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This just might be one of the best simulator games that has something to do with clicking and cookies. I know it's a huge genre but it's at least the second best one, for sure.

(Oh, and I took the first place for now)

Super smart. I loved it.

This is an amazing reversal. Loved it.

It might do the trick (:

Yeah I get what you mean, the UI feels a bit off to me as well. 

I am glad you had fun with it (:

It looks, feels and sounds very cool, and I had fun playing (and discovering i could walk into friend and enemies to stab and shoot them in any direction).

After 6 friends though the game stopped spawning friends / enemies, and I delivered all of them away in the car, left alone and forsaken.

I wish there was more (:

Love the style, but the level design is pushing for precision that I don't have very, very fast.

I had to quit after I had to do the spikes level again with limit on paint.

The title screen is so pretty and nothing like the game itself that I have to wonder why you've put so much time into it instead of the game.

I really couldn't control the character. At the end of the day I glued myself to one of the inner walls and waited and that did the trick for the first level. I really think that changing the controls to be more intuitive will change the entire thing, so there is not much to say about level design as it just did not fit the controls.

But again, on the plus side, the title screen is so goddamn beautiful.

Most of the things I think about the game are "It needs more stuff to show how special it is".

As is not it's only a small cool mechanic (that really needs to give me half a sec of invulnerability after dashing). I like that falling off makes me think more about when and what I need to dash to stay closer to the safe zone in the middle (: 

It was really hard to control. I would ditch the "press enter" and maybe loop the tracks so if Im on the left most lane and im pressing left it will got to the rightmost lane.

Other than that, a really cool idea, I liked it a lot (:

I like the idea, and I think you executed some of it very well (especially the boss)

But I wish the first level either had more to it then the crate, or that at least it was way smaller so I will not have to lead them all the way over.

Can't wrap my head around moving in the slightest, but the idea is so clever and interesting that I had to at least give it a try for a while.

I am very glad you take me in the right way (:

And my meaning was that while removing something from the genre is the point of the jam, you removed so much out of it that I can't recognize the genre anymore. I what I've said made more sense now.

Also, I'm glad you plan to keep working on that one (:

I loved your game and have nothing substantial to say so let me just throw an idea:

I would love it if there were upgrades and stuff will begin to be father and father away, so you will have to use harder and harder rooms that were impossible before you got the upgrades.

Great work!

Great stuff. Only beef I have with this game is that I felt I lacked some of the tools for "precision control" once the spikes are introduced. It felt like I have to put the cartrige in and out just to sync jumping and walking from time to time.

Might be a simple level design problem, and might be a simple "I am an idiot that missed something" problem.

Either way, I really like it. And the music and SFX are just so perfect for it.

Thank you very much! And yes, everything could (and should) be WAY more polished then it is :)

Listen. I LOVE the artstyle. I love the feeling that the visuals and the music creates. It is beyond me how you accomplished this feat in 48 hours.

However, if I have to look at it from a theme and design point of view... it needs a lot of work.

I was not sure how this ties to the theme of the jam, but after reading the comments I've seen you started it from a driving game point of view. But I can't look at it like this because I don't need to steer anything, I am basically just trying to hit the brakes, which can be a REALLY fun mechanic to base a game on, but it seems so far from a driving game (no steering, no options, no obstacles in my way).

And about the gameplay, I think you could do with a few things:

  • having a few tracks that you can go to by grappling the magnet to change course, so that the player can have a few options to traverse the course with
  • having a few obstacles (such as traps and what not) that can throw the player off and the player has to interact with them in a variety of ways to avoid them.
  • maybe the opposite of obstacles that can increase the amount of gold you carry?
  • better range / telegraph for attaching the magnet to the signs.

As it is right now, in my first run I had the best score and I didn't hook even once (because I didn't understand how at first). On the second and third runs I used the magnet as much as I could, but still got less gold the more I used it.

Just to be clear, I really love what you achieved here, and with more work it could become an amazing game, so I hope I did not angered you or anything <3

While the idea of having all the tools and discovering how to better use them to overcome "impossible challenges" is great, it seems that either I am a complete fool or you didn't really teach me how to do basic things before sending me in to fight a boss.

I tried to just surrender myself to the creature, but it seems that it cannot harm me, so maybe it's just a bug?

In all honesty, it does nothing because the original idea for it caused WAY TOO MUCH CHAOS.

The best idea I had for fixing it is being able to destroy "unbreakable objects" that could spawn, but... game jam, so I had no time to try it and test :P

I'm really glad you liked it (:

That is really fair :)

If I were to make a full game out of this, I would've created more variation and challenges to make different kinds of levels so it will not just be about earning $$

But you know, a game jam is time limited and stuff ~

I did! Looking forward to seeing an improved version in the future (:

I gave it a 4. Not because it needs a lot of polish (it does) but because it doesn't really fit with the theme of the jam in my opinion.

And yet, this is an outstanding idea. I really really like it.

If you plan to keep working on that game then I'll look forward to it (:

Ok - My bad!

Played it and honestly, I had fun! It is far from polished, and it is a bit too hard for my taste, but it is really original and interesting!

Good job (:

LOVED the artwork, but either I had a bug or that there is no goal to get to? (at the end I just strolled outside of the screen, and couldn't find anything relevant to do).

At the end of the day, I think that "my weapons act out on their own" is a really cool thing to base a game on, but you could go further than that to make it shine, because I almost didn't care what weapon will shoot now as long as some kind of firepower was active. Give me more challenges that relates to the pro's and con's of each weapons, preferably both, so that it will have a greater effect on the experience (:

It looks good and the idea itself is really nice, but I think you did not leave a whole lot of reaction time for the player.

Also, the game is too punishing in my opinion. Losing a levels means restarting everything, and it takes a few clicks to get back to the game instead of just throwing me at the start of the level again, In games where you get punished for every bad move you should consider making the death loop faster or else it gets frustrating.

It is a really nice idea that can go very far, but it needs a whole lot more to REALLY shine.

I felt like I just made stuff go more smoothly rather then me and my actions deciding the battle, which is a core feeling to the tower defence genre (and games in general).

Would love to see a more polished version of this where you have more choices and different kind of obstacles in my way (:

No problem :)

I tried it and it is really hard to control (and I had a bug after two keys(?) at the pit where the level just refused to move).

It is a really cool idea! The controls are REALLY hard to.. well.. control. A big problem that I'm seeing is that once you've done a wrong move and "lost the box", it's really hard to find it. And even if you know where it is, once you move toward that direction the box moves to that direction as well, causing a chase.

I think it's one of the "better on paper" ideas, but I REALLY LOVED having the chance of trying it out, especially because you made it look and sound so lovely (:

While the game looks STUNNING, I did not care for how the controls.

Maybe I am just bad (well, I am bad at it), but I think that most of the game didn't really fall near the bullet hell genre. The once exception is the pyramid boss, but given how poorly I am able to control my trajectory, I could not for the life of me dodge his attacks more than once after a fluke.

All of that being said,  I think the game is really unique and can be really fun if maybe you will slow down player acceleration just so that it would be easier to control, and maybe turn down a notch on the screen shake effects that make it hard to see what's going on.

Ummm... It seems like the game doesn't really work? I am stuck on the screen that explains the controls.

I am really feeling as if I am not playing with someone since I am only looking to kill myself, while the other player is looking to kill himself with no interaction between us.

If you would've added a secondary mechanic to support the core idea I would most probably love it.

That being said, I really like the level diversity, You can tell you've put a lot into it in this one weekend

I love the aesthetic! It was a fun game experience :)

You will get it right next time :)

You are right, I'll try and make things clearer in the next jam :)

Thank you very much! It's the first time I worked on a jam alone in a LONG time so I am really happy you liked the matching theme! :)

Thank you very much! 

I would have gone with a tutorial to explain how everything works, but I didn't have time for that (started half a day late :P) 

I am really glad people are figuring it out on their own though :) 

My score was 592 when I quit the game, so I guess that tells a lot on how good it is (it's good).

Took me a while to "get it" but now I kind of feel I could go on forever. It's a really nice "puzzly" match 3 game. Good job!

You know? I kind of though this is going to be really boring, just fighting the end boss and that's it.

But here I am now, after 5 playthroughs and having a blast. Choosing the skills was a really fun game, and ended up with a really interesting idea!

If this were to become a "real game", it would need to add a few twists and turns, but for a game jam? Great job.

Not only is it an AMAZING game for a game jam, it is an AMAZING game in general.

I don't know how you managed to create a system to make that bullets sync to the music in just a weekend, but you doing that (or syncing it manually) made this game CRAZY GOOD.

Took me 3 tries to finish it, and I loved every second. If you make this a full game, I would love to buy it!