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I keep coming back to play this. I don't remember the original, but it is vaguely nostalgic of a game about destroying groups of blocks for the Nokia? Anyway I love it, especially a little detail with the lighting not being simply darker, but also more blue versions of colours, it looks much better.

Constructive criticism time:

  • Too few levels!
  • The difficulty curve was quite strange. Level 6 is the hardest level in the game imo, but level 7 is one of the easiest.
  • You should make the characters and tiles smaller so that moving in tight spaces is easier.
  • That sound in the final cutscene is too earrape-y, pipe it down pls.

No pressure! This jam isn't ranked or anything, it's just there for you to have a bit more challenge.

From one hook-based platformer developer to another, here are some tips:

  • If you're gonna move the cursor with the mouse, make the hook button on the mouse as well.
  • Instead of stopping the hook when the player hits a wall, stop it once he's close to it.
  • It was frustrating, but not really challenging, because the hook just stopped halfway through, so I had to shoot it twice just to get up a mediocre distance.

Great to see someone trying something a bit more challenging! I initially got the idea when I joined the "8x8 jam" and I thought that it meant resolution of the screen instead of resolution of a single sprite...

It's scraped onto the panel in the bottom-right corner.

I see, I forgot to remove restarting with R. Sorry about that. But as for 4th wall breaks, it's really more personal opinion. Some people evidently found it funny.

Yeah, I agree, it was an easy password to just guess, but that's not the point. After some time, the guy says, "Is that a help button on the keypad?" and then you start an adventure. In hindsight, I probably should've made the number more complex, but then again, it fuels a joke later on in the story, so idk.

Thank you! I promise I will make it longer, once I finish the new Crystal Ninja update!

:thonk: In my opinion L was one of the easiest levels. Well you can always look at the walkthrough:

In my opinion, the text shouldn't progress automatically, but at a key press, so that you can read everything and skip it faster later. For some reason, when I went up in the first room, I had to wait a very long time. There are quite a few grammar and vocabulary errors in the text (but I understand since I assume you're Portuguese). 

I found some incoherence with the controls - I had to press numpad 1 to start, and numpad 2 and 3 restart and quit the game, but to actually move the blocks I had to use arrow keys. You should've implemented 8/2 and 4/6 numpad movement. It was also a bit annoying that I cannot move the blocks to push the zombie back; this might've been intentional, to makethe puzzles harder, but it honestly just feels lazy. 

You need to turn on numlock and press numpad 1

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Really nice idea, with moving the fingers around. I think it'd be more fun with a gamepad or mouse, so you can be more accurate, but whatever. The thing that bugged me most is that you can't hold down a key, so you just have to spam it and hope for the best. Also, I think you could've added some environmental sounds, like birds chirping, etc.

Oh, and how does the theme fit in btw?

UnityPlayer.dll is missing. If you made the game in Unity, you'll have to upload the whole folder, with all the MonoSpace folders and UnityCrashHandlers and stuff.

Where can I actually play the game? There's no files anywhere.

Wow, I was truly amazed by the amount of polish you put into this. The splash screen, game page, cutscenes, particles, everything. It looks so finished. However, as a good game critiquer, I must mention the things that you could've done better:

  • The player can be controlled using arrow keys or WASD, but the ship is only WASD
  • Sometimes the planets were so close together that the E flashed on both at once
  • Identical stories were repeated, kinda breaking the immersion (maybe you could make alternate stories for every object)
  • I guess this isn't really fixable, but when I started the game and used the F-keys to decrease the volume, the cutscenes played out, so I had to refresh to see them.

One of my favorites so far! I really liked the gimmick and the rotating text thingy. What I would recommend:

  • More sound effects
  • A map screen
  • A clearer tutorial (at first I was just running around until I found out that key 1 is right next to the spawnpoint)
  • A way of running, maybe?
  • Finally, maybe some more mechanics, like simple puzzles or combat.

Cool, reminds me of games like K.O.L.M.. It's kinda weird that you have to die to spend the points, but I guess that's just how the theme fits in. I dunno if it's just me, but I didn't see the character get anything when you buy "legs", nor did I really see any cosmetic changes (which I think would be great to telegraph the new abilities). One thing that struck me from the beginning was the music, it was a bit hard to the ears. Maybe if you had picked a softer wave. Another thing about the sound is that the Nokia could only handle 1 sound at a time, so to perfectly emulate the experience, you would have to turn off the music for the duration of the sound (which is what I did). One last thing is that the collision with vertical moving platforms is a tiny bit janky, when it moves up you're 1 pixel inside it, and when it's going down you're above it.

There isn't really much gameplay, and at least in the beginning, the text boxes really get in the way. I feel lik if there was a bit more skill-based platforming the game would have a better gameplay/story balance. For now, it kinda feels like a slower-paced visual novel.

Also, isn't the saying that cats have 9 lives..?

It's a bit hard to see the area around you, but I guess that's just part of the limitation. What would help: if you explained the controls (I had to look through the whole keyboard to find the 'bomb' key), and maybe if you could hold down a key to continually move in that direction, instead of spamming it. I loved the explosion and transition effects though, well done!

As others said, I feel like the game is too slow.  I'd also say there is not much variety, there's just one type of enemy, one powerup and one level. Maybe if you introduced new mechanics, like portals or something, it could be more interesting.

I understand that it's incredibly difficult to complete more than the first two levels, tbh this was just a test to see just how simple a game can get.

Yes, you can use any assets you want, as long as you have the rights to them. This isn't a competition, after all!

If you have a trailer, you can put it in a separate slot in the game customization menu, above the screenshots.

And good luck to you too! I hope everyone has a great time and makes the game of their life! :)

Thanks for sharing! I added them to the main page. Hope they help somebody out!

Probably my favorite game in this jam! It's got graphics, it's got sounds 'n' music, it's got gamepad controls, it's even got a bit of depth with the attacking. One thing I'd change is I'd add more monsters, or at least make them look a bit vaired (slightly randomized heads, hands, bodies, etc) because when they were all stacked on top of each other it looked kind of the the Windows XP error. Nonetheless, I really liked it!

Thanks a lot man! After collabing with several people throughout my "career", I think I can say that I'm better off solo, because then I am in control of everything, and other people could say that they can't make it, or their work isn't up to my standard, etc. so sorry, but no.

Thanks! I made the music in FamiTracker, a program used to make music for the NES.

You're right! It doesn't mention your username anywhere on the game page. The game is good.

This isn't really meant to be a full game, it's more of an experiment (how much can I make in 3 hours?) The runes I made up myself, and they will be decipherable in Kramening, where I'll include a sort of alphabet.

Ooh, a Reigns clone? With a viking twist? Pretty cool. I liked the animations and overall artstyle.

However, I think you had a bit of a balancing issue. I started off with only 1 warrior, and immediately had an event htat required me to use him, and then 1. I couldn't buy anything with warriors 2. for some reason I was still playing but didn't lose supplies? I mean that's cool with me. I'm just saying that you can cheat the game like this. I'd increase the amount of supplies you start out with by a large amount, so you could actually make profitable decisions.

Super fajna gra! Naprawdę lubiłem wszystkie animacje i rybki i krew i zmieniająca się muzyczka i jak rybki reagowały, jak w ich pobliżu rzucasz broń. Też było fajnie, że dodałeś dwóch wikingów, a nie tylko jednego. Chciałbym widzieć jeszcze więcej bohaterów, może jakiś system odblokowania ich. I muszę przyznać, że po chwili mi się znudziła. Może jakiś system, żeby gra stawała się coraz trudniejsza?

TL;DR Great game!

You've probably realized that adding 6 [SAVE] times adds too much. Try adding [SAVE] instead.

If you're completely stuck, check out this handy tutorial by misotanni:

FYI This is a rather old and discontinued game, so I'm happy to hear there are still people interested in it!

I ABSOLUTELY CRAVE this. This is great. You definately need to make a full version. It's like a puzzle game, but it's against an AI. Very original, very cool

I could get past three or four levels without knowing that the take-over mechanic exists; I first thought that you can only control this one guy. When I read the game page, I realised there is more to this than I thought.

I really liked the chess-medieval-like atmosphere, and one thing I didn't think I would mention is how good the music is. It's one of those tunes that can *so* easily get stuck in your head. I love it.

Three things I would recommend: a quick way to exit a level, an in-game tutorial for the more lazy of us, and MORE LEVELS!!!

This will probably be in the  top 20 video. Seriously, this is so cool, fun, and original! I just loved it. I had to get used to the controls and how long a dot and dash should be, but I think the only thing that bothered me were the left, right and back controls - it was a bit unintuitive that you automatically move, in my opinion there should only be left and right, and executing them only rotates the character. Still, great game!

The only single exception was the lowrezjam, because I completely forgot that it was 128x128 and not 64x64. I don't care about views, in fact, I just wanted to give myself a greater challenge, that's all. And yes, the original idea came from GMTK Jam, that was the main jam I wanted to make my game for. I've decided to give the player only one shot with the ball. In my opinion, it's a pretty good interpretation.