and redo the entire level again. One simple fix is to divide the levels up more, so that way the main mechanic becomes a puzzle mechanic and not an annoyance.

Yeah, unfortunately I was asleep at the time ._. I do have a couple things in mind for a post-jam version to improve the tutorials/showcase the different modes more. You unlock palettes by beating the "gold time" in the top left.

The main gimmick doesn't really make that interesting gameplay... it's like a normal platformer except you have to finish the level 4 times in a row. You could make it so that the red squares disappear or move every time you die.

Weird and quirky lil game. I especially loved the animations in the first part and the completely unnecessary feature of jumping. The second part was more difficult. Imo the car moves too fast to control and there is no reason to not shoot all the time. If you penalize the player for shooting too many times, e.g. by using an ammo system, you make the gameplay somewhat more interesting.

I don't know how this fits the theme. As far as I can tell, you're trying to get all coins, and if you do... some random man becomes sad?

I actually liked the movement mechanics, they're quite new. Initially, I didn't know that the arrows hurt me; maybe make the hurt sound louder and make the bird flash red when it's hurt? Either way, simple game, not much to it.

The visuals, music and sounds really contributed to the atmosphere. If there's anything I can suggest, it's that the notes could be written on a more contrasting background (e.g. white text and black background) and I'm not sure if the colour banding is intentional; to me, it looks unpolished. Apart from that, I liked it!