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LOVED the artwork, but either I had a bug or that there is no goal to get to? (at the end I just strolled outside of the screen, and couldn't find anything relevant to do).

At the end of the day, I think that "my weapons act out on their own" is a really cool thing to base a game on, but you could go further than that to make it shine, because I almost didn't care what weapon will shoot now as long as some kind of firepower was active. Give me more challenges that relates to the pro's and con's of each weapons, preferably both, so that it will have a greater effect on the experience (:

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Awesome that you liked the art! And thank you so much for your valuable feedback. We had no time to test the game before submitting so it's really unbalanced, but we will keep your criticism in mind when working on it :) 

As for the goal.. We have an out of bounds problem. It's actually possible to win the level and get to the second stage, but sometimes, when a wall on the outside of a room gets destroyed, enemies will run outside into the abyss or wherever their now free mind is leading them.. That means you can't kill them anymore and thus can't win the level.. When the rating time is over we will upload a fixed version :) 


If you plan to keep working on that game then I'll look forward to it (: